Industrial UV Air Purification Is Good for Business


Commercial air quality is important as the air that we breathe day in and day out has a significant effect on our health. Maintaining a healthy workforce is critical for businesses to thrive, to meet production without unexpected illnesses and lost work time.  Businesses of all types including public commercial properties and manufacturing facilities should strive to provide clean indoor air free of particle and chemical pollutants.

The primary cause of the majority of colds and flues are germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew and other microorganisms.  These disease causing germs enter the air from many different sources such as leftover food, mold, mildew and when someone coughs or sneezes. Regular hand washing and cleaning commercial spaces are important, healthy practices although it is impossible to provide a commercial environment completely free of germs. Antibacterial soap and germicidal cleaning products are a great way to keep your hands and surfaces clean although do nothing to ward off airborne illnesses. 

Many traditional industrial air purification systems remove airborne pollutants although do not eliminate viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew and other disease causing germs. Even some of the best industrial air cleaners are powerless against these things unless they utilize UVC germicidal lamps.  Traditional air purification systems in commercial applications use a filtration method to remove particle pollutants, although these systems allow microorganisms to easily pass through.

UV Air Sanitizers Remove Germs Filtration Methods Do Not

The UV radiation emitted in UV air sanitizers is the only effective way to remove mold, mildew, viruses, bacteria and disease causing microbes. Industrial grade UV air purification systems are proven to be highly effective. UVC germicidal lamps can be installed in HVAC systems as an effective method to purify the air in large spaces.  UV HVAC systems improve air quality for a healthy workforce while meeting industrial air quality requirements. 

UVC Lamps for Air Purification

UVC germicidal lamps used in air purification systems emit a specific wavelength at 254 nanometer (nm) to instantly alter the DNA of germs and harmful microorganisms. UV radiation penetrates the cells to render them unable to replicate thus eliminating any disease causing threat.  It is important to use high-quality UVC germicidal lamps to achieve maximum germicidal effectiveness and air quality.

The LightSources Group is a leading global supplier of high-quality UVC germicidal lamps used in air purification systems, as well as water and surface sterilization applications worldwide.  We offer a vast product line to meet any germicidal requirement and offer custom designed, high-tech UV germicidal solutions.

LightSources, LightTech and our valued partner companies represent the leading, high-tech lamp designers and manufacturers in the industry. Our UV lamps are found worldwide in a multitude of germicidal and sterilization applications. Contact us to learn how to improve your germicidal process with patent protected, OEM oriented UV lamp solutions.


Light Therapy for Mood and Sleep Disorders

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Light therapy, also called phototherapy, is a way to treat various mood disorders and depression, specifically seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  SAD commonly occurs to people that live in the northern hemisphere during fall and winter months when sunlight is significantly reduced. People that use light therapy to ease symptoms of SAD sit next to a bright light that mimics natural outdoor sunlight.

According to the Mayo Clinic, light therapy can be quite successful in treating a number of mood and sleep disorders including:

  • Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD
  • Nonseasonal types of depression
  • Sleep disorders
  • Dementia
  • Adjustment to night work schedules

Phototherapy is thought to successfully treat these disorders by affecting chemicals in the brain which are linked to mood and sleep.  Light therapy is also used to treat many different skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis although those UV phototherapy lamps are different from light therapy lamps for SAD. 

Light therapy lamps for mood and depression should filter out UV wavelengths which can damage your skin and eyes. Some people may think that using a tanning bed is good enough to treat seasonal and nonseasonal depression, although this is a myth.  Tanning beds are not an alternative to phototherapy lamps and will increase your chances of developing skin cancer.

Reasons You May Want to Try Phototherapy

Phototherapy can provide many benefits to improve symptoms of SAD, depression and sleep problems. It is a good idea to talk with your doctor about light therapy and the reasons why you’d like to try it. Be sure to purchase a quality phototherapy lamp designed to treat the symptoms you desire and be aware of any risks involved.

