Unique Lamp Bases Custom Designed for You

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Custom designed lamp bases which match your company colors, logos or unique specifications can increase your product and brand awareness. OEMs worldwide performing industrial lamp applications such as UV germicidal processes, UV curing, UV air purification, water sterilization, tanning salons and more stand out from the crowd with custom lamp bases and matching lamp components. Set yourself apart from the competition with unique UV lamp bases and components coupled with long-lasting, high performance UV lamps.

Cerlux Offers Innovative Energy Efficient Solutions

Cerlux is a valued partner of the LightSources Group, offering high quality, customizable UV lamp solutions which meet your unique specifications. Cerlux offers a wide array of colors to choose from for your lamp bases including the option to match existing colors and logos.  Cerlux offers vast experience and in-depth expertise in specialty ceramic processes such as working with firing temperatures in excess of 1000°C. 

Cerlux follows the same strict quality policy as the LightSources Group for product and process quality control to deliver lamps solutions which outperform comparable products.   Environmentally friendly practices include green operations such as heating buildings and water with heat from the kiln. This is just one way that Cerlux shows a commitment to energy efficiency with innovative solutions. 

Cerlux Manufacturers Custom Lamp Bases and Components

Cerlux manufacturers electric insulators, washers, resistant grinding cylinders, tips and many additional products with a unique stamping process.  Cerlux is an industry leading manufacturer of lamp sockets and fittings using either a manual hand press or a fully automated process. A sophisticated glazing process provides lamp components in the color of your choice while offering superb protection.  

The LightSources Group is pleased to offer the valuable services and extensive product line of these high quality lamp fittings and components. We offer assistance and custom designed lighting solutions including miniature lamps, specialty fluorescent lamps, UVC germicidal lamps and lamps for virtually any lighting application.

The LightSources Group and our valued affiliated partners represent the leading high-tech lamp designers and engineers available in the industry today. We offer longer-lasting, energy efficient lamp solutions. Contact us to learn more about our proven lamp and lighting products including custom design lamp fittings and components.


Improve Tanning Results and Customer Satisfaction


Improve Tanning Results and Customer Satisfaction

Tanning salon professionals know that the key to customer satisfaction is quality tanning lamps which deliver deep color and long-lasting tanning effects.  Pleasing a variety of customers with different skin tones can be challenging without the right tanning lamps. Offering new and innovative tanning lamp technology improves customer satisfaction and promotes business growth.

Innovative Tanning Lamp Technology

Innovative tanning lamp technology is available from the LightSources Group, the recognized leading global supplier of high-tech, advanced lighting solutions. LightSources in the United States and LightTech in Europe deliver first to market, proprietary tanning lamps engineered with custom phosphor blends and an in-depth understanding of UV radiation.

The LightSources Group assists tanning salon professionals in developing customized lamps with your own logo and custom color bases to increase brand awareness. Tanning lamp solutions from LightSources are proven to outperform comparable products, delivering high performance, customer satisfaction and increased market share.

Choose from a wide selection of tanning lamp technologies and incorporate varying lamp styles to suit any and all tanning customers. Cutting edge tanning lamp technologies include:

Peak2 Technology® – this innovative tanning lamp delivers high emissions of UVA and UVB balanced in one phosphor. This tanning lamp provides maximum pigmentation effect with dual spectral peaks.

Multitone™ this proprietary tanning lamp technology delivers a natural and even tan without high-pressure facial units.

SolGlass® – this high tech tanning lamp is engineered with proprietary phosphor blend’s and advanced UV lamp technology. SolGlass combines narrow UVA band with shortwave UVB for quick pigmentation with long-lasting effects.

A-Power™ – this low-pressure tanning lamp is developed with advanced technology to provide long-lasting, deep color typically available only in high-pressure units.  

LightSources offers tanning lamps proven to outlast and outperform comparable products along with a wide selection of fluorescent and UV lamps solutions for a wide range of industries.  Our UVC germicidal lamps are utilized worldwide in water and air sterilization systems proven to instantly and eradicating harmful terms, viruses and contaminants. Our high-tech engineers are recognized as authorities on UV radiation including UVC ozone sterilization systems.

