Improve Your Supply Chain with Proven UV Lamp Supplier

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UV lamps are used in a wide range of processes and applications across many industries.  UV lamps are found in UVC germicidal systems such as water and air purification and sterilization systems. UV lamps are also effective at eliminating bacteria and viruses on surfaces and can be found in the food and beverage industry, restaurants and many commercial buildings.

UV lamps are also found in phototherapy lamps which treat a host of medical conditions such as many skin conditions, mood and depression disorders.  UV curing lamps are used in manufacturing and industrial applications worldwide to instantly seal varnishes, coatings and inks. The list is truly endless and a quality UV lamp supplier will have knowledge of designing and engineering the right type of lamps for each specific application.

LightSources Supports OEMs Worldwide

The LightSources Group consists of the LightSources in the United States and China, LightTech in Europe which boasts a state-of-the-art glass factory and several partner companies who share our vision and quality policies. We support OEMs worldwide with a wide range of UV lamp products and a skilled engineering team providing custom designed and prototype solutions.  Our resources and commitment to providing quality lamp products and lighting solutions allow us to meet the most demanding requirements.

We are committed to continual improvement and offer lamps which consistently outperform comparable products across many industries. We assist our customers with developing custom, proprietary products which promote your brand and logo. Our partner companies include Cerlux and Voltarc who offer custom designed lamps and components, even matching your custom logo colors and trademark. LCD Lighting specializes in miniature lamp solutions, often found in avionic in aerospace applications.

The LightSources Group offers a wide selection of high performance, quality lamps, quick turnaround for on-time delivery of prototype and production requirements and custom designed solutions. Our design and engineering team is the best in the business with in-depth knowledge of UV radiation and high-tech lamp solutions. Contact us to speak with an engineer and learn how to improve your supply chain with an innovative, quality minded lamp supplier.


High Quality Lamps with Custom Lampholders

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Custom-designed lamps and lampholders improve brand awareness and increase market share when designed with your logo and custom colors. The LightSources Group consists of the most knowledgeable lamp and lighting engineers in the world, providing OEM oriented solutions to companies large and small. LightSources is in the United States and China, partnered with LightTech in Europe where a state-of-the-art glass factory provide vast resources for high-tech manufacturing, research and development.

Additional valuable partner companies include LCD Lighting, who offers specialty fluorescent lamps, miniature fluorescent lamps and back lighting solutions. Voltarc offers 75 years of experience in developing high-tech fluorescent lamps for neon signs and Cerlux, who provides custom ceramic bases and lamp components.  

Voltarc Offers Patented Energy Efficient Lamps

Voltarc offers high-tech and innovative lamp engineering and manufacturing with proprietary technology and patented lamp products. Voltarc’s state-of-the-art lamp solutions include:

  • TriLight™ and Trilight Max™ fluorescent lamps
  • TufStraight Lamps
  • TruBend U-Lamps
  • Masonlite Electrodes
  • Neon tubing
  • Xtra Long Lamps
  • Kulka lampholders and wiring devices
  • Hyde neon fabrication equipment
  • Lamp components and accessories

Voltarc follows a strict quality policy, conducting continual research and development for product and process improvement.  Voltarc delivers energy efficient, high performance lamps developed with cutting edge technology. TriLight Max™ provides easy retrofitting with the Kulka recessed double contact lampholders and lamp bases which offer reliability and safety when retrofitting.

Kulka Lampholders and Wiring Devices

Voltarc offers the Kulka product line of high quality lamp holders and wiring devices which includes:

  • Recessed Double Contacts (RDC) lampholders
  • Medium bi-pin lampholders
  • Miniature bi-pin lampholders
  • Slim line lampholders
  • Miscellaneous wiring devices and accessories

Voltarc is a valuable addition to the LightSources Group, where you can find innovative lamp products which outperform comparable lamps with long lasting high-performance.

The LightSources Group designs, engineers and manufacturers innovative fluorescent and UV lamp products and custom designed solutions. Our experienced lighting engineers possess in-depth knowledge of UV radiation in lamp technology. Contact us to speak with an engineer about our quality products, lamp components and wiring devices.



Light Therapy Treats Diabetes and Depression

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Phototherapy is used to treat a host of medical conditions, including many skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne, along with many other medical ailments such as diabetes and depression.  UV light at the proper wavelength is proven to kill bacteria which improves wound healing and is very effective at preventing a serious eye condition which causes blindness in diabetics.

Prevent Diabetic Retinopathy with UV Light Therapy

Diabetic Retinopathy is a serious eye condition which affects 80% of all diabetics that have had the disease for 20 years or more and is the leading cause of blindness in people ages 20 to 64.  This serious eye condition can be prevented with UV light treatment, especially when administered early.

