Psoriasis Patients Find Relief with UV Phototherapy

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Phototherapy is also referred to as light therapy and is proven to be successful treating many medical conditions. Ultraviolet (UV) lamps are prescribed to patients with various ailments including many skin conditions such as acne, eczema, jaundice, vitiligo and psoriasis. Light therapy is also used to treat mood disorders such as sleep disorders, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and depression.

It is important to receive phototherapy under the care of a physician and to use the right type of phototherapy lamp.  Not all lamps are made the same and the right type of UV emission is necessary to provide the proper treatment for health conditions. Using the wrong type of lamp could even make symptoms worse.  The right type of phototherapy lamp used under the care of a physician is proven to provide relief to many patients suffering from these many conditions.


UVA and UVB Phototherapy Lamps Treat Psoriasis

Ultraviolet radiation is measured by wavelengths and divided into three categories of UVA, UVB and UVC light.  Ultraviolet emissions in the UVB range is used to treat psoriasis and is helpful in slowing down cell production of new skin, which allows skin cells to heal. UVA light therapy may also be helpful although must be prescribed with a medication called psoralen which helps the skin to absorb the UVA emissions.  This treatment is referred to as PUVA treatment for psoriasis. Psoriasis patients may expect to see relief from phototherapy in as little as a few weeks to a few months. 


LightSources Offers Quality Phototherapy Lamps

The LightSources Group is a leading global supplier of high quality, high tech lamps and lighting solutions.  Our highly skilled engineers possess in-depth knowledge of lamp design, construction and UV radiation. We offer a wide selection of UV phototherapy lamps, UVC germicidal lamps and offer custom design solutions to meet specific requirements.

The LightSources group is a recognized leader in UV and fluorescent lamp solutions, offering patented products designed with cutting edge technology. We design, engineer and manufacture UV phototherapy lamps for effective medical treatment. Contact us to speak with an engineer and learn more about our vast product line and custom designed solutions.

Develop Custom Patented Lamp Prototypes

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OEMs large and small benefit from producing patented products, touting their own name with custom logos and colors. This improves brand awareness and contributes to gaining an increased market share. One lighting solutions partner assists manufacturers in developing their own custom, patented products and lamp prototypes.

The LightSources Group is recognized worldwide for providing high tech lamps and lighting solutions, as well as assisting customers in producing custom, patented products. LightSources located in the United States and China, combined with LightTech in Europe offer vast resources and experienced engineers with expert knowledge in lamp design and construction as well as UV radiation.  

Partner companies add to the vast resources offered by the LightSources Group and include LCD Lighting (LCDL), Voltarc and Cerlux.  LCDL specializes in miniature fluorescent lighting applications such as aerospace and avionic displays, Cerlux KFT Technical Ceramics specializes in high-quality ceramic bases and components while Voltarc is recognized as a leading supplier of customized lighted signs for indoor or outdoor use in nearly any size.


The LightSources Group Offers Custom Lamp Solutions

The LightSources Group partners with you from the beginning to design, engineer and manufacture specialized lamps and lighting solutions. We understand UV radiation and design custom phosphor blends to produce specific wavelengths for custom requirements. We design UVC germicidal lamps for either ozone generating are non-ozone germicidal applications.

We offer quick turnaround time and assistance in developing prototypes to meet specific requirements. LightSources is registered to ISO9001:2015 and is committed to a high level of quality combined with research and development. We deliver first to market patented lamp solutions developed with proprietary technology that outlast and outperform comparable lamps.

We offer a wide selection of UVC germicidal lamps used in air purification systems and water sterilization applications worldwide. You can find our patented Amalgam technology in many germicidal applications providing long-lasting germ killing effectiveness even in varying ambient temperature environments.  

The LightSources Group has developed patented lamp technology for tanning lamps which provide longer-lasting, even tanning for various skin tone types. Our tanning salon clients can enjoy featuring their name and logo on their custom designed tanning lamps for increased brand awareness. LightSources assist our clients in the design and development of custom lamp products to increase market share.

The LightSources Group designs, engineers and manufacturers high-quality, high-performance lamps customized to your specifications. We provide OEM oriented solutions from the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers available in the lamp industry. Contact us to learn how to develop your own patented lamp products to improve your market share and brand awareness.

Do UV Germicidal Lamps Really Work?


