Germicidal UVC Lamps Protect Food with Irradiation

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Food irradiation has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 1963 as a safe method of eliminating foodborne pathogens and controlling spoilage. Food irradiation was first approved by the FDA to eliminate insects in flour and wheat.  The FDA and USDA have since approved UV germicidal food irradiation (UVGI) to treat vegetables, fruits, spices, red meats and raw poultry.

The FDA regulates food irradiation in the United States. UVGI is also endorsed by the American Medical Association and the World Health Organization.  Food irradiation provides many benefits in the food and beverage industry with germicidal UVC lamps eliminating harmful microorganisms on food products, surfaces and water/beverage systems.  

What are the Benefits of Food Irradiation?

Food irradiation provides many benefits to the safety of foods such as preserving nutritional value, prolonging shelf life and sterilizing harmful pathogens to reduce health hazards.  Here are some of the most important benefits of UVGI:

  • Prevent foodborne illnesses – UVGI is proven to eliminate organisms that cause  Escherichia coli (E. coli) and Salmonella
  • Foodborne preservation – UV disinfection lamps destroy the organisms that cause decomposition and spoilage which extends the shelf life of many foods
  • Insect control – food irradiation safely destroys insects on foods such as tropical fruits which are imported into the U.S. without the use of pesticides that may damage certain fruits 
  • Delay ripening and sprouting – UV food irradiation lamps delay the sprouting in potatoes, onions and garlic to increase food longevity
  • Sterilization – hospitals use sterilized foods for patients with severe immune deficiency illnesses such as AIDS or people who are receiving chemotherapy treatments

UV light offers these many benefits for food sterilization and is also used in the bottled water industry and food packaging processes.  UV lamps are used to treat surfaces such as conveyor belts, working surfaces and packaging containers. Germicidal UV lamps are highly effective at eliminating harmful pathogens on many food products although safe food handling procedures are still required to protect against foodborne illnesses. 

LightSources Supplies Germicidal UVC Lamps for Food Irradiation

LightSources is a leading supplier of germicidal UVC lamps found in many surface, water and air sterilization systems.  Our highly skilled UV lamp designers and engineers excel with custom designed germicidal solutions to meet specific sterilization requirements.  We understand UV radiation and incorporate the latest technology for longer lasting, more effective UVC lamps which deliver cost saving efficiencies. 

We offer low-pressure mercury and amalgam lamps, medium pressure germicidal UV lamps, specialty lamp components and more.  Our lamps are found worldwide in many commercial, industrial and residential applications. LightSources is committed to research, development and continual improvement, delivering first-to-market, patented UVC germicidal solutions which outlast and outperform comparable lamps.  

The LightSources Group consists of the leading high-tech lamp designers and engineers in the industry, supplying OEM-oriented solutions for germicidal applications worldwide.  We offer a vast product line, as well as prototype and custom designed UV lamp solutions. Contact us for more information on UVC germicidal solutions for any application as well as food irradiation. 

Improve Air Quality in Your Home with UV HVAC Systems

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Maintaining clean air in your home is important as indoor air pollution is recognized as one of the top five environmental health risks.  The best way to improve the air quality of your home is to control pollutants, eliminate the source and ventilate your home with fresh air.  Ventilating your home with clean, outdoor air is not always an option, however, as many areas experience high levels of pollutants and allergens in the air or adverse weather conditions.  

Ultraviolet light has been known to kill germs for more than 100 years and continues to provide disinfection properties to many surface, water and air sterilization processes.  UV germicidal technology is used to disinfect surfaces in hospitals, surgical equipment, food establishments, water treatments, industrial air emissions and many other applications. UV lamps are installed in HVAC systems in commercial properties and residential homes to improve the air quality for better health. 