Phototherapy with UV light helps to prevent damage to the retina in 90% of all cases.  If you or someone you know is living with diabetes, be sure to talk with a doctor about UV light treatment to prevent Diabetic Retinopathy.

Light Therapy Helps Treat Depression

Light therapy is proven to alleviate symptoms in people suffering from depression and is key in helping people with Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD.  Consistency is the key for successful results when treating mood disorders with light therapy, which is proven effective when administered with the right type of lamp under a doctor’s care.

LightSources Offers Proven Phototherapy Solutions

LightSources is a leader in UV lamp design, engineering and manufacturing, providing the most effective UV lamps available.  We offer light therapy lamps manufactured to your specifications to treat a host of medical conditions, with custom lamp development available from our skilled engineering team.  We are a leading global supplier of fluorescent and UV solutions which deliver high performance and energy efficient cost savings.

LightSources and our valued partners represent the leading high-tech lamp designers and manufacturers available in the lamp industry today.  We provide lamp and lighting solutions to a multitude of applications including patented products for light therapy treatment.  Contact us today to learn more about our proven solutions with phototherapy lamps.


High-Performing Cost-Efficient Lamps and Lampholders


Voltarc is a world leading designer and manufacturer of high-performing lampholders offering cost-efficient lighting solutions. Voltarc is a valued partner company of The LightSources Group, offering lampholders and electrical wiring devices for fluorescent and incandescent lighting applications worldwide.

Voltarc shares the same quality philosophy as the LightSources group, with the commitment to continual improvement, research and development to provide high-performing, cutting-edge lamp technology with improved energy efficiency.  The TriLight Max™ series of fluorescent lamps by Voltarc are designed with proprietary tri-band phosphors to yield maximum color rendering and lumen output.

Featuring recessed end caps with double contacts, the TriLight Max series offers simple retrofitting to provide safety and reliability for retrofitting.

Voltarc offers the Kulka Recessed Double Contact lamp holders, along with a vast selection of lamp bases and matching sockets to assist OEMs worldwide with lighting applications.

Kulka Lampholders for High Performance

Kulka is synonymous with high quality in the lamp industry, recognized for state of the art lamp components offering long-lasting high performance with cost saving energy efficiencies.  Voltarc offers a vast selection of Kulka lamp components including:

Slim Line Lampholders

Miscellaneous wiring devices & accessories

Medium Bi-pin, Miniature Bi-Pin Lampholders

RDC (Recessed Double Contacts) Lampholders

The LightSources Group consists of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of lamps and lighting solutions, offering vast resources for quick delivery at a low cost.  We provide customized solutions from our skilled designers experienced in providing solutions to any lighting situation.  For customized ceramic bases and matching sockets, ask about Cerlux custom lamp components available in any color, even matching to your logo for increased brand awareness.

The LightSources Group consists of the leading hi-tech lamp manufactures available today, offering skilled and experienced lighting solutions to OEMs large and small.  Contact us today to learn more about our valued partner company, Voltarc, and the high quality of Kulka lamp components. 

Small Business is Vital to the US Economy


When you hear the term OEM, you may know that it stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, but do you realize the number of items we use in a day that were produced by OEMs around the globe?  From your cellphone, to your computer, tablets or your automobile – manufacturing makes the world go around providing finished products for consumer use.

Manufacturing firms of all sizes contribute to the final product, with some smaller companies providing components to larger OEMs on a tiered level.  The contribution of these small to mid-sized companies is just as important as the large manufacturers, as all components of a supply chain must meet their requirements for success.  Small business, which is defined as companies having less than 500 employees, is the lifeblood of the US economy representing 99% of all US employer firms.  While many smaller companies strive to gain more market share, they must also have the support of their suppliers in order to stay competitive and successful.

LightSources Support OEMs of All Sizes

LightSources realizes the challenges that smaller to mid-sized OEMs face to acquire the same advantages that their larger counterparts enjoy.  We excel in partnering with small to medium sized companies to design and manufacture standard and customized specialty lighting solutions to a multitude of industries.

Our vast resources include multi-national corporations with LightSources in the United States and China, LightTech in Europe with a state-of-the-art glass factory, and our partners LCD Lighting, Voltarc and Cerlux for custom designed ceramic bases.  LightSources specializes in providing comprehensive solutions including design, engineering, and manufacturing.

LightSources offers a broad range of lighting including:

  • medium pressure UV lamps (MPUV)
  • high pressure UV lamps (HPUV)
  • low pressure amalgam lamps
  • specialty fluorescent UVA and UVB lamps
  • mini-fluorescent lamps including backlighting solutions for avionic displays and computers
  • tanning lamps with several patented lamps for salon professionals
  • UVC germicidal lamps for purification and sterilization
  • UVC lamps used for curing polymers
  • neon signs of any size or shape for indoor or outdoor use

LightSources and our affiliated companies are recognized as leaders in designing and manufacturing lamps and lighting solutions.  We partner with OEMs to design, engineer and meet production requirements with proven lamp solutions.  Contact us to speak with an engineer about our large selection of standard and custom lamps.