An ultraviolet (UV) germicidal lamp produces ultraviolet radiation with electricity. UV radiation is proven to eliminate harmful germs, bacteria, viruses and microorganisms within seconds of exposure. UV radiation emitted at 254 nm is the most effective wavelength which instantly penetrates the DNA of these harmful cells and renders them unable to replicate. Viruses and germs that cannot multiplied to infectious levels are considered dead and harmless.

Low-pressure Mercury discharge lamps are similar in construction to fluorescent lamps although the inner lamp wall does not have a phosphor coating which allows the right amount of UV radiation to filter through.  Low-pressure Mercury germicidal lamps convert up to 40% of electricity into UV radiation.  

The lamp body of a UV germicidal lamp is made with soft glass, quartz or pure fused quartz. Lamp bodies constructed with pure fused quartz of 185 nm as well as 254 nm emissions with VH (very high) glass.  UV germicidal lamps that transmit 185 nm of UV radiation produce ozone which is a known oxidizer and sanitizer. Ozone effectively eliminates foul odors in the air and can be transmitted through the air to reach places direct UV exposure cannot reach.

UV lamps manufactured with quartz and titanium block out 185 nm emissions to transmit 254 nm of UVC radiation only. UVC lamps engineered with L glass is soft glass which transmits 254 nm UV radiation for germicidal effectiveness.  Electrodes located at each lamp and connect an external current source to the Mercury gas discharge device. 

The germicidal lamp body is filled with either pure argon gas or a mixture of rare gasses including neon and argon. A small amount of mercury produces the necessary UVC radiation.  UV germicidal lamps really do work although it is best to speak with a reputable UV lamp manufacturer to be sure that you achieve the right emissions of UV radiation for your application.

LightSources has constructed patented UVC germicidal lamps which outlast and outperform comparable products with energy efficiency and safety features included.  You can find our germicidal lamps in air purification systems and water sterilization applications worldwide.

The LightSources group is a leading global supplier of proven UV germicidal layouts and high-tech lighting solutions.  We provide a wide selection of UVC germicidal lamp products proven in applications worldwide. Contact us to learn more and for custom designed UV lamp solutions to fit your needs.

Effective Water Treatment with UV Technology

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Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is proven in many sterilization applications to eliminate harmful contaminants from the air, water and surfaces. UVC germicidal lamps are used in air treatment systems and water purification systems in many residential, commercial and industrial environments.  UV radiation is proven to instantly kill germs, bacteria and viruses within seconds of exposure including mold, mildew and even germs that chlorine will not kill.

UV light is used to sterilize water in many processes including:

  • Aquifers
  • Aqua culture
  • Drinking water for municipalities
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Fish hatcheries and aquariums
  • Ballast water treatment systems for ships
  • Industrial water treatment plants


UV Aquaculture Treatment 

UVC germicidal lamps are used in aquaculture applications to sterilize and purify water to benefit marine life.  UV light water treatment systems are helpful to promote and maintain healthy water to many species of fish. 


Municipalities Drinking Water Treatment

Drinking water treatment facilities in municipalities across the country and worldwide realize the benefits of UV water sterilization.  Ultraviolet water treatment systems eliminate harmful disease causing parasites and bacteria and kill some germs that chlorine doesn’t.


Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater treatment plants utilize UV water sterilizers to treat wastewater for safe reclamation into towns, cities and villages. UV water treatment systems effectively eliminate harmful germs and contaminants without leaving any harmful chemical residue.


Ballast Water Treatment Systems

Ships use water in their ballast for balance when traveling through the ocean, and release ballast water to maintain the right level of buoyancy with the freight they are carrying. Ships are now required to maintain an onboard ballast water treatment system that removes aquamarine organisms and any harmful contaminants prior to releasing ballast water. UV technology is recognized as an effective ballast water treatment method and is approved by the United States Coast Guard. UV water treatment is sometimes combined with filtration methods to achieve highly effective method of eliminating harmful viruses, bacteria and contaminants.


Industry-Leading UVC Germicidal Lamps

LightSources is recognized as an industry leading supplier of high-tech lamps and lighting solutions including UVC germicidal lamps.  The LightSources Group has developed several patented products with proprietary technology for longer-lasting germicidal effectiveness. Our lighting engineers are highly knowledgeable of UV radiation and offer custom designed phosphor blends to meet specific wavelength emissions.

LightSources is a leading manufacturer of high-tech lamps and lighting solutions including UVC germicidal lamps. We design, engineer and manufacture patented products developed with proprietary technology proven to outperform comparable lamps. Contact us to speak with an engineer about our UVC germicidal solutions for surface, air and water treatment systems.

