UVC Lamps for Ballast Water Treatment Systems

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UVC germicidal lamps are proven effective in many water sterilization applications including ballast water treatment systems.  The Ballast Water Treatment Convention is enforced by the Marine Environment Protection Committee and requires all ships to maintain an approved ballast water treatment method. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is an effective method of water sterilization approved by the US Coast Guard.

UV water treatment systems provide many benefits over other methods such as chemical use and filtration.  With a UVC water sterilization system, there is no requirement to purchase or store chemicals which continually costs money, takes up space and may leave harmful by products in the ocean or freshwater source.  UVC lamps can be specially designed to operate in confined spaces to provide an effective, approved water treatment method on smaller vessels.

LightSources Offers UVC Lamps for Water Sterilization

The LightSources Group is known for providing high-performance, high-quality UV lamps and lighting solutions. Our UVC germicidal lamps are used in water, surface and air sterilization systems worldwide. We design, engineer and manufacture UVC lamps proven to outlast and outperform comparable lamps. We offer OEM oriented solutions with custom-designed products, vast resources and exceptional customer support.

Our UV lamps for ballast water treatment systems are proven to eliminate harmful microorganisms, bacteria and aquatic viruses naked to the human eye. UV water treatment systems kill viruses and bacteria that chlorine doesn’t and prevents the spread and infestation of harmful invading aquatic species.  

Our UVC lamps for sterilization systems include low pressure Amalgam lamps designed with proprietary technology to deliver 30% – 35% improved efficiency over comparable lamps.  Our medium pressure UV lamps deliver powerful germicidal effectiveness with an even smaller footprint.

LightSources in the United States and LightTech in Europe are recognized as the leading high-tech lamp designers offering cutting-edge, innovative solutions. Our skilled engineers provide custom and prototype products designed to your specifications for any UV lamp application. Contact us to speak with an engineer about our UVC germicidal lamps for water sterilization including ballast water treatment systems.



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