UV Curing Instantly Cures and Strengthens Polymers


Ultraviolet (UV) technology is used across a multitude of commercial and industrial applications to instantly cure polymers in seconds.  UV radiation causes a photochemical reaction on polymers such as polyurethane, epoxies, and silicone glue by instantly curing, drying, sealing or bonding within seconds of exposure to UV light.

UV curing has several advantages over other treatment methods such as chemicals or air drying. Due to the speed in which ultraviolet light cures polymers, there is no time for the evaporation of inks and coatings. UV curing provides a more consistent process resulting in a higher quality product over drying methods.  UV methods for curing polymers offers many advantages over the use of chemical drying agents as well. UV curing quickly seals polymers without the use of harmful chemicals, providing a safer workplace for employees and eliminating the need to store or dispose of chemicals.

UV curing provides a consistent process, resulting in enhanced product strength and durability for higher quality product, without contamination from particles in the air or the use of chemicals.

LightSources Provides Ultraviolet Lamps for UV Curing Systems

LightSources and our European partner, LightTech, are leading global suppliers of UV lamps used in a multitude of industrial, commercial and government applications. We offer decades of experience with skilled design engineers knowledgeable in all aspects of ultraviolet radiation technology. Our lamps are used across a multitude of industries for UV curing processes including automotive, aerospace, graphic design, screen printing and many others.

We partner with OEMs to understand your specific requirements to provide the right type of UV lamp that will get you optimum performance. Ultraviolet light is measured in wavelengths known as nanometers, nm, which provide various functions when emitted at different levels. Ultraviolet light can be broken down into UVA, UVB and UVC, each with specific properties to enhance various processes.

LightSources has the expertise to provide the perfect lamp to generate the outcome that you desire no matter the scope of your project. Our lamps are used in UV curing systems around the world to improve the quality and productivity in many industrial processes. We also provide UVC germicidal lamps to a wide range of applications worldwide, enhancing the safety and well-being of people everywhere with air, water and surface sterilization.

LightSources and our valued partner companies are the leading global high-tech lamp designers, providing the most advanced warehouse and lighting solutions available today. We have decades of expertise and in-depth knowledge of the technology behind UV radiation to provide the optimum lamp style for your process. Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable engineer about the UV curing solution that meets your specifications.


UV Curing Solutions with High Pressure UV Lamps

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Ultraviolet light is a powerful energy source used in many applications for personal, commercial and industrial purposes.  When UV light is emitted at a specific wavelength, measured in nanometers, it produces various responses.  With UV curing lamps, the energy from UV energy instantly dries, hardens and bonds various polymers to create a product that is strengthened and durable.  UV curing is also used to create a smooth finish with vibrant colors, instantly drying inks, varnishes, glazes and lacquers.

High-pressure lamps, or metal halide lamps, are used to cure and strengthen polymers in many industries such as aerospace, automotive, food and beverage, advertising, medical and many more.  Several industrial processes benefit from UV curing technology to improve their product quality and durability.

LightSources Produces Long Lasting High-Pressure UV Lamps

High Pressure UV Lamps, (HPUV), are used in curing applications at shorter wavelengths which peak at 254nm and range to 365nm.   At 254nm, UVC light is extremely effective in germ killing and sterilizing applications, with curing processes effective anywhere in between.  HPUV lamps are also utilized in reprographics applications producing high quality printed products with vibrant colors and durable inks.

LightSources employs highly skilled lighting engineers with vast knowledge of the UV spectrum and the technology that goes into each application.  We are not limited to specific lamps or manufacturing standards.  We excel at custom designed solutions by altering the spectral output with proprietary blends of phosphors and additives. LightSources can alter the output with gallium-iodide additives and iron-iodide to produce the perfect lamp for your process which will generate the optimum wavelength for your purpose.

LightSources and our partner companies represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today.  Our products are used around the world in a multitude of applications and industries such as our UV polymer curing lamps that offer patent-protected, OEM-oriented solutions.  Contact us today to learn more about our large selection of specialty custom and standard lamps.