Innovative Technology Aids the Tanning Industry

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LightSources and our valued partner, LightTech in Europe, lead the way with innovative tanning lamp technology, providing several proprietary products for long-lasting, high performance.  The LightSources group was one of the first manufacturers to provide tanning lamps in differing strengths from 2.6 UVB to 9.5 UVB.  The fluctuation in lamp strength provides customers with the right tanning lamp for their skin type and tanning preference.

LightSources partners with our salon professional clients, listening to your needs to develop customized tanning lamps and assisting with patent developments to increase your own brand awareness and market share.  The LightSources group is dedicated to research and development of superior ultraviolet technologies, delivering high-performing products to the forefront of the tanning lamp industry.

Cutting edge tanning lamp technology available from LightSources includes:

SolGlass® technology utilizes a proprietary phosphor blend combined with high-tech engineering to deliver the most advanced tanning lamp technology.  SolGlass provides a narrow UVA band for immediate pigmentation and short-wave UVB for long lasting color with the greatest tanning effects available.

Peak2 Technology® delivers high UVA and UVB emissions balanced in one phosphor to provide dual spectral peaks and maximum pigmentation effect.

Multitone™ provides tanning customers with an even and natural tan from head to toes, without harsh high-pressure facial units.

A-Power™ delivers the effects of a longer lasting dark tan typically achieved with a high- pressure lamp, in a low-pressure lamp with advanced technology.  A-Power utilizes UA and UVB rays peaking at the perfect nanometer for long lasting pigmentation.

LightSources is dedicated to research and development to continually deliver innovative lighting solutions, cutting edge technology, with energy efficient and eco-friendly solutions.  We strive to provide greater performance at the lowest cost available in all aspects of UV and fluorescent lamp applications.

LightSources and our valued partner companies are recognized as the leading designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today. We provide high performing lamps with long lasting operation for a multitude of OEM oriented solutions.  Contact us today to learn more about or broad range of specialty tanning lamps.


Superior Lighting Solutions for OEMs Worldwide


LightSources and our affiliated companies are recognized as leaders of the lighting industry, supplying OEMs large and small in over 60 countries on six continents!   Growing from a small company that started as a single location in Connecticut, The LightSources group has grown to include partners and affiliates on three different continents.  With LightTech and a state-of-the-art modern glass factory in Europe, and a LightSources location in China, we are well positioned to meet global requirements with quality lamp products and components delivered on time, no matter your location or delivery needs.

We understand how important it is to meet demanding requirements with quick turn-around.  Our global partners utilize the latest in technological advancements, working with customer Kanban delivery systems to meet tight deadlines with just in time delivery.  Our advanced material resource planning requirements allow us to maintain the necessary amount of inventory to meet our customer requirements.

Technological Advancements with our In-House Glass Factory

 LightTech’s modern glass factory in Europe is home to technological advancements, setting the industry standard with long lasting, high-performing lighting solutions.  Our proprietary UVA/UVB and UVC lighting products are used in commercial and industrial applications worldwide.   Due to our extensive research and development, we provide specialized lamp solutions for any ultraviolet (UV) or fluorescent lighting solution.  Our UVC germicidal lamps provide the specific wavelength required for your application, with 253.7 nanometer (nm) most effective at eradicating bacteria and viruses to eliminate harmful contaminants in water, air and surface purification systems.

Our vast resources and knowledgeable lighting engineers allow us to provide the most effective lighting solution for your needs, with standard or custom designed lamps delivered on time.  We adhere to strict quality standards, providing lamps manufactured with quality components and proven procedures.

LightSources in the U.S. and our strategic partner in Europe, LightTech represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today.  Our products are used world-wide in a multitude of applications and industries such as our UV air treatment systems that offer patent-protected, OEM-oriented solutions.  We invite you to contact us to learn more about our wide selection of lamps.

What are My Options with Energy Efficient Light Bulbs?

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We all want to do our part when it comes to saving energy, being ‘green’ and contributing to a healthier planet.  But when it comes to light bulbs, how do we know which energy saving options are the best?  Which bulbs last the longest and save the most energy?

Traditional incandescent bulbs use a lot of energy to emit light, thus 90% of the energy used is given off as heat and is wasted.  This is why these traditional light bulbs are being phased out of use.  Energy saving choices for light bulbs today includes halogen incandescent, compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL), and light emitting diodes commonly known as LED lighting.   These newer choices may cost a little more to purchase, but they will save you money during their life cycle.

