Improve Your Supply Chain with Proven UV Lamp Supplier

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UV lamps are used in a wide range of processes and applications across many industries.  UV lamps are found in UVC germicidal systems such as water and air purification and sterilization systems. UV lamps are also effective at eliminating bacteria and viruses on surfaces and can be found in the food and beverage industry, restaurants and many commercial buildings.

UV lamps are also found in phototherapy lamps which treat a host of medical conditions such as many skin conditions, mood and depression disorders.  UV curing lamps are used in manufacturing and industrial applications worldwide to instantly seal varnishes, coatings and inks. The list is truly endless and a quality UV lamp supplier will have knowledge of designing and engineering the right type of lamps for each specific application.

LightSources Supports OEMs Worldwide

The LightSources Group consists of the LightSources in the United States and China, LightTech in Europe which boasts a state-of-the-art glass factory and several partner companies who share our vision and quality policies. We support OEMs worldwide with a wide range of UV lamp products and a skilled engineering team providing custom designed and prototype solutions.  Our resources and commitment to providing quality lamp products and lighting solutions allow us to meet the most demanding requirements.

We are committed to continual improvement and offer lamps which consistently outperform comparable products across many industries. We assist our customers with developing custom, proprietary products which promote your brand and logo. Our partner companies include Cerlux and Voltarc who offer custom designed lamps and components, even matching your custom logo colors and trademark. LCD Lighting specializes in miniature lamp solutions, often found in avionic in aerospace applications.

The LightSources Group offers a wide selection of high performance, quality lamps, quick turnaround for on-time delivery of prototype and production requirements and custom designed solutions. Our design and engineering team is the best in the business with in-depth knowledge of UV radiation and high-tech lamp solutions. Contact us to speak with an engineer and learn how to improve your supply chain with an innovative, quality minded lamp supplier.

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