The LightSources Group offers lamp and lighting solutions with full OEM support to a multitude of industries and applications. We provide high performance lamps developed with cutting edge technology in full customer support. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative UV lamp solutions and cutting-edge tanning lamp technology.

Improve Tanning Results with High Performance Tanning Lamps

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Tanning salon owners and managers are continually searching for the best tanning lamps which provide maximum results for happy customers.  Powerful, noticeable tanning results promote increased clientele with repeat and new customers. Successful tanning salons know that The LightSources Group is the lamp supplier with quality lamps for improved performance and increased customer satisfaction.

For more than thirty years, The LightSources Group has been recognized as a leading lamp manufacturer, delivering innovative lamps solutions.  LightSources in the United States and LightTech in Europe offer vast resources combined with skilled lamp designers who possess in-depth knowledge of ultraviolet (UV) technology.

LightSources Offers Patented UV Tanning Solutions

LightSources is committed to delivering innovative lamp and lighting solutions, with first to market, patented tanning lamp solutions.  Our wide selection of tanning lamps offers many options to accommodate different types of beds and skin tones. Our proprietary tanning lamp technology includes:


  • A-Power™ – achieve long lasting, darker pigmentation with high pressure lamps.
  • MultiTone™ – MultiTone technology delivers the power of three lamps in one for even tanning to different parts of the body.
  • SolGlass® – developed from research and development aimed at filtering out the best UV rays to deliver maximum tanning effects.
  • Peak2 Technology®designed with a proprietary blend of phosphors which allows UVA and UVB output in one lamp, it’s like two lamps in one.


LightSources is committed to providing the most advanced UV lamps and lighting solutions.  We offer a wide selection of specialty tanning lamps, UVC germicidal lamps and fluorescent lamp solutions used worldwide.  We support OEMs large and small with quick turnaround time on prototypes and custom designed lamp solutions.  

LightSources and LightTech represent the leading lamp manufacturers available today with innovative tanning lamp products and technology designed for maximum customer satisfaction.  Contact us today to learn more about our tanning lamp products and lamp solutions.

UV Phototherapy Lamps Help Treat Eczema

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Many people suffering from eczema are seeking relief from dry itchy patches of skin.  Eczema is a skin condition with no known cure, although many treatments are available to control bothersome symptoms.  Ointments, corticosteroids, and UV phototherapy lamps are all treatments which improve symptoms and control outbreaks.

A specialty phototherapy lamp delivers ultraviolet (UV) radiation at just the right wavelength for effective light therapy treatment.  Phototherapy should be delivered only the advice of a physician in a controlled setting. Some people may be prescribed a phototherapy lamp to take home and use under specific directions.  Light therapy is often helpful in controlling symptoms of people who live in the northern hemisphere that experience increased outbreaks during the winter months.

How Does Light Therapy Treat Eczema?

Light is emitted in wavelengths, divided by colors and measured with nanometers (nm).  Ultraviolet is broken into UVA, UVB and UVC wavelengths with UVA measuring between 315nm to 400nm and UVB measuring from 280nm to 315nm.  The narrow band of UVB light in the range of 310nm is specifically successful at treating eczema symptoms.  Narrow band UVB is effective by suppressing the overactive immune system to reduce inflammation and is the most common form of UV light therapy used to treat eczema.

UVA light is also used in conjunction with a medication to improve the skin’s ability to absorb the UVA rays.  Psoralen is often prescribed with UVA treatment to reach optimum absorption to improve eczema symptoms.

LightSources Offers UV Light Therapy Lamps

LightSources is a leading manufacturer of UV lamps used in phototherapy lamps to treat a host of medical conditions.  Phototherapy is proven effective at relieving symptoms of eczema, acne, vitiligo, psoriasis and other conditions such as depression.  Be sure to work with a reputable phototherapy lamp supplier to ensure the right amount of UVA, UVB or UVC exposure.

