UV HVAC Systems for Hospitals and Homes


Ultraviolet light is a powerful disinfectant, sterilizing surfaces, water and air in many environments.  The power of UVC radiation was discovered decades ago and UVC lamps are now found in many sterilization applications, providing quick, effective and cost-efficient sterilization solutions.  The ability for UV light to kill pathogens in air and water was proven scientifically early in the 20th century.  UV lamps have been used in air treatment systems in hospitals since the 1930’s to prevent the spread of diseases including tuberculosis and measles. 

UVC Lamps Kill Many Viruses and Bacteria

UVC lamps replicate the powerful UV electromagnetic radiation from the sun, proven to eliminate harmful viruses, bacteria and pathogens in air and surface sterilization systems.  UVC germicidal lamps are proven to be effective against many types of viruses including influenza (flu), rhinoviruses (common cold), severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).   UV light also eliminates bacteria such as many variations of Streptococcus including Staphylococcus aureus (Staph infection). 

UVC lamps, when properly installed in HVAC systems, are known to prevent the spread of airborne illnesses by destroying viruses on contact.  UV HVAC systems are also known as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) systems and target air contaminants like viruses, bacteria and mold spores.  UV light has the ability to penetrate the DNA of these living organisms and render them unable to replicate which leaves them harmless. 

Commercial and Residential Benefits of UV Lamps in HVAC Systems 

Hospitals and many commercial and industrial applications have been using UV air sterilization systems for decades to disinfect potentially dangerous environments.  UV HVAC systems used in hospitals help to prevent the spread of airborne illnesses in patient rooms, operating rooms and common areas.  UV lamps can be installed in the main HVAC unit aimed at the coils to prevent the spread of contaminants through your heating and cooling system as well as in air ducts.  Stand alone units can be placed in patient bathrooms for further protection in areas known to spread bacteria and viruses. 

UV HVAC systems are becoming more popular in residential homes as many people become aware of the benefits and the ease in which you can disinfect the air in your home.  This is very beneficial to people with compromised immune systems or underlying health conditions, especially respiratory illnesses like asthma.  

UVC Lamps for HVAC Units

Using the proper UVC germicidal lamps with proper installation is key to achieve maximum benefit.  LightSources understands UVC radiation and how to harness the most effective, germ-killing wavelength for maximum germicidal effectiveness.  We offer a wide range of UV germicidal lamps including medium output lamps, high output lamps patented amalgam technology and custom, specialty designed lamps.  LightSources is a valuable supplier of high quality lamps, bases and sockets to OEMs worldwide. 

LightSources is recognized as a leader in UVC germicidal lamp solutions, with a wide range of products to meet any sterilization requirement.  We design, engineer and manufacture UV lamps with custom phosphor blends and high quality lamp components.  Contact us to learn more about our UV germicidal solutions including surface, water and air purification. 


Do UV Germicidal Lamps Really Work?


An ultraviolet (UV) germicidal lamp produces ultraviolet radiation with electricity. UV radiation is proven to eliminate harmful germs, bacteria, viruses and microorganisms within seconds of exposure. UV radiation emitted at 254 nm is the most effective wavelength which instantly penetrates the DNA of these harmful cells and renders them unable to replicate. Viruses and germs that cannot multiplied to infectious levels are considered dead and harmless.

Low-pressure Mercury discharge lamps are similar in construction to fluorescent lamps although the inner lamp wall does not have a phosphor coating which allows the right amount of UV radiation to filter through.  Low-pressure Mercury germicidal lamps convert up to 40% of electricity into UV radiation.  

The lamp body of a UV germicidal lamp is made with soft glass, quartz or pure fused quartz. Lamp bodies constructed with pure fused quartz of 185 nm as well as 254 nm emissions with VH (very high) glass.  UV germicidal lamps that transmit 185 nm of UV radiation produce ozone which is a known oxidizer and sanitizer. Ozone effectively eliminates foul odors in the air and can be transmitted through the air to reach places direct UV exposure cannot reach.

UV lamps manufactured with quartz and titanium block out 185 nm emissions to transmit 254 nm of UVC radiation only. UVC lamps engineered with L glass is soft glass which transmits 254 nm UV radiation for germicidal effectiveness.  Electrodes located at each lamp and connect an external current source to the Mercury gas discharge device. 

