UV HVAC Systems for Hospitals and Homes


Ultraviolet light is a powerful disinfectant, sterilizing surfaces, water and air in many environments.  The power of UVC radiation was discovered decades ago and UVC lamps are now found in many sterilization applications, providing quick, effective and cost-efficient sterilization solutions.  The ability for UV light to kill pathogens in air and water was proven scientifically early in the 20th century.  UV lamps have been used in air treatment systems in hospitals since the 1930’s to prevent the spread of diseases including tuberculosis and measles. 

UVC Lamps Kill Many Viruses and Bacteria

UVC lamps replicate the powerful UV electromagnetic radiation from the sun, proven to eliminate harmful viruses, bacteria and pathogens in air and surface sterilization systems.  UVC germicidal lamps are proven to be effective against many types of viruses including influenza (flu), rhinoviruses (common cold), severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).   UV light also eliminates bacteria such as many variations of Streptococcus including Staphylococcus aureus (Staph infection). 

UVC lamps, when properly installed in HVAC systems, are known to prevent the spread of airborne illnesses by destroying viruses on contact.  UV HVAC systems are also known as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) systems and target air contaminants like viruses, bacteria and mold spores.  UV light has the ability to penetrate the DNA of these living organisms and render them unable to replicate which leaves them harmless. 

Commercial and Residential Benefits of UV Lamps in HVAC Systems 

Hospitals and many commercial and industrial applications have been using UV air sterilization systems for decades to disinfect potentially dangerous environments.  UV HVAC systems used in hospitals help to prevent the spread of airborne illnesses in patient rooms, operating rooms and common areas.  UV lamps can be installed in the main HVAC unit aimed at the coils to prevent the spread of contaminants through your heating and cooling system as well as in air ducts.  Stand alone units can be placed in patient bathrooms for further protection in areas known to spread bacteria and viruses. 

UV HVAC systems are becoming more popular in residential homes as many people become aware of the benefits and the ease in which you can disinfect the air in your home.  This is very beneficial to people with compromised immune systems or underlying health conditions, especially respiratory illnesses like asthma.  

UVC Lamps for HVAC Units

Using the proper UVC germicidal lamps with proper installation is key to achieve maximum benefit.  LightSources understands UVC radiation and how to harness the most effective, germ-killing wavelength for maximum germicidal effectiveness.  We offer a wide range of UV germicidal lamps including medium output lamps, high output lamps patented amalgam technology and custom, specialty designed lamps.  LightSources is a valuable supplier of high quality lamps, bases and sockets to OEMs worldwide. 

LightSources is recognized as a leader in UVC germicidal lamp solutions, with a wide range of products to meet any sterilization requirement.  We design, engineer and manufacture UV lamps with custom phosphor blends and high quality lamp components.  Contact us to learn more about our UV germicidal solutions including surface, water and air purification. 


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