Ultraviolet Technology for Purified Sterile Air

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Ultraviolet technology is used worldwide in many types of UV air purification systems to deliver purified and sterile air. UV air purification improves the quality of air we breathe for improved health and wellness. UV technology for cleaner air is used in many residential, commercial and industrial settings.

UV air sterilization is proven to effectively remove harmful contaminants such as bacteria, viruses and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air for a healthier environment. UV air purifiers are common in many commercial settings such as:

  • Schools
  • Daycares
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Medical offices
  • Business offices
  • Manufacturing facilities

UV air purification systems improve the quality of air in these environments and many others.  There are many benefits to ultraviolet germicidal technology, which include instant sterilization, proven effectiveness and little to no maintenance. UV air purifiers utilized in HVAC systems conveniently sterilize the air with effective and compact UV germicidal lamp solutions. 


Proven UVC Germicidal Lamp Solutions

UVC germicidal lamps are designed to emit UV radiation at precisely the right wavelength for antibacterial properties.  Ultraviolet radiation emitted at 254 nm is proven effective to instantly kill bacteria, viruses, dust, mold, mildew and airborne contaminants within seconds of exposure. UV lamps designed to emit UV radiation at 185 nm effectively create ozone which is a natural oxidizer and deodorizer. Ozone disinfection lamps dominate foul odors from the air as well as eliminating harmful toxins.  

Consult with a UV lighting expert to determine the best type of UVC germicidal lamps for your sterilization system. A reputable UVC germicidal lamp supplier will know exactly the right type of wavelength and specifications of lamps required to meet your germicidal application requirements. 


LightSources Is a UVC Germicidal Lamp Specialist

LightSources in the United States and LightTech in Europe, along with several valued partner companies, represent the LightSources Group which is recognized as a leading global supplier of high-tech lamps. The LightSources Group designs, engineers and manufacturers high-tech lamps for a variety of applications including UVC germicidal solutions. We offer low-pressure and medium pressure lamps designed with proprietary technology which outperform comparable lamps.

Our skilled and experienced lighting engineers provide custom designed lamp solutions to meet specific requirements. We offer several patented lamp technologies as well as the ability to mix custom phosphor blends to meet specific wavelength and germicidal requirements.

The LightSources Group offers one of the widest selections of high-tech lamps available germicidal solutions to fit any application. We provide quick turnaround with a vast product inventory and custom designed solutions to meet specific requirements. Contact us to learn more about our high tech germicidal solutions with proven UVC germicidal lamp technology.

UV Light Disinfection Proven for Ballast Water Treatment


UV light harnesses the power of ultraviolet radiation and is proven to provide highly effective disinfection and sterilization of water, air and surfaces. UV germicidal lamps are used worldwide in air treatment systems and many water treatment applications. UV water treatment systems are used to treat drinking water in municipalities, aquifers, fish hatcheries, swimming pools and spas, industrial water treatment and ballast water treatment systems found in ships.

The Ballast Water Treatment Convention, BWTC, requires that an effective ballast water treatment system be utilized on board all vessels transporting freight through international waters. Contaminated ballast water is recognized as one of the greatest threats to the sustainability of the world’s oceans. When ships pick up ballast water in one port and release that water in a foreign port, invading microorganisms have been known to wreak havoc and destroy ecosystems and entire fishing industries.


Ballast Water Treatment Technologies

Various technologies used to treat ballast water include filtration, chlorination and UV treatment. Chlorination requires using chemicals which can also release harmful byproducts into the ocean.  UV ballast water treatment systems are effective without releasing harmful byproducts and are often used in conjunction with filtration methods.  UV germicidal lamps instantly eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, protozoa and even microorganisms that chlorine will not kill.

UV ballast water treatment technology is approved by the US Coast Guard and is easy to maintain on ships, even smaller vessels with a compact footprint.  


LightSources Offers UV Germicidal Lamps

LightSources is recognized worldwide as a leading global supplier of high-tech lamps and lighting solutions. The LightSources group is committed to research and development, offering first to market patented lamp technology from skilled and experienced lighting engineers. We offer vast resources with a state-of-the-art glass factory in Europe and several partner companies committed to the same level of quality and exceptional customer service.

The LightSources Group offers vast resources, a wide selection of standard products and custom designed lamp solutions available. We provide UVC germicidal lamps which outlast and outperform comparable lamps. Contact us to learn more about our UVC germicidal solutions including UV lamps for ballast water treatment systems.