UVC Air Sterilization Lamp Suppliers

UV light is used to kill many germs and airborne disease causing microorganisms in UV air purification systems, often installed in HVAC systems to treat large areas.  Some smaller, free standing units may treat the air in one or two rooms, whereas an HVAC UV air sterilizer will treat a whole house. This is important for people with weakened immune systems or sensitivity to airborne pollutants like people with asthma or respiratory illnesses. 

LightSources is a leading supplier of UVC germicidal lamps, found in many sterilization applications worldwide.  The LightSources Group provides high quality, high tech UV germicidal solutions with a wide selection of UV germicidal lamps, quartz sleeves and components.  We offer a wide selection of:

  • Low pressure mercury lamps
  • Low pressure amalgam lamps
  • Medium Pressure UV lamps (MPUV)
  • Quartz sleeves
  • Electronic ballasts 

Our low pressure mercury lamps provide high efficiency and convert up to 40% of electricity into UVC radiation at the most effective wavelength of 254 nanometer.  The LightSources Group offers highly effective amalgam lamps designed with proprietary technology to deliver consistent UVC emissions even in varying air and water temperatures ranging from 4° to 40° C.  Medium pressure UV lamps by LightSources are designed with 100 to 700 watts per inch. Our experienced UV radiation engineers offer custom designed solutions as well, to meet specific germicidal requirements with custom phosphor blends. 

The LightSources Group is a leading supplier of UV lamp solutions found worldwide in a multitude of applications.  We are dedicated to continual improvement, offering first to market, patented lamps with custom designed solutions available.  Contact us for prototype or full production requirements and to learn more about our UV lamps for air sterilization. 


UV Light Sterilization Provides Innovative Solutions for Industry


Ultraviolet (UV) light technology provides innovative sterilization solutions for many industries. UV light is used to sterilize air, water and surfaces in many commercial and industrial applications worldwide. UV technology is also used to produce ozone, which is a natural sanitizer and deodorizer, proven to eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

UV Light for Air Sterilization

UV light is used to control odor, sterilize the air and eliminate VOCs and contaminants in industrial exhausts.  Air quality is critical for public health in environments such as hospitals, schools, nursing homes and many other institutions.  UVC germicidal lamps purify the air and eliminate microorganisms and contaminants which cause illness and aggravate respiratory ailments such as asthma.

UVC technology is used to control odor in many applications such as farms, food processing plants, kitchens, and wastewater treatment plants. UVC germicidal lamps are also very beneficial in industrial applications which produce toxic chemicals such as plastics, rubber and printing processes.

Industrial applications which benefit from UV germicidal solutions include:

  • Industrial
  • Plastics, rubber and vinyl
  • Printing
  • Healthcare and medical supplies
  • Agriculture
  • HVAC systems
  • Food and beverage

UV technology provides innovative germicidal solutions to these industries and many others.  

Sterilize Surfaces with 222 nm UV Lamps

UV lamps which emit wavelengths in the 222 nm range provide effective germicidal sterilization to disinfect surfaces in many industries.  UV light kills bacteria, viruses, yeast and harmful microorganisms within seconds of exposure. Germicidal lamps are used in many food processing plants, restaurants, buffets, salad bars, meat and produce departments and warehouses.

UV germicidal lamps are beneficial to the medical industry to maintain clean rooms free from diseases. By using ultraviolet technology there is no presence of harmful chemicals which is important in the food industry, the medical industry and many others.

LightSources Offers UV Lamps for Surface, Water and Air Sterilization

LightSources is a leading global supplier of UVC germicidal lamps.  We design and engineer UVC lamps which emit germ killing 254 nm wavelengths, 185 nm ozone producing lamps and 222 nm Excimer lamps for effective microbial reduction.  This newest line of 222 nm Excimer UV lamps achieve 100% output instantly within one second as compared to conventional germicidal lamps which can take several minutes to reach 100% output.

LightSources offers a wide selection of germicidal lamp solutions with custom designed and engineered germicidal lamps available. Our skilled engineers develop custom phosphor blends to emit the exact wavelength which is most beneficial to your application. We provide germicidal solutions for nearly any application including compact spaces and challenging configurations.