UV Light Curing System Provide Cost Effective Solutions

UV-curing-lamp-manufacturersUltraviolet light used for curing polymers is a highly effective and cost-efficient solution utilized in a multitude of industrial and commercial applications worldwide.  UV light is used as a catalyst to cause changes in the properties of photopolymers such as resins, inks, varnishes, coatings and adhesives onto a wide variety of products.

More and more manufacturers are harnessing the power of UV curing to improve their product quality and internal efficiencies.  UV treatment is a quick process providing many benefits that give a quick return on investment.

UV Curing Technology

Ultraviolet radiation is proven effective at curing specialty resins and inks in seconds, especially when emitted at 367 to 400 nanometer (nm).  Within the proper wavelength, UV technology will create a strengthened finish on products for durability.

UV light curing technology is utilized in a multitude of industries and applications worldwide to provide cost efficient processing solutions.  Some industrial and commercial applications that benefit from UV curing include:

  • Marketing – UV drying of inks creates vibrant displays for raising brand awareness and developing increasing market share
  • Automotive – UV curing of inks on knobs and buttons enhances their strength and durability, ensuring that the inks will last longer when exposed to long term use
  • Medical – The medical industry has long realized the benefits of UV germicidal technology for sterilization and disinfection of medical supplies, equipment and surfaces.
  • Aerospace – UV technology enhances the strength and durability of parts and components, providing durable parts that hold up even in extreme conditions.
  • Consumer Electronics – UV exposure helps to cure adhesives and inks on circuit boards and electronic devices
  • Packaging – UV inks dry quickly on various packaging materials, increasing throughput and providing durable shipping boxes that won’t fade or deteriorate
  • Instant bonding of glues, adhesives, glazes, varnishes, inks and coatings used in these and many more commercial and industrial processes

LightSources has vast experience with developing UV curing solutions with the most cost beneficial UV curing lamps available in the market today.  We offer low pressure, medium and high-pressure UV solutions.  Please visit our website to learn more.

LightSources and our affiliated companies represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today.  Our products are used world-wide in a multitude of applications and industries such as our UV germicidal lamps that offer patent-protected, OEM-oriented solutions.  Please contact us to learn more about our large selection of specialty custom and standard lamps.

UV Ink Curing Benefits Many Industries


Ultraviolet light is powerful energy that is used in many commercial and industrial applications, with UV ink curing providing many benefits to several processes.  UV light causes a photochemical reaction when exposed at the proper wavelength, or nanometer.  At the right nanometer (nm), UV light causes the instant drying and curing of inks, coatings and adhesives.  This is used to cure ink onto various substrates including paper, plastic, wood and metal.

UV lamps emitting ultraviolet radiation at the 367 nm to 400 nm range are highly effective at curing specialty inks, varnishes, glazes, adhesives and various coatings.  UV ink curing systems provide an effective curing process to many industrial applications, including:

  • Quick and effective curing of coatings such as glazes, lacquers, varnishes and inks
  • Packaging – UV ink curing is used to quickly print onto various packaging material, including corrugated and plastic products
  • Marketing – several printing processes use UV ink curing to quickly dry inks on a variety of marketing material. UV ink curing dries fast without evaporation, creating high quality and vibrant ink colors to raise brand awareness
  • Automotive – UV ink curing is effective at instantly drying a wide variety of interior and exterior automotive parts and components
  • Consumer Electronics – UV ink curing is used for drying which improves adhesion in many electronics and components such as circuit boards, exterior and interior parts
  • Aerospace – UV curing provides fast and effective curing of coatings and adhesives to create durable components
  • Adhesive Bonding – UV light is used in several industrial applications to improve adhesion and create unbreakable bonding
  • Medical – UV energy is also used to sterilize and disinfect medical components

LightSources’ offers UV lamps in low pressure, medium pressure or high-pressure UV radiation, for use in a wide array of processes.  Our expert engineers will custom design a lighting solution to provide you with the proper UV lamps for your application.

LightSources and our affiliated companies represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today.  Our products are used world-wide in a multitude of applications and industries such as our UV curing lamps that offer patent-protected, OEM-oriented solutions.  Please contact us to learn more about our wide selection of specialty custom and standard lamps.