The germicidal lamp body is filled with either pure argon gas or a mixture of rare gasses including neon and argon. A small amount of mercury produces the necessary UVC radiation.  UV germicidal lamps really do work although it is best to speak with a reputable UV lamp manufacturer to be sure that you achieve the right emissions of UV radiation for your application.

LightSources has constructed patented UVC germicidal lamps which outlast and outperform comparable products with energy efficiency and safety features included.  You can find our germicidal lamps in air purification systems and water sterilization applications worldwide.

The LightSources group is a leading global supplier of proven UV germicidal layouts and high-tech lighting solutions.  We provide a wide selection of UVC germicidal lamp products proven in applications worldwide. Contact us to learn more and for custom designed UV lamp solutions to fit your needs.

Do UV Air Purifiers Eliminate Mold?


Ultraviolet (UV) lamps have been used for years for effective elimination of mold and mold spores. UV lamps combined with in duct air purification systems such as in HVAC and AC units effectively eliminate bacteria in air along with microscopic organisms, mold, mildew and viruses to prevent airborne contamination and illnesses. UV air purifiers improve the health and wellness of people in commercial and residential settings by sterilizing the air we breathe.  

Mold and mold spores can become a real problem as well as a health hazard. While eliminating a mold problem once it has been allowed to occur can take a lot of work with varying results, it is best to prevent the spread of mold spores and contamination in the first place.

Hospitals, schools, colleges, daycares, doctor’s offices and businesses all benefit from providing clean and healthy air for residents and visitors.  UVC germicidal lamps are designed to emit UV radiation at a specific wavelength, proven to instantly destroy harmful contaminants. UVC also lamps also eliminate foul odors while purifying and sterilizing the air.  


LightSources Supplies Proven UVC Lamps for Air Purification Systems

LightSources is recognized as a leading global supplier of UVC solutions with germicidal lamps found in air purification and treatment systems worldwide.  We deliver high-tech UV lamp solutions developed with proprietary technology for longer-lasting germicidal effectiveness. Our UVC lamps are proven in many commercial and industrial air purification systems, improving health and wellness with clean and purified air.

Our vast global resources include a high-tech glass factory in Europe in several partner companies committed to excellence with high performance lamps and lighting solutions.

The LightSources Group is known for delivering first to market, high-tech UV lamp solutions to a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. We deliver high-performance UVC germicidal lamps proven to outlast and outperform the competition. Contact us to learn more about our UVC germicidal solutions with custom options available.

UV Air Purifiers Deliver Clean and Sterile Air

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Ultraviolet (UV) air purifiers are proven to deliver clean and sterile air, helping people to breathe easier in many commercial and residential settings. Owners of commercial property owe it to the public, patrons and employees to provide clean air free from unsafe contaminants.  UV air purification effectively eliminates microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), providing clean and sterile air for improved health.

UV air purification systems are extremely beneficial to people with compromised immune systems to prevent the spread of airborne germs.  Sterilized air is beneficial in residential homes and commercial settings, particularly hospitals, nursing homes, medical complexes and physicians’ offices. UV air purification delivered through HVAC systems provides effective sterilization with no hassle and zero maintenance.

UVC Germicidal Lamps Kill Bacteria

UVC germicidal lamps used in HVAC systems deliver a high quality of germicidal effectiveness proven to kill airborne bacteria and viruses, promoting health and wellness. UVC radiation emitted at 254 nanometer (nm) is the most effective wavelength to eliminate harmful microorganisms even naked to the human eye. UVC radiation is completely safe with no harmful side effects while killing harmful bacteria within seconds of exposure.

UV air purification systems may include ozone emitting UV lamps which effectively eliminate foul odors from the air.  Ozone purification systems may contribute to the erosion of components in HVAC and cooling systems, speaking with a UV air purification specialist will ensure that you select the right UV germicidal system for your application.

LightSources is a UV Air Purification Specialist

LightSources offers UVC germicidal lamps for effective sterilization of air, water and surfaces, you can find our lamps in a multitude of applications worldwide.  LightSources is recognized as a leading supplier of UV lamps and lighting solutions, delivering first to market, patented UVC lamps and components. We provide UVC germicidal lamps and components which deliver longer-lasting, powerful effectiveness in energy efficient products.