You may want to try light therapy for many reasons such as:

  • Your doctor recommends light therapy for seasonal depression
  • Your doctor recommends combining light therapy with antidepressants
  • You need to avoid taking antidepressants During pregnancy or breast-feeding
  • Light therapy is safe with few side effects

Phototherapy can provide many benefits when used in combination with antidepressants and or psychological counseling.  If you experience side effects they usually do not last long and may include mild symptoms such as:

  • Headache
  • Eyestrain
  • Agitation or irritability
  • Nausea
  • Manic or euphoric state associated with bipolar disorder

Talk with your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms or have concerns about light therapy affecting your thoughts or mood such as experiencing mania or hyperactivity. It is important to talk with your doctor about using light therapy for mood and sleep disorders, especially if you have any conditions that make your skin or eyes sensitive to light. Some anti-inflammatory medications and antibiotics can increase sensitivity to sunlight along with some herbal supplements like St. John’s Wort.  

LightSources offers high quality phototherapy lamps which are designed to treat specific medical conditions. Our high-tech lighting engineers design custom light therapy lamps and specialty phosphor blends to treat various mood and sleep disorders as well as various skin and medical conditions. Contact us to learn more about light therapy lamps designed to treat mood and sleep disorders.

In Duct Air Purification System Provides Health Benefits


In duct air purification systems sanitize and purify the air we breathe, providing many health benefits to people in public and commercial areas.  Air purification systems are used in many HVAC and AC units to deliver clean air free from bacteria, dust, mold and mildew.  These in duct systems are so effective they also eliminate odors from stale air, always giving off a clean fresh scent free from airborne contaminants.

In duct air purification systems are used in settings such as doctor offices, hospitals, grocery stores, restaurants, schools and many other buildings that are open to the public.  Sanitizing the air is especially beneficial in areas where sick people or patients with compromised immune systems may gather.  Children or the elderly are especially susceptible to illness from germs, mold, mildew or contaminants in the air.

UV air purification systems eliminate these volatile compounds from contaminating the air we breathe keeping children, the elderly and the general public safer by providing purified and sanitized air.

UVC Air Purification Systems are Highly Effective

 Ultraviolet (UV) energy in the range of 254 nanometers is highly effective at killing viruses and bacteria.  Most UV air purification systems do not emit ozone as this may corrode the cooling system in AC units by separating the copper lines in the cooling unit from the aluminum fins.  A small amount of ozone emission might be acceptable in certain applications but is not desirable in AC units.

The LightSources group employs experts to assist you in determining the most effective UV air purification system for your unique building structure.  Our vast resources allow us to provide the most sophisticated and technologically advanced lighting solutions at an affordable cost to you, providing a quick return on investment.

Together LightSources in the U.S. and LightTech in Europe are global leaders in the germicidal ultra-violet light industry.  We partner with OEMs of any size to design, engineer and mass-produce new types of proprietary and specialty lamps cost-efficiently and with short turnaround.  Please contact us to learn more about the affordability of high-tech air purification systems.   

UV Air Purification Provides Many Health Benefits

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Purifying the air we breathe with ultraviolet (UV) air duct purification systems provides many benefits for ongoing health.   UV air purification systems are highly effective at removing contaminants and odors from air duct systems, keeping people healthy in both private and public environments.  UV air purification systems are highly effective, completely safe, and very cost effective as they require very low maintenance and little replacement costs.

LightSources Provides Superior In Duct Air Purification Systems

The LightSources Group is recognized as leaders in the lighting industry, providing innovative technologies to OEMs large and small in a multitude of industries.  With our vast resources, we are able to provide these superior technologies in cost effective solutions to you.

We provide UV lamps for air purification in new and existing HVAC systems, with standard or custom designed solutions.  Our expert design engineers will assist with custom lamps, components and installation, ensuring high performance with top quality lamps and components.

LightSources is a leading manufacturer of high tech UV lamps used for a multitude of applications, including air, water and surface sterilization.  We are experts with all aspects of UV radiation for germicidal systems.

Superior UV Germicidal Lamps for Air Purification

LightSources manufacturers Quartz sleeves, ceramic bases, electronic ballasts, Low Pressure Amalgam lamps, and Medium Pressure (MPUV) lamps in standard sizes or custom designed UV systems fit to your unique application.

