UV Air Purifiers for HVAC Systems



UV air purifiers improve health and wellness by sterilizing and purifying the air we breathe. UV air purification systems can be installed in HVAC systems to quietly sterilize and clean the air with no hassle, no maintenance. UVC germicidal lamps are proven to be highly effective and air sterilization by eradicating bacteria, viruses, mold mildew and even dust from the air.

Keeping the air clean of these contaminants is important in public places such as nursing homes, hospitals, schools, doctor’s offices and many other environments. UV air purifiers are becoming more popular in residential homes as well as many people are realizing the benefits of UVC germicidal sterilization.  UV air purifiers which also produce ozone are proven to eliminate foul orders as well as harmful contaminants.

LightSources Provides Proven UVC Air Purification Lamps

LightSources Group is recognized worldwide for providing high tech fluorescent and UV lamp products. LightSources is a leading global supplier of UVC germicidal lamps used in air purification, surface and water sterilization systems worldwide. Our skilled engineers possessing in-depth knowledge of UV radiation and offer custom designed solutions to meet your application needs.

UV radiation emitted at 254 nanometer (nm) is proven to kill viruses and bacteria instantly upon contact by penetrating the cell of these living organisms and rendering them unable to replicate. This instant exposure is proven highly effective at removing harmful contaminants to provide a safer environment without any harmful side effects.

LightSources offers vast global resources with personal customized service to meet your application needs.  Our UVC germicidal lamps include low-pressure, medium pressure and proprietary Amalgam technology.

LightSources is recognized worldwide as a leading global supplier of fluorescent and UV lamps and lighting solutions. Our engineers possess in-depth knowledge of UV radiation in UVC germicidal application requirements. Contact us to learn more about UVC lamps for air purification systems and HVAC units.


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