UV Curing Now Possible with Low Pressure Lamp Technology


Ultraviolet (UV) lamps are used worldwide in various applications to cure, bond or instantly dry various materials including inks, resins and adhesives.  When UV waves come into contact with specialty polymers, it causes a photochemical reaction, altering the molecular structure of the polymer.  High-pressure UV lamps have been used for decades to create this chemical reaction, producing the UVA wavelength as the ideal catalyst for the curing function.  In recent years, however, new technology utilizing low-pressure UV lamps with a wavelength of 254 nanometer (nm), has been highly effective in curing various materials.

Low-pressure lamps operate with less energy output required, providing energy savings over heat-based curing system.  UV curing also produces a higher quality product over heat based curing or drying, as the molecular change occurs instantly, in a matter of seconds, preventing evaporation or dust particles to contaminate your product surface.  UV curing systems also produce no hazardous byproducts, and pose no risk of chemical interaction with your employees or other materials.

UV lamps purchased from an experienced Ultraviolet and lighting expert gives you assurances that your lamps are manufactured with the proper wavelength output for your application, and that they will provide a long lasting useful life which saves a considerable amount of money over purchasing and storing chemicals or other drying agents.

Low pressure UV lamps are ideal for applications that require dimming, as compared to medium and high-pressure lamps.  Low pressure mercury lamps along with amalgam lamps are increasingly used for UV curing applications and the effective drying of adhesives that have a cationic base.

LightSources Provides Proprietary UV Curing Technology

With UV lamps purchased from the LightSources Group, you can be confident in the quality output of your UV curing system, and enjoy maximum useful life saving you money with minimal maintenance and replacement costs.  LightSources is a global leader in UV research and development, producing several patented products and proprietary technologies.  Our use of amalgam lamps for UV curing is expanding with our proprietary pellet amalgam technology.

Low-pressure UV lamps typically produce 150 watts of output, as any more would overheat the lamp causing UV output to decrease.  Amalgam lamps can produce 300 to 1000 watts output, with one-third of that usable as UVC energy.  Amalgam lamps provide options when a smaller footprint is required or gives options to downsize systems without jeopardizing UV curing effectiveness.

Benefits of Pellet Amalgam Technology by LightSources

LightSources proprietary pellet amalgam technology provides several benefits over other methods including a higher UVC intensity even at 60% or 80% dimming, allowing for increased output while reducing expenses.

Versatility in mounting options are another benefit as our pellet amalgam technology is available to mount either horizontal, vertical or diagonal providing options when operating in low profile environment without losing UV effectiveness.

The LightSources Group is recognized for innovation and pioneering new lamp technologies.  We are a global supplier to OEMs around the world, supplying high-tech operations on six continents.  We have what it takes to solve your UV problem with fast, efficient and high-quality lamp products for any application.  Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable engineer to learn more about our UV curing solutions and our amalgam technology.

UV Glue Curing Creates Unbreakable Bond


Ultraviolet radiation energy is used as a catalyst to instantly cure polymers, creating an instant bond in as quickly as three seconds.  This photochemical reaction is often used on polymers such as silicone glue, polyurethane and epoxies which will instantly cure when exposed to UV light.

UV curing of polymers provides many advantages over other methods such as chemical application and air drying.   UV curing provides the quickest cure time when compared to these other methods, while providing a stronger, unbreakable bond.   When air drying inks, coatings, adhesives and glues, the surface is exposed to outer contaminants in the air which can create an inconsistent surface.  UV curing is also much faster than air drying, drastically improving cycle times and productivity, leading to increased profitability.

When using chemicals to dry surface coatings and bonding agents, it can be costly and time consuming while still not providing the same consistent and quick output as UV curing.   Chemical drying processes can also create an unsafe environment to employees by exposing them to harmful contaminants.  An air controlled evaporation system is often necessary to remove fumes or toxins from chemical use.  UV curing dries so quickly it leaves a consistent and high-quality surface that is reinforced and resistant to scratching or breaking.

UV glue curing provides many benefits over other methods, with precision accuracy to target specific areas.  By projecting the UV light directly towards the area of polymer requiring hardening, manufactures can precisely cure specific areas without affecting surrounding areas.