Amalgam lamps will produce up to three times the amount of UVC output when compared to similar lamps in equal length.  Low-pressure amalgam lamps consistently generate UVC emissions over a broad range of temperatures up to 48°C on air, water or surface temperatures. Custom designed solutions are also available for effectiveness when used in higher temperatures.

LightSources has the experience, the knowledge and vast resources to provide the most effective lamps and components emitting the optimum wavelength of ultraviolet radiation to eradicate bacteria, viruses and microorganisms even eradicating odor from the air.

LightSources and our affiliated companies represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today.  Our products are used world-wide in a multitude of applications and industries such as our UV germicidal lamps that offer patent-protected, OEM-oriented solutions.  Please contact us to learn more about our large selection of specialty custom and standard lamps.

UV Drying Lamps Provide Quick Return on Investment


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Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is used in many industrial applications in highly effective UV drying lamps to provide a quick and strengthened bond when curing polymers such as resins, varnishes and inks.  Specialty resins that are exposed to UV wavelengths cause a photochemical reaction that produces a strengthened and hardened finish.  UV drying lamps provide cost efficient drying processes to a multitude of industrial applications.

UV Drying Lamps Aid Automotive Manufacturers

Automotive manufacturers utilize UV drying lamps in several applications to cure polymers in specialty parts.  UV drying creates a hardened gloss surface on interior parts, providing strengthened plastic parts that hold up with extensive wear and tear and still retain their exterior finish.  UV drying can add considerable strength to parts used in critical applications that require long lasting durability under high temperatures.

 UV drying is a fast and efficient process, saving time and money for production facilities with low maintenance, little repair cost and quick cycle times.

Printing Industry Enhanced with UV Curing

UV curing printing machines are enhancing the printing industry with specialty inks that dry instantly with little evaporation, providing a consistently crisp and clean finish.  UV drying lamps are used in printing processes for several products including postcards, glossy cards or calendars, magnets, plastic bottles or wood products.

UV Drying Lamps Cure Wood and Flooring

UV drying lamps can instantly cure ink on vinyl, wood and even concrete, improving stain resistance and long-lasting durability during wear on tear on floors.  UV drying is highly effective with no lasting chemical residue and provides a fast curing process suitable for walking on within minutes of treatment.

UV Drying Lamps for Medical Sterilization

UV lamps are highly effective at sterilization and disinfection assisting the medical industry with safe products and surfaces.   UV drying lamps are used to sterilize medical devices including hearing aids, syringes, dialysis machines and test strips to name just a few of the many purposes for UV lamps in the medical industry.

LightSources and its affiliated companies – LCD Lighting, Voltarc, LightTech, and Cerlux represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today. Our standard lamps and components as well as customized products offer high-quality solutions to meet our partner’s unique needs.  We invite you to contact us to learn more about our wide selection of lamps.

In Duct Air Purification Systems Provide Numerous Health Benefits

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There are many health benefits to in-duct air purification systems which are widely used in many settings.  Cleaning and purifying the air we breathe is advantageous to all of us, and especially important to those with asthma, respiratory conditions, or a compromised immune system.   HVAC air purification systems are widely used in hospitals, nursing homes, and other buildings, both commercial and residential, utilizing the power of ultraviolet light to provide clean and safe air for all occupants.

UVC Air Purification is Safe and Effective

Ultraviolet light has many useful applications in sterilization and purification of air, water and surfaces at specific wavelengths.   We can harness the power of UVC light to eradicate bacteria and viruses, sterilizing equipment used in the medical and dental industry, and cleaning and purifying the air we breathe creating a safe and clean environment.    UV light emitted at the very specific wavelength of 254 nanometers is extremely effective at instantly killing harmful contaminants, while not producing any harmful side effects.   UV air purification can even eliminate odors caused by contaminants leaving clean, pure and odor free air.

In-duct UV air purification is safe and very effective, and at the correct wavelength does not emit ozone like some air purification systems could.  Unnecessary ozone emissions may contribute to the eroding of your HVAC equipment, corroding the cooling system of the AC equipment as it separates aluminum fins from copper lines in the cooling coils.

