Improve Adhesion with UV Curing



Ultraviolet (UV) radiation causes a photochemical reaction to occur when exposed to certain polymers such as epoxies, polyurethane and silicone glue, which instantly dries and cures the polymer. This photochemical reaction occurs quickly, in a matter of seconds upon exposure to the specialty UV lamps.

Benefits of UV Curing

There are many benefits provided with UV curing when compared to other methods such as air drying and application of chemical solutions. UV curing offers the fastest cure time over these other methods, improving cycle times and product throughput.  Companies that utilize UV curing in their process experience an increase in productivity and profitability.

UV radiation also improves the quality of products with a stronger, more durable bond. With instant curing, there is no time for evaporation which occurs with air drying leaving an uneven and often contaminated surface. UV lamps drastically improve product quality while increasing productivity.

With UV lamps for curing, there is no need to purchase and store harmful chemicals, offering a safer work environment for employees.  UV curing lamps provide many cost-saving benefits with very low maintenance.

LightSources Offers UV Curing Lamps with High-Performance at a Low Cost 

The LightSources Group is a leading global supplier of specialty fluorescent and UV lamps used in a multitude of applications around the globe. Our vast resources include a sprawling modern glass factory in Europe where we conduct continual research and development to provide innovative lighting solutions. We offer patented products developed with proprietary technology from our highly skilled lighting engineers, focused on providing energy savings coupled with long-lasting high performance.

With our vast resources we are able to provide high-performing lamps, with quick turnaround at the lowest available cost.  We are a valuable addition to any supply chain, supporting industrial processes such as graphic design, screen printing, and improving product quality of critical components utilized in the automotive and aerospace industries.

The LightSources Group consists of the industry’s most advanced lighting engineers, recognized as leaders among high-tech lamp designers and manufacturers.  We provide a wide range of solutions utilizing UV technology, including UV lamps for curing and germicidal applications. Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable engineer and to learn more about our effective and cost-efficient UV lamps for curing. 


UVC Radiation for Effective Air Purification


UVC germicidal lamps emit UV radiation between 100 nanometer (nm) and 280 nm with specialty germicidal lamps transmitting UV wavelengths at the most effective 254 nm. UVC wavelength in the 254 nm range is extremely effective at instantly killing viruses and bacteria in air, water and on surfaces. Ozone producing UVC germicidal lamps emit UVC radiation below 220 nm which is necessary to decompose oxygen, O², which produces ozone, O³.  Ozone producing germicidal lamps are extremely effective and water purification systems and even eliminating odor in the air caused by airborne microorganisms.

UVC germicidal lamps target the DNA, or nucleic acid of the cells in the harmful bacteria and viruses, destroying them beyond the ability to reproduce which renders them dead and ineffective.

LightSources Provides UVC Germicidal Lamps for Air Purification

The LightSources Group leads the industry and specialty lamp design, engineering and manufacturing. Our Low-Pressure Mercury Discharge and Medium-Pressure Mercury Discharge lamps are used in air purification systems worldwide, providing clean and sterile air to promote health and wellness. Our Low-Pressure Mercury Discharge lamps are similar to a fluorescent lamp accept it is manufactured of soda – lime glass or quartz which allows the most effective UVC wavelength to pass in the lamp.

Our Medium-Pressure Mercury Discharge lamps are similar to a high intensity discharge (HID) lamp which emits UVC radiation in a broadband rather than a single line.  Quartz germicidal lamps produce nearly double the UVC radiation emitted was standard germicidal lamps and are configured for T5 or T6 with 15mm and 19mm OD.

The LightSources Group has developed proprietary Amalgam UVC germicidal technology which provides increased stability during long-term operation.

The LightSources group consists of the leading high-tech lamp designers, engineers and manufacturers available today. We deliver innovative lighting solutions with first to market products which provide long-lasting life and energy savings with cost-efficient products. Contact us today to learn more about our UVC germicidal lamps for purification and sterilization systems.

Make Sure Your Ballast Water Treatment System is USCG Approved

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The Ballast Water Treatment Convention is what governs the responsibility of the shipping industry, specifically how ships traveling through international waters treat their ballast water. The Ballast Water Treatment Convention (BWTC) established new standards effective September 2017 to address this issue which is considered one of the greatest threats to our planet’s oceans. The BWTC is enforced by the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), a subsidiary of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

According to the most recent BWTC, all ships must be equipped with an effective ballast water treatment system that is approved by the United States Coast Guard (USCG).