LightSources and our affiliated companies represent the leading, high-tech lamp designers and manufacturers in the industry.  Our products are used world-wide in a myriad of applications and industries, including our UVC germicidal lamps used in air purification systems.  Contact us to learn more about our wide selection of standard and specialty, custom designed lamp solutions.

In-Duct Air Purifiers for HVAC Systems


In-duct air purifiers for use in HVAC systems are gaining in popularity for use in residential and commercial systems.  UV air purification is proven to be highly effective at sterilizing and purifying the air we breathe to improve health and well-being.  UV air sterilizers effectively eliminate harmful viruses, bacteria, mildew, mold, dust mites and other contaminants for healthier air.

UV In-duct air purifiers are beneficial in any setting especially commercial buildings where people have compromised immune systems such as hospitals, doctors offices and nursing homes.  Air purification is equally important in schools, businesses and residences to improve the health of everyone with cleaner, sterilized air. Eliminating airborne illnesses helps to keep children healthier in schools and day care centers and improves the health of patients in hospitals.

UV radiation is proven to be highly effective at sterilizing air, water and surfaces by eliminating harmful contaminants.

LightSources Offers UV Lamps for In Duct Air Purifiers

LightSources is a leading global supplier of UV lamps and lighting solutions, including UVC germicidal lamps used in air purification systems and water sterilization processes.  LightSources and our European partner, LightTech, lead the industry with first to market patented lighting solutions which outperform other comparable lamps.  We provide UVC germicidal lamps designed with the most effective wavelength and phosphor blends for maximum germicidal effectiveness.

UV radiation emitted at 254 nanometers, nm, the unit of measure for wavelengths of light, is proven to instantly eradicate harmful contaminants within seconds of exposure. As air passes through the UV lamp all airborne illnesses are quickly eliminated.  Ozone producing lamps are available to also eliminate foul odor from the air caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs). We offer ozone generating and ozone free germicidal solutions.

The LightSources Group consists of the world’s leading high-tech lamp designers available.  We offer customized lighting solutions and ongoing customer service and support. Contact us today to speak with an engineer and learn more about our UV germicidal solutions.

UVC Lamps for In-Duct Air Purification Systems


UVC air purification systems are becoming increasingly popular as people are realizing the many health benefits of purifying the air we breathe.  UVC lamps quickly and effectively eliminate harmful bacteria in the air such as viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew and microscopic organisms. In-duct air purifiers are efficient and effective by sterilizing the air in HVAC and AC units for a hassle-free air cleansing system.

Providing clean air to breathe is critical in environments such as hospitals and nursing homes where people already have a compromised immune system.  Schools and daycares realize many benefits by preventing the spread of airborne illnesses among students and staff. In-duct air purifiers are used in many commercial settings to protect the public as well as becoming more and more popular in residential homes.

UVC germicidal lamps are a highly effective, proven method of sterilizing air, water and surfaces.  Ozone emitting germicidal lamps eradicate foul odors from the air while eliminating harmful contaminants, although may contribute to eroding copper lines in certain AC systems so speaking with a UV air purifying specialist is recommended.  Selecting the right germicidal lamps for your application is critical in achieving maximum sterilization and cost savings.

LightSources Offers UVC Germicidal Lamps for Air Purifiers

LightSources is recognized as a leading specialist in UVC germicidal lamps with decades of experience in developing high performance, energy efficient lighting solutions. We offer the widest selection of UVC germicidal lamps for use in air purification systems, water sterilization applications and virtually any UVC germicidal application.  Our engineers understand UV technology and harness the power of UVC radiation with specially designed lamps, phosphor blends and lamp components.

The LightSources Group consists of the leading designers, engineers and manufacturers of UV lamps worldwide, offering vast resources to deliver prototypes and custom designed solutions to fit your application and budget.  UV sterilization is a cost effective method of meeting air emission regulations for corporations, providing long lasting performance with little to no maintenance required.  We design, engineer and manufacture UVC germicidal lamps with the most effective 254 nanometer (nm) emissions proven to instantly kill viruses and bacteria.