LightSources is an Industry Leader in UV Air Purification

The experts at LightSources know exactly what bulb you need for your air purification system to provide maximum effectiveness with the safest air purification methods available.  We supply standard lamps and bases in various sizes and configurations, and we also have expert designers and engineers on staff to custom design a system for you.

LightSources manufactures low pressure (LP) amalgam lamps, medium pressure (MPUV) lamps, and distributes all components including quartz sleeves, ceramic bases and electronic ballasts.  We have several standard size options or will create a custom fit for your air purification system.

Our UV germicidal lamps are used world-wide in a multitude of applications for complete and effective germ killing solutions in water, air and surface treated products.  Contact the UV experts at LightSources today for proven solutions to various purification and sterilization processes.

LightSources and our affiliated companies represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today.  Our products are used world-wide in a multitude of applications and industries such as our UV germicidal lamps used in duct air purification systems, which offer patent-protected, OEM-oriented solutions.  Please contact us to learn more about our large selection of specialty custom and standard lamps.

State-of—the-Art Neon and Fluorescent Signs


Voltarc Technologies, Inc. has over 75 years of experience providing the lighting industry with the most advanced technology in producing neon and fluorescent signs.   Voltarc joined the vast affiliation of the LightSources group in 2009, contributing their world class expert knowledge in lighted sign manufacturing, and partnering their expertise with a conglomerate of resources to provide first in class technology to customers throughout the US and Canada.

Voltarc offers a wide variety of signs, ranging from neon signs in all sizes, shapes and colors. Other products include standard and custom made neon electrodes, cold cathode lamp blanks, and leaded and lead free glass tubing, to name just a few.

Our advanced technology produces the most vibrant whites and brightest colors in the neon sign industry, maintaining consistent and long lasting life by using our proprietary product, Rotronic Color Guard™, a coating process which provides a consistent outer layer for uniform vibrant colors, and long lasting life.   Creating custom phosphor blends to obtain the most vibrant colors of your choice is a specialty of ours. We also welcome the opportunity to match colors in custom logos, giving your project your own unique look and distinction.

Our sophisticated proprietary Trilight™ neon tubing is a clear lead glass coated with red, blue and green phosphors to create optimum color hue with maximum available light output. The advanced technology is also more stain resistant compared to other products.

Voltarc’s TrilightMax™ lamps in T8 and T12 series, offer six times the life usage over standard lamps, while operating as much as 40% more efficiently. This world class proprietary technology provides customers worldwide with longer life, less maintenance, greater energy efficiency, and maximum vibrant lumen output.

LightSources and its affiliated companies – LCD Lighting, Voltarc, LightTech, and Cerlux represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today. Our products are used worldwide and are found in a multitude of applications and industries including our UV air treatment systems that offer patent-protected, OEM-oriented solutions. Contact us today to speak to out of our specialists for all of your lighting solutions.

Miniature Fluorescent Lamps Serve Various Applications

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There are various applications for miniature fluorescent lamps.   LightSources Group along with affiliate LCD Lighting provides world class innovative solutions for OEMs in various lighting applications. As global leaders in the industry, our vast resources allow us to offer a variety of standard, custom, and proprietary products. Our factories in the United States and Europe include an expansive glass factory for production of standard and custom products, research and development and continual improvement of our several proprietary innovative solutions.

Miniature lamps are used in a variety of critical industrial applications. Fluorescent lighting is used to illuminate displays in avionics, laptops, monitors used in medical applications, national defense including the US Space Program, and various LCD displays. Miniature fluorescent lighting is also used as a backlight to LCD displays for maximum illumination.

With patented UltaBright™ technology, our miniature lamps deliver more lumen output, and eliminate deterioration of performance in bends, providing consistency with long life output. Versatility in shapes include circular, oval, grid with interlocking sockets, U bends, and bendable variations. Our expert technicians are available to assist you in determining the best fit for your application.

LCD Lighting has the ability to produce proprietary blends for your application, with the most advanced materials in the industry giving you the most benefits in reduced energy requirements, uniform production output, and simple or complex connections, custom made with the right fit.

Contact us today to see how we can assist with your projects large or small, providing you with the latest advancements in energy savings with long lasting uniform illumination.