Using fluorescent lamps which are not designed to treat specific medications can make conditions worse and not produce the desired effect.  LightSources offers phototherapy lamps designed by skilled lamp engineers who understand the technology behind UV lamp radiation. We provide specialty lamps with custom phosphor blends to reach the maximum UV output for your specifications.  

LightSources and our valued partners offer high-tech lighting solutions that meet the required specifications for successful phototherapy results.  Contact us today to speak with an engineer and learn more about our UV phototherapy lamps.

Customized Lampholders and Wiring Devices

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Customizing lampholder components and wiring devices with high quality components provides long lasting benefits to companies both large and small.  Lighting and energy costs are a significant expense for any business, with cost-efficient energy solutions a concern for all business owners. Utilizing quality, customized lamp components in all lighting applications provides longer lasting performance with cost saving benefits.

Quality lighting products improve brand awareness, market share and revenue. OEMs who rely on lamp components as part of their supply base want quality products which are customizable and easily retrofitted.  The Kulka brand is known for high performance, reliable and long lasting lamp components, including:

  • Recessed Double Contact (RDC) lampholders
  • Miniature Bi-pin, Medium Bi-Pin Lampholders
  • Slim Line Lampholders
  • Various accessories and miscellaneous components

LightSources and Voltarc Offer Kulka Lamp Components

Voltarc is a valued partner of LightSources, bringing valuable expertise with quality lamp design and products including the Kulka product line.  Voltarc shares the same commitment to quality and delivering first to market high-quality lamp components through innovation and continual improvement.  This dedication to quality results in lamp bases and mating sockets which are proven to provide longer lasting high performance with cost savings over comparable brand names.

The TriLight Max™ series by Voltarc is designed with LongLife™ cup-cathode technology for high performance T8 through T12 fluorescent lamps and are compatible with the Kulka line of lampholders.  TriLight Max includes recessed double contact end caps for simple retrofitting with the lampholders by Kulka. Voltarc offers exceptional customer service, assisting with application analysis and design of current or new product developments.

The LightSources Group is recognized for delivering the latest in technologically advanced lamp components used across a broad range of applications worldwide.  Our lamps can be found in many applications including:

  • UV germicidal solutions for surface, water and air sterilization
  • All lighting solutions including fluorescent lamps and signs
  • Automotive lighting products
  • Aerospace lighting products
  • Electronics
  • Phototherapy lamp solutions

Our vast resources combined with specialized, exceptional customer service allow us to provide higher quality lamp products with quick turn around time, customized to your application.  Our proprietary technology and patented products are proven to provide long lasting, higher performance over comparable lamps. Lighting solutions by LightSources are proven to deliver improved performance combined with lower costs.  

LightSources and our valued partners, Cerlux, LCD Lighting, Voltarc and our European partner, LightTech, are recognized as the leading manufacturer of high quality lamps and components. We offer high quality, patented lighting solutions with customized lamp design and manufacturing available.  Contact us today to speak with an engineer and learn more about our wide product selection with custom lamp options.

Custom Designed Lampholders and Components


The LightSources Group includes LightSources in the United States and China, LightTech in Europe and valuable partner companies including LCD Lighting, Voltarc and Cerlux.  LightTech boasts a large, modern glass factory where custom designed products are developed and manufactured, Cerlux offers custom ceramic bases, LCDL offers any type of lighted sign available including indoor or outdoor illuminations while Voltarc is a leading supplier of custom designed lampholders engineered with proprietary technology for long lasting, high performance.

Voltarc provides custom lampholders for any lighting application engineered for high performance and maximum energy efficiency.  Voltarc offers cutting edge lampholder technology for long lasting cost saving efficiencies. With a wide selection of lamp sockets and matching bases, Voltarc is a valuable addition to the LightSources Group providing lamp and lighting solutions for any application to OEMs large and small worldwide.

Voltarc offers TriLight Max™, a specialty designed fluorescent lamp series providing high quality tri-band phosphors which are proven to yield maximum lumen output with exceptional color rendering.  The TriLightMax series provides simple retrofitting of Kulka Recessed Double Contact Lampholders with double contacts and recessed end caps. Voltarc provides lamp bases designed for reliability and safety and in many retrofitting processes.

