Germicidal UVC Lamps Protect Food with Irradiation

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Food irradiation has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 1963 as a safe method of eliminating foodborne pathogens and controlling spoilage. Food irradiation was first approved by the FDA to eliminate insects in flour and wheat.  The FDA and USDA have since approved UV germicidal food irradiation (UVGI) to treat vegetables, fruits, spices, red meats and raw poultry.

The FDA regulates food irradiation in the United States. UVGI is also endorsed by the American Medical Association and the World Health Organization.  Food irradiation provides many benefits in the food and beverage industry with germicidal UVC lamps eliminating harmful microorganisms on food products, surfaces and water/beverage systems.  

What are the Benefits of Food Irradiation?

Food irradiation provides many benefits to the safety of foods such as preserving nutritional value, prolonging shelf life and sterilizing harmful pathogens to reduce health hazards.  Here are some of the most important benefits of UVGI:

  • Prevent foodborne illnesses – UVGI is proven to eliminate organisms that cause  Escherichia coli (E. coli) and Salmonella
  • Foodborne preservation – UV disinfection lamps destroy the organisms that cause decomposition and spoilage which extends the shelf life of many foods
  • Insect control – food irradiation safely destroys insects on foods such as tropical fruits which are imported into the U.S. without the use of pesticides that may damage certain fruits 
  • Delay ripening and sprouting – UV food irradiation lamps delay the sprouting in potatoes, onions and garlic to increase food longevity
  • Sterilization – hospitals use sterilized foods for patients with severe immune deficiency illnesses such as AIDS or people who are receiving chemotherapy treatments

UV light offers these many benefits for food sterilization and is also used in the bottled water industry and food packaging processes.  UV lamps are used to treat surfaces such as conveyor belts, working surfaces and packaging containers. Germicidal UV lamps are highly effective at eliminating harmful pathogens on many food products although safe food handling procedures are still required to protect against foodborne illnesses. 

LightSources Supplies Germicidal UVC Lamps for Food Irradiation

LightSources is a leading supplier of germicidal UVC lamps found in many surface, water and air sterilization systems.  Our highly skilled UV lamp designers and engineers excel with custom designed germicidal solutions to meet specific sterilization requirements.  We understand UV radiation and incorporate the latest technology for longer lasting, more effective UVC lamps which deliver cost saving efficiencies. 

We offer low-pressure mercury and amalgam lamps, medium pressure germicidal UV lamps, specialty lamp components and more.  Our lamps are found worldwide in many commercial, industrial and residential applications. LightSources is committed to research, development and continual improvement, delivering first-to-market, patented UVC germicidal solutions which outlast and outperform comparable lamps.  

The LightSources Group consists of the leading high-tech lamp designers and engineers in the industry, supplying OEM-oriented solutions for germicidal applications worldwide.  We offer a vast product line, as well as prototype and custom designed UV lamp solutions. Contact us for more information on UVC germicidal solutions for any application as well as food irradiation. 

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