Compact fluorescent bulbs are more energy efficient than halogen incandescent, and will pay for themselves usually within nine months of use.  CFL bulbs have been shown to use about one fourth of the energy as traditional incandescent bulbs and can last up to ten times longer, providing a quick return on your investment not to mention the time saved in changing bulbs!  LED lighting is quickly becoming a popular choice with advancements in technology.  LEDs are Energy Star™ rated and use about 25% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, lasting up to 25 times longer.

Experts in Energy Saving Lighting Solutions

The LightSources Group is dedicated to continuous improvement of its processes to help protect the environment. We have locations around the globe, all operating with green practices, and contributing to saving energy with superior products produced with expert research and development.  Our engineers are the best in the industry, providing patented and proprietary solutions for various lighting applications.  In addition we provide training to all employees on our environmentally friendly technologies and business practices.

LightSources and affiliated companies, which include LCD Lighting, Voltarc, LightTech, and Cerlux, make up the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today. We offer standard lamps and components, as well as customized products, with high-quality solutions to meet our partner’s unique needs.  We invite you to contact us today for energy efficient lighting solutions.

What is the Most Energy Efficient Light Bulb?


At the LightSources group, we recognize that it is important to produce our energy-efficient lamps in the most environmentally-friendly way. To meet that goal, we continue to develop environmentally-friendly technologies as well as implement green business practices. We also provide on-going training for employees regarding the latest environmental issues and proper practices within our industry.

While we strive to lessen our carbon footprint and incorporate sustainable methods into our day-to-day operations, we thought it is important to discuss lighting options for our own homes. Any visit to a do-it-yourself big box store, indicates the selection of energy-efficient light bulbs intended for home use is getting bigger and more complicated.

The U.S. Department of Energy website offers insight into how to light your home with the same amount of light but less expensively. Data shows 5% of the average U.S. household’s energy budget goes to lighting and that one of the easiest way to reduce your energy bills are to use energy-efficient light bulbs.

Although no longer being manufactured, traditional incandescent bulbs used a lot of energy to produce light and 90% of the energy was given off as heat. However when we look at today’s shelves and shelves of bulbs filled with an assortment of halogen incandescent, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and light emitting diodes (LEDs), it can be confusing on what to buy.

While halogen incandescent lamps meet the federal regulations, there are now better options available. The Dept. of Energy states compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are simply curly versions of the long tube fluorescent lights we are all familiar with. Although they are more expensive than traditional incandescent bulbs, CFLs typically pay for themselves in less than nine months. An ENERGY STAR rated CFL “uses about one-fourth the energy and lasts ten times longer than a comparable traditional incandescent bulb that puts out the same amount of light.”

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) represent the fastest developing light technologies. ENERGY STAR LEDs are rated as using only “20%–25% of the energy and last up to 25 times longer than the traditional incandescent bulbs they replace.” They also use less energy and last 8 to 25 times longer than halogen incandescent bulbs.

LightSources and our affiliated companies represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today. Our products are used world-wide in a multitude of applications and industries such as our UV air treatment systems that offer patent-protected, OEM-oriented solutions. Regardless of whether you are a small or large company, or an entrepreneur with a new product idea; trust us with your specialty lighting needs.


Defining Terms Use in Specialty Fluorescent Lights

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There are many terms used to specifically describe the various aspects of fluorescent lighting and the technology behind the engineering and manufacturing of them.  One such term used to help define color in fluorescent light is CIE (Commission Internationale de l’Eclairageis), the international standards organization that sets the standards for color and color measurement.

Fluorescent lamps may be described as cold cathode.  This type of lamp has a cylindrical metal shell (electrode) covered on the inside with an emission coating.  Cold cathode lamps are not heated to induce thermionic emission of electrons such as in hot cathode lamps, but rather, their interior surface produces secondary electrons upon electron and ion impact.  To accelerate ions to a sufficient velocity in order to create free electrons, cold cathode lamps require higher voltages than hot cathode lamps.

Hot cathode lamps usually have a higher power density than cold cathode lamps and emit more electrons from the same surface area, which results in a higher output and the ability to operate at a higher lamp current.  Generally the lamps have a tungsten filament covered with an emissive layer made of material with lower work function that emits electrons better than bare tungsten metal.  The filament is either directly heated, where the filament itself is the source of electrons, or indirectly heated, where the filament is electrically insulated from the cathode.

Another important term in fluorescent lighting is CRI (Color Rendering Index), which quantitatively measures a light source’s ability to render color on a scale of 0 to 100 percent and is independent of color temperature.  If the light has a CRI of 85 to 90 percent, it is considered good at color rendering.  A rating of 90 percent or above, offers the most accurate color discrimination.   If you need more information and clarification on our lamps, please see our website.

LightSources and our affiliated companies represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today.  Our products are used world-wide in a multitude of applications and industries such as our avionic display backlighting that is part of the National Defense and US Space Program.  Please contact us to learn more about our extensive selection of lamps.