LightSources offers the widest selection of UVC germicidal lamps for use in virtually any sterilization and purification system.  Our lamps provide longer lasting, high-performance and energy efficient cost savings over comparable products. Contact us today to speak with an engineer about which UVC lamps are right for your UV air purification system.

Where to Find UV Sterilization Lamps

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UV sterilization is a proven highly effective germicidal solution utilized worldwide to sterilize water, air and surfaces.  UV sterilization lamps effectively eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, mold and microscopic organisms within seconds of exposure.  Ultraviolet (UV) technology is available with specialized UVC germicidal lamps, designed to harness the power of UVC radiation.

UVC germicidal lamps are utilized in water applications such as:

  • Municipalities water treatment plants
  • Aqua culture
  • Ballast water treatment in ships
  • Water reclamation
  • Food processing plants

UVC technology is also used in air purification systems to treat various environments such as:

Selecting the right UV sterilization lamps is crucial to achieve maximum effectiveness and cost efficiency.  There are various UV germicidal lamps on the market such as mercury lamps, amalgam lamps, ozone producing lamps and components.  Speaking with an experienced UV lamp manufacturer will help to achieve the right germicidal effectiveness at the lowest possible cost.

LightSources Offers Specialty UVC Germicidal Lamps

The LightSources Group is recognized worldwide as an authority on UV technology, with specialized lamps developed for a host of UV applications.  UVC germicidal lamps by LightSources are proven effective and cost efficient, with first to market patented products developed with high-tech, proprietary technology. We offer:

Low Pressure Mercury Lamps – available in many lamp types such as high-output or standard quartz, GU or compact quartz and soft glass with effective radiation at 254 nanometer (nm). Proven to outperform comparable lamps with up to 13,000 hours of effective performance.  

Low Pressure Amalgam – LightSources amalgam technology provides up to 3 times the UVC radiation as comparable lamps with consistent effectiveness in temperature fluctuations. Designed to provide even output at 4° to 40°C these lamps operate well in high temperature applications.

Medium Pressure Ultraviolet Lamps (MPUV) – LightSources offers a wide selection of MPUV lamps with 100 watts per inch (WPI) to 700 WPI designed with custom phosphor blends to meet your specifications.

UVC Germicidal Lamp Ballasts, Components and Sleeves – Our lamp components are manufactured with quality materials to provide protection in temperature fluctuations and breakage while allowing maximum UV radiation pass through.  We offer custom designed colors and logos to promote your own brand awareness.

The LightSources Group offers proven UVC germicidal solutions with a wide range of specially designed UVC lamps and components.  We provide custom engineering and prototype solutions from skilled engineers who understand UV technology. Contact us to speak with an engineer and learn more about our high performance UV sterilization lamps.

Building Owners Should Consider UV Air Purification


Building owners have a responsibility to tenants, employees and the public to provide a safe building, this should include an environment free from harmful airborne bacteria.  Commercial property owners that operate living dwellings such as apartments or owners of nursing homes and hospitals especially should be concerned with the air quality of their property.  Air treatment systems provide valuable health benefits to patients with compromised immune systems, providing clean air which is free from airborne contaminants and germs.

UV air purification systems are proven to effectively eradicate bacteria, viruses, even mold and mildew from the air to provide a higher quality of air for healthier patients and visitors at hospitals and the public in general.  UV air treatment systems may be used in HVAC systems to provide instant sterilization of air flowing through the ventilation systems. In duct air purification systems provide a system which delivers clean air and is easy to maintain.  

UVC Air Purification Provide Clean Air with No Harmful Byproducts

UVC air purification systems provide clean air by instantly eradicating all viruses, bacteria and harmful airborne contaminants within seconds of exposure.  UV light emissions are measured in wavelengths as nanometers (nm), with UVC light in the range of 254 nm to be proven the most effective at instant eradication of harmful cells.  UVC germicidal lamps even destroy harmful cells which are naked to the human eye, destroying the DNA of the cells and rendering them harmless and unable to replicate.

LightSources Offers Proven UVC Air Purification Systems

LightSources is known as an authority on UV light technology, offering proven UVC germicidal solutions for a wide range of applications.  The experienced lamp designers and engineers at LightSources offer in-depth expertise on UV radiation with custom designed UV solutions available.  UVC germicidal lamps are available for HVAC systems and air purification systems which require long lasting germicidal effectiveness.