The LightSources Group is a leader among lamp suppliers, providing proven germicidal solutions for water, surface and air sterilization. We offer a wide selection of products, exceptional customer support and custom designed solutions. Contact us to speak with an engineer to achieve maximum germicidal effectiveness with proven UV technology.

Light Therapy Lamps Provide Healing Benefit

post 95Light therapy, also called phototherapy, provides proven healing benefits to many different medical conditions. Phototherapy is often used to treat various medical conditions such as skin and dermatitis conditions, mood disorders and more. UV light therapy lamps are often prescribed to treat medical conditions such as:

  • Acne – phototherapy is proven to improve symptoms and alleviate acne in many patients
  • Eczema – light therapy is prescribed to reduce eczema symptoms and prevent flare-ups
  • Psoriasis – phototherapy reduces red, patchy and scaly skin in patients suffering with psoriasis with UVA and UVB light therapy solutions
  • Vitiligo – UV light is proven to improve symptoms of vitiligo in many patients
  • Jaundice – UV light is used to help the liver improve the production of bilirubin in the body, which is why these therapy lamps are sometimes referred to as ‘bili-lights’
  • Depression – many people suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) benefit from phototherapy lamps to easy symptoms of depression
  • Sleep disorders – sleep disorders can be treated with special lights programmed to mimic the sun and help people to wake and sleep with a normal rhythm 
  • Diabetes – light therapy also helps people suffering from diabetes with wound healing and cell function.

Working with a reputable phototherapy lamp manufacturer will ensure that your lamps meet the specified requirements for treating each condition. LightSources is regarded as an authority on fluorescent and UV lamp design, engineering and manufacturing.  We offer proven phototherapy lamp solutions from skilled lighting engineers with in-depth expertise of ultraviolet radiation.


Custom Designed Phototherapy Lamps

Phototherapy lamps must be designed to emit the proper wavelength in the nanometer prescribed for each condition. LightSources works closely with our customers to produce the right type of lamp with custom phosphor blends and lamp components. We offer a state-of-the-art glass factory in Europe and several partner companies committed to delivering high performance, cost-efficient lamp and lighting solutions.


LightSources and LightTech Offer Phototherapy Solutions

The LightSources Group partners with OEMs large and small to produce phototherapy lamps designed to your specific requirements. Our vast resources and commitment to quality allow us to provide high-tech, high performance lamps with quick turnaround time on production and prototypes.

The LightSources Group is regarded as an authority on fluorescent and UV lamp design, engineering and production.  We offer prototype and custom designed solutions to meet specific phototherapy lamp requirements. Contact us to speak with an engineer about your phototherapy lamp requirements.

UV Sterilization Lamps That Outperform Comparable Lamps

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UV sterilization lamps are used worldwide to improve health and wellness with effective germicidal properties. UV radiation emitted at specific wavelengths of 254 nm instantly eliminates harmful microscopic organisms such as bacteria and viruses immediately upon exposure.  UV radiation emitted at 185 nm produces ozone, which is a natural air purifier and deodorizer, eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and foul odors from the air.

UVC germicidal lamps are used in many environments including residential, commercial and industrial air treatment systems.  UV lamps improve air quality in many environments including: 

  • Residential property
  • Commercial businesses
  • Industrial applications
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Schools
  • HVAC air treatment systems

It is important to select high-quality UV lamps from a reputable lamp manufacturer to obtain long-lasting, effective UV air sterilization performance. LightSources is recognized worldwide as an authority on UV lamp engineering and manufacturing, supporting OEMs large and small with proven UV lamp solutions.


LightSources Offers Proven UV Germicidal Lamp Solutions

The LightSources Group offers a wide selection of proven UV germicidal lamps with custom designed engineering available to meet your specific needs.  We follow a strict quality policy according to our ISO9001:2015 registration and are committed to improved, first to market lamp solutions. We have developed industry leading proprietary technology and patented lamp products which outlast and outperform comparable lamps.