LightSources and our affiliated companies represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today. Our products are used world-wide in a multitude of applications and industries such as our avionic display backlighting that is part of the National Defense and US Space Program. Please contact us to learn more about our extensive selection of lamps.

Health Benefits of Phototherapy

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Phototherapy is also known as Light Therapy, and refers to treating a variety of medical conditions by exposure to wavelengths of light. The most common type of bulb used in phototherapy is fluorescent light, although there are many variations used for different conditions.

Light Treatment for Skin Conditions

One common condition treated with specialty fluorescent lights is jaundice. Newborn babies are often born with a degree of jaundice which occurs when the liver cannot yet break down all toxins in the body, causing a yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes. Exposure to exact wavelengths of blue lights, “Bili” lights, will break down bilirubin and improve jaundice in newborns. Parents are often sent home with specific lighting to use for certain periods of time.

Patients with skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema and acne also benefit from phototherapy:


  • Exposure to UVA and UVB lamps can decelerate the growth of skin cells and aid in healing skin for people suffering from psoriasis.
  • UV light is also successful in treating eczema, an inflammation in the skin caused by an overactive immune system. Fluorescent light exposure suppresses the immune system, reducing symptoms of swollen, itchy skin.
  • Acne occurs when bacteria in the skin is attacked by the immune system, causing an inflammation, or a pimple. Combined red and blue light therapy is used for treating acne. Wavelengths of 600nm – 700nm in red light are successful in soothing inflammation and stimulating cell growth for regeneration and healing. Wavelengths at 415 nm in blue light are effective in killing bacteria thus preventing acne breakouts.

Light Treatment for Mood Disorders

A number of mood disorders are also much improved with light therapy.   One of the most talked about is SAD, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is a state of depression that occurs when an individual has less exposure to daylight during fall or winter months, and can get quite serious in a short amount of time. Exposure to full spectrum lighting that imitates the sun usually improves depression symptoms in as little time as one week. Other sleep disorders including jet lag also have seen remarkable improvements with phototherapy.

Wound Healing and Diabetes

Wound healing from bed sores, diabetes, and poor circulation can also be treated with exposure to infrared lights. Diabetic retinopathy, damage to the retina from diabetes, occurs in 80% of all patients that have diabetes for 20 years or longer, and is the leading cause of blindness in people age 20 to 64.   Surprisingly, 90% of all new cases could be reduced with monitoring and proper treatment.

See our website or contact us to speak with leading experts in light therapy to see how we can assist you with your specific requirements.

LightSources in the U.S. and our strategic partner in Europe, LightTech represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today. Our products are used world-wide in a multitude of applications and industries such as our UV air treatment systems that offer patent-protected, OEM-oriented solutions. We invite you to contact us to learn more about our wide selection of

Extensive R&D Produce Innovative SolGlass® Technology

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LightSources and our European partner, LightTech, have a state-of-the-art glass manufacturing facility in Hungary where we conduct extensive research and development. The combined resources of these leading experts in the industry resulted in a new innovative patented UV bulb for the tanning industry, SolGlass®.

SolGlass® bulbs are superior to previously used bulbs due to two main factors in their design, transparency and a proprietary phosphor blend. The transparency allows for the UV rays to pass through with a broader spectrum than any other bulb. This produces a deeper brown tan similar to the sun, rather than the orange tint from the typical tanning bulb.

The proprietary phosphor blend combined with the short wave UVB rays creates instant color, and a longer lasting pigmentation. This unique innovative bulb is the only lamp in the industry with this type of broad UV spectrum, as it allows 75% of all UVB waves to pass through, compared to only 36% of the other common tanning bulbs.

Safety is a number one priority to us. LightSources along with all of our affiliates take great care to ensure the safety of all our products. The SolGlass® proprietary technology meets all United States and European guidelines and regulations such as the 0.3W/ m2 regulations for sunbeds.

This unprecedented technology has resulted in happy customers. We have received positive feedback from end-users all around the world, who reported excellent results. See our website for more information about SolGlass® and LightSource’s other lighting solutions.

LightSources and our affiliated companies represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today. Our team consists of the most highly skilled professionals that specialize in a range of innovative solutions. Please contact us to learn more about our broad range of standard and custom lighting solutions.