Lightsources has vast knowledge and expertise with UV curing applications, with skilled design engineers available to assist with determining the best type of UV lamps for your process.  We assist OEMs large and small with the perfect UV lighting solution, no matter the scope of your project.  UV curing is used in a multitude of industrial processes around the globe, including screen printing, graphic design, automotive, aerospace and many other applications.

LightSources and our valued partner companies are recognized as leaders in the industry of high-tech lamp design and manufacturing.  Our team is comprised of the most highly skilled professionals specializing in a wide range of innovative lighting solutions.  Contact us to learn more about our broad range of standard and custom lighting solutions.


Unbreakable Polymer Bond with UV Curing

post 95 UV glue curing is becoming a popular method for many commercial and industrial processes requiring a permanent unbreakable bond in their application.   Often referred to as liquid glue, when sealed with the powerful effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, it is more often a polymer rather than glue that provides a strengthened bond.   Often times polyurethane, epoxy or other polymer is used and will dry clear when exposed to UV light.

These specialty polymers harden within seconds of exposure to UV radiation, typically within three seconds although some processes may require additional exposure for maximum adhesion.  Regardless of the time in seconds, this process is considerably less time consuming than applying a chemical coating or other drying methods.

Chemical treatment of manufactured parts requires the purchase of toxic chemicals and ventilation areas for employees applying these volatile compounds.  Bonding with drying takes more time than with UV curing and can also leave inconsistencies in your finished product due to evaporation.

UV Glue Curing Provides Fast and Consistent Bonding

UV glue curing is fast and effective, providing instant hardening with no evaporation or chemical exposure.  Ultraviolet radiation provides effective solutions for large volume production with consistently accurate results.

Curing polymers with UV light provides quick cure rates and allows for specific, targeted applications whether applied to glue or any other various polymers.  The most effective wavelength of UV radiation occurs between 240nm – 270nm, or 350nm to 380nm.

With LightSources’ decades of experience in the manufacturing of UV curing lamps, let our expertise and knowledge make it easy for you to find the best lamp for your application.

LightSources and our affiliated companies represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today.  Our products are used world-wide in a multitude of applications and industries such as our UV polymer curing lamps that offer patent-protected, OEM-oriented solutions.  Please contact us to learn more about our large selection of specialty custom and standard lamps.

UV Curing Explained – What You Need to Know


Ultraviolet (UV) light is a powerful form of electromagnetic radiation that has been used for decades to cause a reaction to various materials by altering their chemical properties.  UV radiation is not visible to the human eye, with a wavelength in the range of 10 to 400 nm (nanometer) emitting either UVA, UVB, or UVC radiation.

UVA – UVB – UVC Radiation Explained

UVA and UVB radiation is utilized to create a photochemical reaction that instantly dries inks, varnishes, coatings or adhesives and is beneficial in various UV printing or UV drying processes.  UVA light is emitted between 315 and 400nm, with UVB in the range of 280 to 315nm.   The powerful effect that UV radiation causes to materials is fast and efficient, with a hardening or drying process occurring in seconds.  Treating multiple parts in seconds is very cost effective for manufacturers with faster cycle times and increased capacity.

OEM’s around the globe are realizing the benefits of UV curing lamps for enhancing several industries including printing, wood treatment for flooring products, and purification of air and water in sterilization and purification systems.

UVC wavelength is in the range of 200 to 280 nm and is highly effective in sterilization applications used to sanitize either air or water.  UVC germicidal lamps are used in various medical and purification systems, providing clean air in hospitals and sanitary medical equipment.  The LightSources group consists of the leading experts in research and design, engineering and manufacturing the highest performing UV curing lamps in the industry.

High Performing and Cost-Efficient UV Curing Lamps

LightSources and European partner, LightTech, are leading manufacturers of all types of UV curing lamps providing proven solutions to OEMs worldwide.  We offer a wide selection of standard UV lamps and components, or will create a custom lighting solution specific to your application.   Our vast resources include a modern glassmaking facility in Europe where we utilize proprietary and patented technology to provide the best UV Curing lamps in the industry at a reasonable cost to manufacturers.

We have a wide selection of high pressure UV (HPUV) lamps, medium pressure (MPUV), medium pressure output (MPHO) lamps or our low pressure amalgam lamps with patented technology for long lasting performance even through end of useful life.   The LightSources group will guide you to the most cost efficient and effective UV curing lamps for your system, providing a quick return on your investment.