Our UVC light bulb products include:

Low Pressure Amalgam – our low pressure Amalgam lamps which deliver up to three times the UVC radiation over comparable lamps all maintaining consistent performance and fluctuating temperature environments. Our Amalgam technology is designed to provide consistent output in applications ranging from 4° to 40°C and in higher temperature environments. 

Low Pressure Mercury Lamps – our low-pressure Mercury lamps are available in various styles such as standard quartz, compact quartz, high output and soft glass. Our low-pressure Mercury lamp technology is proven to outlast comparable lamps delivering up to 13,000 hours of consistent performance.

Medium Pressure Ultraviolet Lamps (MPUV) – medium pressure UV lamps by LightSources are available with custom designed phosphor blends to meet specific application requirements.

Custom designed lamp components, sleeves and ballasts – the LightSources Group offers custom designed UV lamp components designed for maximum protection with optimum UV radiation exposure.


The LightSources Group offers proven UVC germicidal solutions with a wide range of specially designed UVC lamps and components.  We provide custom engineering and prototype solutions from skilled engineers who understand UV technology. Contact us to speak with an engineer and learn more about our high performance UV sterilization lamps.

UV Lamp Supplier for UV Curing Systems

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UV curing systems are used worldwide in a number of commercial and industrial applications.  UV curing lamps are proven to be highly effective at improving the adhesion of inks, varnishes and coatings as well as strengthening polymer products. Ultraviolet radiation alters the molecular structure of various polyurethane coatings and polymers such as plastics, epoxies and silicone glue. 

Ultraviolet radiation is highly effective, safe and offers the quickest cure time available compared to other methods such as heat and air drying. UV lamps cure polymers and coatings within seconds of exposure for extremely quick cycle times which improves productivity and profitability.


Benefits of UV Curing over Other Methods

UV curing offers many benefits over other methods of drying and curing polymers. With UV curing, the process is instantaneous which eliminates the potential for contamination with dust and airborne particles which can occur with air drying methods. UV curing also eliminates the possibility of evaporation which can leave an uneven surface and some processes. Ultraviolet curing processes drastically improve the quality of products with consistent and reliable results.

UV curing is much safer than using chemicals to cure polymers as there is no need to purchase, store or dispose of toxic chemicals. This provides a safer environment for employees and eliminates potential environmental contamination.  UV curing provides many benefits to commercial and industrial applications which include:

  • Quickest processing time for improved productivity
  • Safe handling and processes with no harmful by products
  • Improved quality with consistent and reliable results
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Cost savings over other curing methods

UV curing offers these benefits and many more over other curing methods. It is important to utilize the right type of UV lamps which emit the proper wavelength to maximize effectiveness and benefits.


LightSources Group Offers High Quality UV Curing Lamps

The LightSources Group is recognized worldwide as a leading global supplier of UV lamps and lighting solutions. Our skilled engineers partner with you to choose the best lamps for your process and offer custom design solutions to meet your application needs.  Our UV lamps are found in a multitude of applications including UVC germicidal processes such as UV air treatment and UV water sterilization systems.

The LightSources Group includes the most advanced lighting engineers available in the industry. We offer high-tech, custom design solutions including custom phosphor blends and prototype lamp products. Contact us to learn more about our UV curing lamp products and solutions.

UV Lamp Suppliers for In-Duct Air Purification

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In duct air purification systems are gaining popularity worldwide due to an increasing awareness of health concerns and government regulations.  UV air treatment systems for HVAC equipment is proven to significantly improve air quality to improve health and wellness in many commercial, industrial and residential applications. UVC germicidal lamps eliminate harmful contaminants from the air such as bacteria, viruses, mildew, mold and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

UV In-duct air purification systems improve air quality for people in many environments such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Schools
  • Daycares
  • Industrial operations
  • Commercial properties
  • Residential homes

UV in duct air purification provides clean and healthy air to people in these environments and many others. Eliminating airborne germs is important in environments such as hospitals and nursing homes where people already have a compromised immune system.  It is important to select the right type of UV lamps for In-Duct HVAC air purification systems to achieve maximum air purification and sterilization with long-lasting effectiveness and energy efficiency.