Kulka Lampholders and Wiring Devices

Voltarc offers a wide selection of high performance lampholders designed in many styles within the Kulka product line.  Kulka is recognized for high quality combined with long lasting, high-performance. Voltarc offers the Kulka product line which includes the following:

    • Recessed Double Contacts (RDC) lampholders
    • Miniature bi-pin lampholders  
    • Slim line lampholders   
    • Medium bi-pin lampholders
    • Miscellaneous accessories and wiring devices

Voltarc provides high quality products following a strict quality policy focused on continual improvement through research and development.  Voltarc offers a multitude of lamp components and products with custom designed lamp solutions available from skilled engineers. The LightSources Group provides high quality lamps, lampholders and components used in virtually any lighting application including powerful UVC germicidal solutions used in surface, water and air sterilization systems worldwide.

The LightSources Group offers high performance lighting solutions for virtually any lighting application in any industry, including customized fluorescent and UVC germicidal lamps. We employ skilled design engineers with in-depth knowledge of UV radiation and lamp design. Contact us today to speak with an engineer to learn more about our high performance lamps and lamp components.

Custom Designed Lamp Bases and Sockets


The LightSources group includes the top leading manufacturers in the lamp and lighting industry in the world.  Our valued partners strive for total customer satisfaction with custom designed solutions engineered for your unique process.  Cerlux is a world leading manufacturer of ceramic bases and sockets, and a valuable addition to the LightSources group.

LightSources and our affiliated companies use only the highest quality components and follow a strict quality policy.  All parts are inspected prior to shipping to ensure customer satisfaction.

Experienced Manufacturer of Lamp Sockets and Bases 

Cerlux manufactures tips, washers, electric insulators, resistant grinding cylinders and many more lamp components.  Cerlux manufactures ceramic products with a high temperature kiln reaching 1,000°, using the heat from the kiln to heat the building and water supply.   As with all LightSources partners, Cerlux places high value on green operations, manufacturing with energy efficient operations.

The glazing process of ceramics production is typically with a white glaze, although Cerlux offers endless color choices with custom color options for your lamp bases, even matching your own logo color.  Raise your own brand awareness and increase your market share with lamp products designed for proprietary distribution.  Cerlux produces custom bases with either fully automated processes or a hand-press when required to produce high quality parts that meet your specifications.

Contact LightSources today to find out how you can gain your competitive advantage with custom designed and manufactured lamps bases, sockets and components. If you need special design or engineering, LightSources will work with you to develop a custom solution that will fit your needs.  We can create custom phosphor blends with additives to achieve the exact wavelength of UV output you require and match that lamp with Cerlux custom color bases for a truly unique product.

LightSources and our affiliated companies represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today.  Our team consists of the most highly skilled professionals that specialize in a range of innovative solutions.  Please contact us to learn more about our broad range of standard and custom lighting solutions.

Learn the Benefits of Shatter Protech Lamp Protection

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LightSources in the United States and LightTech in Europe are recognized as the leading suppliers of lighting solutions, providing ultraviolet and fluorescent technology for a multitude of applications.  Dedicated to continual research and development, the LightSources group has developed several patented products and proprietary technologies to enhance lamp performance, customer satisfaction, safety and energy saving green processes.

Our patented shatterproof technology is engineered to contain any broken glass or hazardous mercury that may pose a health hazard in the case of breakage.  Our shatterproof technology is available in virtually any of our lamps in any shape or size including compact PL’s, U-Shaped, linear, circular and many other types and styles.

Shatter Protech Adds Value in Food and Beverage Industry 

Shatter Protech provides many benefits including:

Energy Efficient Design

Our Shatter Protech technology is designed to not inhibit any UV emissions while providing maximum energy efficiency and UV transmission.  Shatter Protech is desirable in restaurants and food buffets to protect consumable food and consumers in the event of a broken bulb.

Employee Protection

Shatter Protech also protects employees when UV lights are used in commercial and industrial settings such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, hospitals and schools, ensuring the safety of your workforce.

Water Protection

Shatter Protech protects aqua life in aquariums and fish hatcheries, promoting healthy wildlife and keeps water safe in water and air purification systems.