The Threat of Ships’ Ballast Water

When ships sail through international waters they hold ocean water in their ballast for balance depending on the weight of their cargo.  When delivering cargo in a foreign port, they will take on ballast water to compensate for the loss of weight and provide balance when sailing to their next destination.  When picking up cargo in one port, they may release their ballast water to allow for the additional weight.

By releasing oceanic water into a foreign port, the ships’ ballast water also releases aquatic organisms which invade the foreign port, often with catastrophic consequences. Lifeforms such as mussels, clams, jellyfish, crabs, and many microorganisms including viruses and bacteria which are naked to the human eye invade foreign waters without the safeguard of their natural predators from their home environment. This allows the invading species to multiply, jeopardizing the health and wellness of fish and aquatic lifeforms and even threatens the health of human life inland.

Invading foreign mussels have nearly shut down dams and power plants when allowed to multiply uncontrollably, causing a great risk to the people living in these areas. Jellyfish have been known to destroy fishing industries when invading foreign ports and without their natural predators can be nearly impossible to eradicate.

There is no question that the terms of the new BWTC are established to protect the environment, the sustainability of our world’s oceans and the people that live near these ports that depend upon the fishing industry for their livelihood.

LightSources Provides Ballast Water Treatment Systems with USCG Approval

The LightSources Group consists of the leading high-tech designers of fluorescent and UV lamps designed to harness powerful UVC radiation which quickly and effectively purifies and sterilizes water, air and surfaces.  Our UVC germicidal lamps are utilized and water purification systems around the globe, providing clean and safe drinking water and improving the environment with healthy, clean and sterilized water. UVC radiation successfully eradicates viruses and bacteria eliminating the risk of foreign invading species taking hold in a new port.

LightSources is dedicated to bringing innovative lamps and lighting solutions to the UVC germicidal industry, with patented products and proprietary technology based on continual research and development. Our Low Pressure (LP) Amalgam lamps provide a compact footprint which is convenient in the tight spaces of the ships ballast area and provides 30 to 35% increased efficiency over comparable lamps. Our Medium Pressure (MPUV) germicidal lamps provide an even more compact footprint which is ideal on smaller ships. We utilize proprietary LongLife™ technology designed for optimum germicidal effectiveness with the most effective wavelength at 254 nanometer (nm).

The LightSources Group is recognized as a leading global supplier of UVC germicidal solutions, improving air and water quality around the globe.  Contact us today to speak with an experienced lighting engineer regarding our superior UVC germicidal lamps for ballast water treatment systems.

Get Relief from Eczema with UV Light Therapy

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For those suffering from Eczema, finding relief from the itchy patches of dry skin is at the top of their list.  While there is no known cure for eczema, there are many treatments out there in the form of corticosteroids, ointments and the UV light therapy lamp.  Ultraviolet (UV) light delivered in wavelengths of UVB, narrow band UVB and UVA is proven to be effective at controlling outbreaks and improving the bothersome symptoms of eczema.

Light therapy, also referred to as phototherapy, is delivered in a controlled environment such as a doctor’s office with a specialty light therapy lamp or may be prescribed for home use under a doctor’s care.  Some patients may notice an improvement in their eczema during the summer, these patients are more likely to respond with positive results from phototherapy.  If outbreaks are worse in the winter months for those living in the northern hemisphere, a UV phototherapy lamp can help to control symptoms for these patients.

How Does Phototherapy Help Eczema?

Light is divided into colors, emitted in wavelengths which is measured in nanometers (nm).  Ultraviolet light in the UVA spectrum of 315nm to 400nm, and UVB light in the range of 280nm to 315nm, with narrow band UVB at 310nm are proven to successfully treat eczema.  UV light therapy brings relief to patients by successfully reducing inflammation and suppressing the overactive immune system.

The narrow band UVB lamp is the most common phototherapy lamp prescribed to treat most types of eczema.  The narrow band UVB eczema lamp provides UV radiation in wavelengths which mimic the sun to aid in clearing up eczema symptoms and preventing outbreaks.

Psoralen is a medication used during UVA treatments which helps to prepare the skin to absorb the UV therapy to the optimum level.

LightSources Offers Effective and Cost-Efficient Phototherapy Lamps

LightSources and our European partner, LightTech, design, develop and manufacture some of the most effective and cost-efficient lighting solutions available today.  We invest in continual research and development, bringing cutting edge technology in advanced UV lighting solutions to market.  Our lamps are used in a multitude of applications around the globe.