LightSources Is a Leading UV Lamp Global Supplier

LightSources is a leading UV lamp global supplier offering a wide selection of UV lamps for use in a multitude of applications. Our UVC germicidal lamps are found in air purification and water sterilization systems worldwide.  We offer decades of experience in lighting engineers with in-depth understanding of ultraviolet technology.

The LightSources Group offers vast resources including a state-of-the-art glass factory and highly skilled engineers who design and develop first to market, patented lamps which outlast and outperform comparable products. We offer prototype solutions and custom designed phosphor blends to meet your application requirements.

LightSources offers the widest selection of UVC germicidal lamps for use in virtually any sterilization and purification system. Our lamps provide longer lasting, high-performance and energy efficient cost savings over comparable products. Contact us today to speak with an engineer about which UVC lamps are right for your UV air purification system.

Industry Trends Show an Increasing UV Lamp Market

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Industry trends show a steady increase in demand globally for UV lamps, which are specially designed to emit ultraviolet wavelengths within the spectrum of 10 nm to 400 nm. UV lamps are used in a number of applications such as:

  • UV germicidal lamps
  • UV air treatment systems
  • UV water treatment systems
  • UV curing lamps
  • UV tanning lamps
  • Phototherapy lamps

The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the UV lamp market is expected to register a double-digit increase from the period of 2019 to 2024.  The biggest driver of the growth in the market is attributed to an increase in industrial development and government regulations.  

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region accounts for a large percentage of the UV lamp market where high demand for UV curing lamps is expected to increase along with industrial development.  UV germicidal lamps are used in UV air purification systems, UV water sterilization and are in demand in the food and beverage and healthcare sector industries worldwide.

Trends in Global Air Purification Market

The global air purification market alone is expected to experience a growth rate of more than 32% during the period of 2018 to 2024.  Global air purification includes all technologies such as:

  • High efficiency particulate air (HEPA)
  • Activated carbon technology
  • Negative ion technology
  • UV air purification technology

North America accounted for the highest market share of air purification systems in 2017, although air purification in automobiles is higher in APAC regions.  Automobile manufacturers and worldwide government agencies are working together to promote technologies that will reduce harmful, toxic air. Increasing health concerns, a growing population with an increase to urbanization are all factors which contribute to an increased demand of both water and air purification which includes UVC germicidal lamp technology.

LightSources Is a Valued UV Lamp Supplier

The LightSources Group is recognized worldwide as a valuable supplier in the UV lamp market, supporting OEMs large and small. LightSources is registered to ISO9001:2015 and follows a strict quality control policy throughout the entire organization.  The LightSources Group includes LightSources in the United States and China, LightTech in Europe and several valuable partner companies such as Voltarc, Cerlux and LCD Lighting. 

LightSources offers prototype design and development from skilled engineers who possess in-depth expertise with UV technology and radiation.  We offer a wide product line of all types of UV lamps with custom designed solutions available.  

LightSources is a leading manufacturer of UV lamps found worldwide in several commercial and industrial applications. We offer custom design solutions and exceptional customer support including prototype design and development. Contact us to see how the LightSources Group will improve your supply chain with high-quality UV lamps delivered on time and within budget.

Unique Lamp Bases Custom Designed for You

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Custom designed lamp bases which match your company colors, logos or unique specifications can increase your product and brand awareness. OEMs worldwide performing industrial lamp applications such as UV germicidal processes, UV curing, UV air purification, water sterilization, tanning salons and more stand out from the crowd with custom lamp bases and matching lamp components. Set yourself apart from the competition with unique UV lamp bases and components coupled with long-lasting, high performance UV lamps.