LightSources in the United States and LightTech in Europe are leading experts in all varieties of UV lamps for curing applications.  Contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable lighting experts for guidance on the most appropriate lamps for your process. 

UV Drying Lamps Provide Quick Return on Investment


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Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is used in many industrial applications in highly effective UV drying lamps to provide a quick and strengthened bond when curing polymers such as resins, varnishes and inks.  Specialty resins that are exposed to UV wavelengths cause a photochemical reaction that produces a strengthened and hardened finish.  UV drying lamps provide cost efficient drying processes to a multitude of industrial applications.

UV Drying Lamps Aid Automotive Manufacturers

Automotive manufacturers utilize UV drying lamps in several applications to cure polymers in specialty parts.  UV drying creates a hardened gloss surface on interior parts, providing strengthened plastic parts that hold up with extensive wear and tear and still retain their exterior finish.  UV drying can add considerable strength to parts used in critical applications that require long lasting durability under high temperatures.

 UV drying is a fast and efficient process, saving time and money for production facilities with low maintenance, little repair cost and quick cycle times.

Printing Industry Enhanced with UV Curing

UV curing printing machines are enhancing the printing industry with specialty inks that dry instantly with little evaporation, providing a consistently crisp and clean finish.  UV drying lamps are used in printing processes for several products including postcards, glossy cards or calendars, magnets, plastic bottles or wood products.

UV Drying Lamps Cure Wood and Flooring

UV drying lamps can instantly cure ink on vinyl, wood and even concrete, improving stain resistance and long-lasting durability during wear on tear on floors.  UV drying is highly effective with no lasting chemical residue and provides a fast curing process suitable for walking on within minutes of treatment.

UV Drying Lamps for Medical Sterilization

UV lamps are highly effective at sterilization and disinfection assisting the medical industry with safe products and surfaces.   UV drying lamps are used to sterilize medical devices including hearing aids, syringes, dialysis machines and test strips to name just a few of the many purposes for UV lamps in the medical industry.

LightSources and its affiliated companies – LCD Lighting, Voltarc, LightTech, and Cerlux represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today. Our standard lamps and components as well as customized products offer high-quality solutions to meet our partner’s unique needs.  We invite you to contact us to learn more about our wide selection of lamps.

UV Drying Lamps are Fast and Cost Effective


OEM’s around the globe are harnessing the power of UV drying lamps, and are realizing an improvement in process with quality and cycle time, in addition to valuable cost savings with improved efficiency.  There are many industries using UV drying lamps in various industrial production processes worldwide.

UV drying lamps are effective with a very quick drying time when compared to heat drying systems, for curing polymers, inks, varnishes and coatings.  Because UV lamps have such a quick drying time, they produce a more consistent hardened finish with much less shrinkage over heat systems.

This results in a higher level of quality for your products, providing countless benefits with satisfied customers, improved sales and increased customers.

In addition to an improved quality standard, UV drying lamps also provide a significant cost savings over heat or chemical drying methods.  The quick cycle time means more efficient production and higher capacity levels.   Less maintenance, less replacement costs, and a faster cycle time all equate to higher profits for you.

UV Drying Lamps Aid Automotive Industry

Many industrial processes are realizing the benefits of harnessing UV power for quick and effective curing of their parts.  The automotive industry sees a quick return on investment when using UV drying lamps to quickly dry outer coatings of polymers or inks, varnishes, and lacquers on either exterior or interior parts.

Faster Cycle Times

UV curing is a huge timesaver, as several parts can be cured at once, speeding up assembly lines.  With a quick drying time of seconds, they can be touched, handled and packaged in a faster amount of time. Faster cycle times equal more profitable production runs.

Strengthened Parts

This hardened surface not only dries quickly, it is also stronger and more resistant to breaking, warping or chipping.   This is important for parts in critical applications such as braking or air-bag systems.

LightSources and its affiliated companies – LCD Lighting, Voltarc, LightTech, and Cerlux represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today. Our standard lamps and components as well as customized products offer high-quality solutions to meet our partner’s unique needs.  We invite you to contact us to learn more about our wide selection of lamps.