Our skilled lighting engineers possess in-depth knowledge of UV lamp manufacturing to obtain the optimum wavelength desired for many germicidal applications.  All lamps are not made the same and using the wrong type of lamp could actually damage your skin or worsen conditions. You can count on our years of experience as we understand the technology that goes into manufacturing every lamp.

LightSources and our valued partners offer high-tech lighting solutions that meet the required specifications for successful phototherapy results.  Contact us today to speak with an engineer and learn more about our UV phototherapy lamps.

Light Therapy Lamps Offer Many Healing Benefits

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Therapy using light is referred to as phototherapy and offers many healing benefits bringing hope to people suffering from a number of medical conditions.  Ultraviolet (UV) light is emitted in wavelengths and measured in nanometers, with the various areas on the spectrum having very specific properties. It is critically important to use the right phototherapy lamp for your condition, with the optimum type of UV light emitted in the proper wavelength, specific for your condition.

Working with a reputable lamp manufacturer with knowledge of UV technology will ensure that you are getting exactly what you need to obtain successful results.

LightSources Is an Experienced Manufacturer of Light Therapy Lamps

The LightSources Group consists of the most advanced lamp and lamp component manufacturers today, with vast global resources and skilled design engineers with in-depth knowledge of all aspects regarding fluorescent and UV technology. We design and manufacture light therapy lamps used to treat a host of medical conditions including newborn jaundice, skin conditions and mood disorders such as depression.

Medical therapy lamps treat newborn babies born with jaundice due to the under development of their liver.  UV lights, or Bili-lights as they are called, help to break down excessive bilirubin and toxins in the body to nurture liver development. In some cases, these lights can be sent home with new parents to treat their babies at home.

UV light therapy is also a very popular form of treatment and is highly effective to treat a number of skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. UVB rays emitted at the proper wavelength are proven an effective treatment for psoriasis as they help to slow down new skin cell production, allowing the area to heal. UV lights relieve inflamed and itchy skin to people suffering with eczema, and also treat acne with antibacterial UV germicidal effects.

LightSources and our European partner, LightTech, combined with our valued partner companies provide vast resources with in-depth knowledge of all aspects regarding fluorescent and UV technology. We design and manufacture long-lasting, high-performing light therapy lamps to provide healing and well-being to people suffering with a wide range of conditions treatable with phototherapy lamps.

Phototherapy Lamps Offer Treatment for Acne

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Phototherapy lamps have long been used for many medical purposes and are becoming more popular as a proven treatment to help people suffering from acne.  Acne is the most widely reported skin condition affecting people in the United States including nearly 85% of the adolescent population. When acne is severe and persists into adulthood, millions of people can even experience scarring.

Most people see a dermatologist and begin with conventional treatment methods such as retinoids and antibiotics, although these may present with a harsh drying of the skin from topical lotions, or the development of a resistance to antibiotics which could pose a real danger later in life. More and more people and doctors are recognizing the benefits of a light therapy acne lamp, which is proven to kill bacteria and improve skin condition without harmful or bothersome side effects.

LightSources Offers Medical Phototherapy Lamps Specific for Your Condition

LightSources is a leading designer and manufacturer of lighting solutions, utilizing vast resources with decades of experience to provide innovative lamps and components for use in a multitude of industries, including medical phototherapy. Our skilled design engineers understand the technology behind Ultraviolet radiation with the expertise to provide the optimum solution for your condition.  Blue light and red light used in combination has been proven to be an effective treatment method for acne to prevent new breakouts and alleviate current symptoms.

Light is broken down into colors and wavelengths measured in nanometers, with varying areas of the spectrum providing specific benefits. For example, blue light measured at 415 nm is proven to have an antibacterial effect which prevents further breakouts by killing bacteria, while red light measured at 600 to 700 nm is proven to soothe inflammation and stimulate healing and repair through cell regeneration.

Not all UV or fluorescent lights are made the same, as you can see it is critically important to be sure that your lamp emits the proper wavelength for healing benefits. You can do more harm than good by using the wrong type of lights in the wrong situation. Be sure to work with your doctor and purchase your lamps from a reputable manufacturer such as the LightSources Group.

Our medical phototherapy lamps are designed from skilled engineers with expertise and an in-depth understanding of the health benefits available with UV technology.

The LightSources Group is recognized as a leading global manufacturer and designer of high-performing fluorescent lamps and UV lighting solutions. We offer a wide selection of standard lamps with custom designed services available from our skilled engineers. Contact us today for more information on our lamp products and solutions including our superior light therapy lamp for acne.