FDA Approved 

Shatter Protech is compliant with all food safety regulations and is FDA approved, providing added assurances that your lighting system with Protech protection still meets all code requirements.

LightSources and our affiliated companies represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today.  Our team consists of the most highly skilled professionals that specialize in a range of innovative solutions.  Please contact us to learn more about our broad range of standard and custom lighting solutions.

Proven Lamp and Lighting Prototype Solutions


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The LightSources group offers in-depth knowledge of ultraviolet (UV) energy and fluorescent lighting to provide advanced technology to OEMs around the globe.  We work with manufacturers large and small to assist in design and engineering of new projects or renovations of current lighting processes.  Our vast resources include LightSources in the U.S. and China, LightTech which boasts a state-of-the-art glass factory in Europe, and several valued partners such as Cerlux which manufactures custom components, LCD Lighting which specializes in miniature fluorescent lamps, and Voltarc, the leader in lighted sign applications.

Our team of experienced engineers provide expertise in developing your project with optimum lighting solutions at the proper wavelength, or nanometer (nm) in either ozone free or ozone generating designs.

Prototype Solutions Developed for Your Patented Property

LightSources partners with you early in your project to develop the most beneficial design for your application.  We provide extensive research and development to assist OEMs worldwide in developing your own patented products to enhance brand awareness and gain market share.  We provide custom lamps and lighting solutions to virtually any lighting application including:

  • Proprietary tanning lamps
  • UV lamps for curing polymers, inks and coatings
  • UVC germicidal lamps for sterilization and purification
  • Specialty fluorescent lamps for neon signs
  • Mini-fluorescent lamps used in avionic display and backlighting
  • UV lamps for screen printing applications

With our global resources including experienced engineers and designers, we offer superior lighting solutions and lamp products at the most affordable cost available.   Our knowledgeable engineers provide reverse engineering, custom designed lamps, and sockets and bases in any color combination.

LightSources and our experienced, valued partners are recognized as leaders among high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today.  Contact us today to learn more about our wide selection of standard lamps, or speak to our skilled engineers for custom designed lighting solutions. 

Custom and Unique Lamp Bases Designed Your Way



LightSources and our valued partner, Cerlux, offer the most customizable lighting solutions available in the industry today.  Cerlux provides matching sockets and lamp components specific to your unique lamp products including tanning, germicidal and fluorescent lamps.  No matter the lamp application, Cerlux has the right solution for you.

Cerlux is a leading manufacturer of custom bases, with matching lamp components and sockets designed with your unique logo.  By designing your lamp bases and sockets with your own logo, we help you to set yourself apart from the competition and increase your brand awareness.  Cerlux offers a wide array of color choices, with the option to custom create your own color to match your logo perfectly.

Cerlux Manufacturers High Quality Lamp Sockets and Bases

Cerlux manufacturers tips, washers, electric insulators, resistant grinding cylinders, and many more products with a unique stamping process.  Utilizing either a fully automated process or operating a manual hand-press, Cerlux leads the industry with high quality manufacturing of lamp fittings and sockets.  Cerlux adheres to strict quality processes to ensure high performing, long lasting products.

Cerlux has vast experience with specialty ceramic processes, firing at temperatures exceeding 1,000°C.  Cerlux operates with energy efficient, green practices, using the heat from our kiln to heat our water and buildings.  Our glazing process protects the lamp components, and is available in any color of your choice.

Cerlux is a valuable addition to the LightSources group, adding value to our extensive lineup of high quality lamp components.   Skilled engineers are ready to take your call to assist with any lighting solution, including specialty fluorescent lamps, miniature lighting solutions, UVC germicidal lamps, tanning lamps, and virtually any lighting application.

Our vast resources allow for fast turnaround on prototype and production runs.  Contact the LightSources group today to more about our custom designed and manufactured lamp components, bases and sockets.

LightSources and our affiliated companies represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today.  Our team consists of the most highly skilled professionals that specialize in a range of innovative solutions.  Please contact us to learn more about our broad range of standard and custom lighting solutions.