Ultraviolet Light Key in Disinfecting Hospitals

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Ultraviolet light has long been known to provide powerful disinfecting properties and is now more than ever a hot topic to sterilize hospitals, operating rooms and medical equipment.  Hospital acquired infections (HAIs) are a real concern, especially in the midst of a global pandemic where hospitals are treating highly contagious people with serious disease.  Cleaning and sterilizing hospital rooms and equipment is critical to prevent the spread of disease through airborne viruses and contaminated surfaces. 

UV Light Kills Viruses on Surfaces

UV light is proven to kill viruses, bacteria and airborne contaminants when using UVC germicidal lamps for air treatment systems, designed to emit the proper wavelength of light.  UV light from the sun is emitted in UVA, UVB or UVC wavelengths, with UVC being the most powerful form of germicidal electromagnetic radiation.  UVC light from the sun is mostly absorbed by the ozone layer, although scientists and lighting specialists have designed UVC lamps which mimic the powerful, germ-killing wavelengths.  

UVC germicidal lamps are used in UV surface sterilization equipment to treat hospital equipment, surfaces, beds and entire hospital rooms.  Scientists have even developed robots which roam through a hospital room and effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses on contact.  According to this article in Hospital News, UVC light emitted at the right wavelength can kill the MRSA bacteria in 1.2 minutes at a 5 ft. distance.  Hospitals use UVC disinfection in many types of surface sterilization equipment including portable units and UV germicidal robots. 

LightSources Offers Quality UVC Germicidal Lamps

LightSources offers a wide range of UVC germicidal lamps used in many types of disinfection equipment and applications.  The lighting engineers at LightSources design and engineer powerful, effective and cost-efficient UV lamps for a wide range of applications.  We supply OEMs worldwide with high quality germicidal lamps used in water, surface and air purification systems

LightSources is recognized as a leading supplier of UV lamps, supporting OEMs worldwide with effective and efficient UVC germicidal solutions. We offer custom designed lamp components, bases and sockets to meet your specific requirements. Contact us with any questions and to speak with an engineer about improving your UVC germicidal lamp supply base. 

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