Lamp Holders and Wiring Devices Customized to Your Specifications


LightSources and our valued partner companies represent the world’s leading manufacturers and designers of fluorescent lamps, including miniature fluorescent lamps, tanning lamps and UV technology.   we offer vast resources with presence on three continents, North America, Asia and Europe, featuring LightTech’s state-of-the-art glass factory in Hungary. These combined resources utilized in conjunction with continual research and development from our skilled engineers allow us to deliver innovative solutions to the lighting industry with proprietary technology and patented products.

Voltarc is a LightSources valued partner, and a leading supplier in the lighted sign industry offering a wide selection of standard components with skilled engineers available to provide custom designed sign solutions. The Kulka brand name is synonymous with high quality lamp components, adding to our outstanding reputation with more than 150 years of expertise in wiring devices, outlets, sockets, lampholders and high intensity discharge.  Kulka components and lampholders are compatible with the Trilight Max™ series from Voltarc, manufactured with recessed double contact end caps providing a simple retrofit to lampholders by Kulka. Voltarc provides innovative lamp sockets and mating bases designed to deliver high-performance with long-lasting durability of the lowest-cost available to you.

Voltarc is committed to continual improvement with forward thinking problem solving and innovation, mimicking the LightSources Group’s philosophy and ISO compliant quality system.

The following high-performance lamp products are available in the Kulka line:

  • Recessed Double Contact (RDC) lampholders
  • Slim Line Lampholders
  • Medium and miniature bi-pin lampholders
  • Various miscellaneous components and accessories

Cerlux Provides Custom Designed Bases

Add to your custom-designed lighting solutions with custom-designed ceramic lamp bases manufactured specifically for your system. Cerlux is a valued partner to the LightSources Group offering custom-designed bases in the color of your choice, even matched to your logo for enhanced brand awareness.

For a completely custom-designed sign, lamp or lighting solution guaranteed to provide long-lasting high-performance while increasing your brand awareness, contact the LightSources group today. We provide fluorescent lamps in all shapes and sizes for any lighting application, with skilled design engineers knowledgeable in all aspects of UV technology.

LightSources and our valued partner companies – Cerlux, Voltarc, LCD Lighting and our European partner LightTech, represent the leading manufacturers and high-tech designers in the lamp industry today. Our products are found across a multitude of industries and applications worldwide, providing OEM oriented solutions.

UV Curing Instantly Cures and Strengthens Polymers


Ultraviolet (UV) technology is used across a multitude of commercial and industrial applications to instantly cure polymers in seconds.  UV radiation causes a photochemical reaction on polymers such as polyurethane, epoxies, and silicone glue by instantly curing, drying, sealing or bonding within seconds of exposure to UV light.

UV curing has several advantages over other treatment methods such as chemicals or air drying. Due to the speed in which ultraviolet light cures polymers, there is no time for the evaporation of inks and coatings. UV curing provides a more consistent process resulting in a higher quality product over drying methods.  UV methods for curing polymers offers many advantages over the use of chemical drying agents as well. UV curing quickly seals polymers without the use of harmful chemicals, providing a safer workplace for employees and eliminating the need to store or dispose of chemicals.

UV curing provides a consistent process, resulting in enhanced product strength and durability for higher quality product, without contamination from particles in the air or the use of chemicals.

LightSources Provides Ultraviolet Lamps for UV Curing Systems

LightSources and our European partner, LightTech, are leading global suppliers of UV lamps used in a multitude of industrial, commercial and government applications. We offer decades of experience with skilled design engineers knowledgeable in all aspects of ultraviolet radiation technology. Our lamps are used across a multitude of industries for UV curing processes including automotive, aerospace, graphic design, screen printing and many others.

We partner with OEMs to understand your specific requirements to provide the right type of UV lamp that will get you optimum performance. Ultraviolet light is measured in wavelengths known as nanometers, nm, which provide various functions when emitted at different levels. Ultraviolet light can be broken down into UVA, UVB and UVC, each with specific properties to enhance various processes.

LightSources has the expertise to provide the perfect lamp to generate the outcome that you desire no matter the scope of your project. Our lamps are used in UV curing systems around the world to improve the quality and productivity in many industrial processes. We also provide UVC germicidal lamps to a wide range of applications worldwide, enhancing the safety and well-being of people everywhere with air, water and surface sterilization.

LightSources and our valued partner companies are the leading global high-tech lamp designers, providing the most advanced warehouse and lighting solutions available today. We have decades of expertise and in-depth knowledge of the technology behind UV radiation to provide the optimum lamp style for your process. Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable engineer about the UV curing solution that meets your specifications.