Cerlux Offers Innovative Energy Efficient Solutions

Cerlux is a valued partner of the LightSources Group, offering high quality, customizable UV lamp solutions which meet your unique specifications. Cerlux offers a wide array of colors to choose from for your lamp bases including the option to match existing colors and logos.  Cerlux offers vast experience and in-depth expertise in specialty ceramic processes such as working with firing temperatures in excess of 1000°C. 

Cerlux follows the same strict quality policy as the LightSources Group for product and process quality control to deliver lamps solutions which outperform comparable products.   Environmentally friendly practices include green operations such as heating buildings and water with heat from the kiln. This is just one way that Cerlux shows a commitment to energy efficiency with innovative solutions. 

Cerlux Manufacturers Custom Lamp Bases and Components

Cerlux manufacturers electric insulators, washers, resistant grinding cylinders, tips and many additional products with a unique stamping process.  Cerlux is an industry leading manufacturer of lamp sockets and fittings using either a manual hand press or a fully automated process. A sophisticated glazing process provides lamp components in the color of your choice while offering superb protection.  

The LightSources Group is pleased to offer the valuable services and extensive product line of these high quality lamp fittings and components. We offer assistance and custom designed lighting solutions including miniature lamps, specialty fluorescent lamps, UVC germicidal lamps and lamps for virtually any lighting application.

The LightSources Group and our valued affiliated partners represent the leading high-tech lamp designers and engineers available in the industry today. We offer longer-lasting, energy efficient lamp solutions. Contact us to learn more about our proven lamp and lighting products including custom design lamp fittings and components.

Improve Tanning Results and Customer Satisfaction


Improve Tanning Results and Customer Satisfaction

Tanning salon professionals know that the key to customer satisfaction is quality tanning lamps which deliver deep color and long-lasting tanning effects.  Pleasing a variety of customers with different skin tones can be challenging without the right tanning lamps. Offering new and innovative tanning lamp technology improves customer satisfaction and promotes business growth.

Innovative Tanning Lamp Technology

Innovative tanning lamp technology is available from the LightSources Group, the recognized leading global supplier of high-tech, advanced lighting solutions. LightSources in the United States and LightTech in Europe deliver first to market, proprietary tanning lamps engineered with custom phosphor blends and an in-depth understanding of UV radiation.

The LightSources Group assists tanning salon professionals in developing customized lamps with your own logo and custom color bases to increase brand awareness. Tanning lamp solutions from LightSources are proven to outperform comparable products, delivering high performance, customer satisfaction and increased market share.

Choose from a wide selection of tanning lamp technologies and incorporate varying lamp styles to suit any and all tanning customers. Cutting edge tanning lamp technologies include:

Peak2 Technology® – this innovative tanning lamp delivers high emissions of UVA and UVB balanced in one phosphor. This tanning lamp provides maximum pigmentation effect with dual spectral peaks.

Multitone™ this proprietary tanning lamp technology delivers a natural and even tan without high-pressure facial units.

SolGlass® – this high tech tanning lamp is engineered with proprietary phosphor blend’s and advanced UV lamp technology. SolGlass combines narrow UVA band with shortwave UVB for quick pigmentation with long-lasting effects.

A-Power™ – this low-pressure tanning lamp is developed with advanced technology to provide long-lasting, deep color typically available only in high-pressure units.  

LightSources offers tanning lamps proven to outlast and outperform comparable products along with a wide selection of fluorescent and UV lamps solutions for a wide range of industries.  Our UVC germicidal lamps are utilized worldwide in water and air sterilization systems proven to instantly and eradicating harmful terms, viruses and contaminants. Our high-tech engineers are recognized as authorities on UV radiation including UVC ozone sterilization systems.

The LightSources Group offers lamp and lighting solutions with full OEM support to a multitude of industries and applications. We provide high performance lamps developed with cutting edge technology in full customer support. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative UV lamp solutions and cutting-edge tanning lamp technology.