LightSources and our affiliated companies represent the leading high-tech lamp designers and manufacturers in the industry today.  You can find our products in many industries and applications worldwide, providing effective and cost-efficient lamp solutions. Contact us today to speak with an engineer about our UVC lamp products and custom solutions available.

Air Purification in HVAC Duct Systems

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Incorporating air purification systems in HVAC duct systems provides many health benefits to people by delivering air that is free from airborne viruses and bacteria.  Ultraviolet (UV) light is highly effective at sanitizing the air we breathe and can be incorporated into existing or newly renovated HVAC systems. UV air purification is important in many commercial settings and is becoming more popular in many residential installations as well.  

UV air purifiers are proven to eliminate viruses, bacteria, mold spores, dust mites, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and many harmful contaminants from the air.  Ozone emitting UV light purifiers also eliminate odors in the air removing foul or stale odors to deliver a fresh and clean scent free from harmful contaminants. Many commercial settings such as hospitals and doctor’s offices require clean air for patients that may already have a compromised immune system.  Providing a safe and clean environment where patients and visitors can breathe clean air is vitally important to overall health and well being and is especially important in medical facilities or nursing homes where the elderly are more susceptible to illness from germs.

In duct air purification systems are also utilized in industrial settings to clean the air in manufacturing facilities processing products such as plastics and rubber.  UV light purification provides safe and clean air for employees and helps businesses to meet strict code regulations for the air quality of their environment and any contaminants disposed of as by products.

LightSources Provides UV Air Purification Lamps

The LightSources Group designs, engineers and manufactures high quality UV lamps used in air purification systems worldwide.  We employ skilled design and lighting engineers with in-depth knowledge of UV radiation and experienced in designing lamps to harness the power of UVC radiation for germicidal solutions.  We deliver first to market solutions with powerful UVC germicidal lamps used in surface, water and air purification and sterilization processes.

LightSources and LightTech in Europe are recognized as global leaders in the UV germicidal light industry.  We partner with OEMs large and small to design, engineer and manufacture proprietary lighting solutions with custom specifications.  Contact us today to learn more about our high quality, cost efficient UVC germicidal lamps used in high performance air purification systems.

High Performance UV Lamps for Ballast Water Treatment Systems

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UVC radiation is a highly effective, proven method of sterilizing and purifying water, air and surfaces.  With the new Ballast Water Treatment Convention, BWTC, that went into full effect last September of 2017, shipping companies are required to maintain an effective system on board their vessel.  Contaminated ballast water is considered to be one of the top 5 threats to the sustainability of the planet’s oceans, as foreign marine organisms are picked up in one port and released in another.

This has wreaked havoc on the fishing industry in many shipping ports and threatened the safety of human life in cases where foreign invaders take over without their natural predators.  Jellyfish have been known to multiply to uncontrollable levels while mussels attach to structures such as dams and bridges causing damage by upsetting the natural ecosystem. UV lamps utilized in ballast water sterilization systems solves this problem with a highly effective and simple to maintain system.

UV Lamps with Powerful Water Sterilization Effects

Ultraviolet technology is proven to sterilize water by instantly killing bacteria, viruses and microorganisms naked to the human eye.  With powerful wavelengths emitted at 254 nanometer, nm, the DNA of these living organisms is immediately altered making them unable to replicate rendering them harmless.

LightSources Offers Patented UV Lamps for Water Treatment

LightSources and our European partner, LightTech, are recognized leaders in the lamp industry with high-tech lighting solutions with innovative products.  We design, engineer and manufacture UVC germicidal lamps found in numerous sterilization processes worldwide.  We offer Low-Pressure Amalgam lamps developed with proprietary technology and Medium Pressure UV, MPUV, lamps which provide the same powerful sterilization in a small footprint.

Our experienced engineers are considered experts on all things related to fluorescent and Ultraviolet technology, delivering first to market products which provide long lasting performance with energy efficiency cost savings.  Due to our high performance lamps, your maintenance costs are reduced with long lasting performance.

LightSources and our valued partner companies are recognized for producing superior lamps and lighting solutions, providing high-tech solutions with innovation products.  Contact us today to learn more about our highly effective and low costs UV lamps for ballast water treatment systems.