Gain Market Share with Proprietary UV Germicidal Lamps

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Customized UV germicidal lamps made specifically for your process give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.  The LightSources Group offers patented UV lamps designed with proprietary technology, customized to your application even touting your logo with matching colors for uniqueness. Our skilled design engineers partner with you to provide a total lighting solution, designed to provide effective UV solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

LightSources provides proprietary solutions in our large line of tanning lamps, specialty fluorescent lamps and UV germicidal lamps.  We are committed to the success of our clients, offering exceptional ongoing customer service.

LightSources Offers Proprietary UVC Germicidal Lamps 

LightSources offers proprietary UVC germicidal lamps used in a multitude of sterilization systems to disinfect and purify water, air and surfaces. The highly effective disinfection properties of UV radiation make it a vital component in numerous applications for medical, commercial, industrial and government industries.  UV technology is used to sterilize medical equipment, to purify the air in hospitals, to eradicate bacteria in food displays and grocery stores, and to sterilize water in numerous water treatment systems.

OEMs in these industries are faced with a competitive market place where providing quality products for less costs is necessary for sustainability and growth. The LightSources Group includes a modern glassworks factory in Europe with our partner, LightTech, where we conduct continual research and development bringing innovative products to market.  We offer these products to you customized for your own proprietary solutions, helping you to increase your market share with enhanced brand awareness.

Benefits of Proprietary UV Germicidal Solutions 

Proprietary solutions by LightSources provides many benefits.  We partner with you from the beginning to develop your custom designed solution, ensuring that the most optimum type and style of UV lamp is used for your process in the most energy efficient manner.  The LightSources Group offers experienced and custom-designed solutions from skilled engineers with in-depth understanding of harnessing the power of UV technology.

We design a custom UV germicidal solution, with 3-D model rendering providing a custom-designed purification or sterilization system with proprietary lamps touting your logo colors.  We assist you with applying for the Patent and Trademark designation, working with you from start to finish to ensure your success.

LightSources and our valued partners provide customized UVC germicidal solutions, ensuring the success of your project while improving your brand awareness, sales and profit.  Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable engineer for customized lighting solutions.  

Is Your Ballast Water Treatment System USCG Approved?

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With the new Ballast Water Treatment Convention (BWTC) taking effect September of 2017, all ships traveling through international waters must have a ballast water treatment system on board that meets US Coast Guard Approval.  The main goal of the BWTC is to establish standards for treating ships’ ballast water, addressing a growing concern which is one of the greatest threats to the world’s oceans.

The Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) enforces the BWTC, which is a subsidiary of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).  When ships drop cargo and pick up ballast water in one port, then sail across the ocean and drop their ballast water in a foreign port, foreign invading aquatic organisms take hold with sometimes catastrophic consequences. These aquatic lifeforms may have had natural predators to keep balance within their natural ecosystem, but multiply uncontrollably in a new environment.

When lifeforms such as jellyfish, clams, crabs, mussels and various viruses and bacteria naked to the human eye are released into a foreign environment, they threaten the health and well-being of the marine life, and also the people that live in these areas. For example, invading mussels have attached themselves to power plants and dams, proving nearly impossible to eradicate and posing a great risk to the people inland.  Jellyfish have taken over fishing ports destroying the industry and livelihood of entire towns.

The new terms of the Ballast Water Treatment Convention address what is recognized as one of the greatest threats to the sustainability of our planet’s oceans.

LightSources Offers Proven Solutions for Ballast Water Treatment Systems

The LightSources Group offers solutions for Ballast Water Treatment Systems, providing UVC germicidal lamps and components proven extremely effective at purifying and sterilizing water and surfaces, eliminating harmful contaminants. UV radiation is successful at eradicating bacteria and viruses naked to the human eye, eliminating the risk of contamination and infestation of harmful microorganisms.

We are dedicated to continual improvement through research and development, bringing innovative lighting solutions to market which offer longer-lasting high-performance with energy-saving features. We offer Low Pressure (LP) Amalgam lamps which operate with 30 to 35% more efficiency than comparable lamps, with a compact footprint convenient in tight spaces.

Our proprietary technology, LongLife™, provides superior germicidal effectiveness at the optimal 254 nanometer (nm) wavelength. The LightSources group also provides a Medium Pressure (MPUV) germicidal lamp with an even smaller footprint ideal on smaller vessels.

The LightSources Group is a leading global lamp designer and manufacturer, providing effective UV sanitation to air and water applications. Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable engineer and to learn more about our proven solutions for ballast water treatment systems that meet US Coast Guard approval.