High Quality Lamps with Custom Lampholders

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Custom-designed lamps and lampholders improve brand awareness and increase market share when designed with your logo and custom colors. The LightSources Group consists of the most knowledgeable lamp and lighting engineers in the world, providing OEM oriented solutions to companies large and small. LightSources is in the United States and China, partnered with LightTech in Europe where a state-of-the-art glass factory provide vast resources for high-tech manufacturing, research and development.

Additional valuable partner companies include LCD Lighting, who offers specialty fluorescent lamps, miniature fluorescent lamps and back lighting solutions. Voltarc offers 75 years of experience in developing high-tech fluorescent lamps for neon signs and Cerlux, who provides custom ceramic bases and lamp components.  

Voltarc Offers Patented Energy Efficient Lamps

Voltarc offers high-tech and innovative lamp engineering and manufacturing with proprietary technology and patented lamp products. Voltarc’s state-of-the-art lamp solutions include:

  • TriLight™ and Trilight Max™ fluorescent lamps
  • TufStraight Lamps
  • TruBend U-Lamps
  • Masonlite Electrodes
  • Neon tubing
  • Xtra Long Lamps
  • Kulka lampholders and wiring devices
  • Hyde neon fabrication equipment
  • Lamp components and accessories

Voltarc follows a strict quality policy, conducting continual research and development for product and process improvement.  Voltarc delivers energy efficient, high performance lamps developed with cutting edge technology. TriLight Max™ provides easy retrofitting with the Kulka recessed double contact lampholders and lamp bases which offer reliability and safety when retrofitting.

Kulka Lampholders and Wiring Devices

Voltarc offers the Kulka product line of high quality lamp holders and wiring devices which includes:

  • Recessed Double Contacts (RDC) lampholders
  • Medium bi-pin lampholders
  • Miniature bi-pin lampholders
  • Slim line lampholders
  • Miscellaneous wiring devices and accessories

Voltarc is a valuable addition to the LightSources Group, where you can find innovative lamp products which outperform comparable lamps with long lasting high-performance.

The LightSources Group designs, engineers and manufacturers innovative fluorescent and UV lamp products and custom designed solutions. Our experienced lighting engineers possess in-depth knowledge of UV radiation in lamp technology. Contact us to speak with an engineer about our quality products, lamp components and wiring devices.



UVC Lamps for Ballast Water Treatment Systems

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UVC germicidal lamps are proven effective in many water sterilization applications including ballast water treatment systems.  The Ballast Water Treatment Convention is enforced by the Marine Environment Protection Committee and requires all ships to maintain an approved ballast water treatment method. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is an effective method of water sterilization approved by the US Coast Guard.

UV water treatment systems provide many benefits over other methods such as chemical use and filtration.  With a UVC water sterilization system, there is no requirement to purchase or store chemicals which continually costs money, takes up space and may leave harmful by products in the ocean or freshwater source.  UVC lamps can be specially designed to operate in confined spaces to provide an effective, approved water treatment method on smaller vessels.

LightSources Offers UVC Lamps for Water Sterilization

The LightSources Group is known for providing high-performance, high-quality UV lamps and lighting solutions. Our UVC germicidal lamps are used in water, surface and air sterilization systems worldwide. We design, engineer and manufacture UVC lamps proven to outlast and outperform comparable lamps. We offer OEM oriented solutions with custom-designed products, vast resources and exceptional customer support.

Our UV lamps for ballast water treatment systems are proven to eliminate harmful microorganisms, bacteria and aquatic viruses naked to the human eye. UV water treatment systems kill viruses and bacteria that chlorine doesn’t and prevents the spread and infestation of harmful invading aquatic species.  

Our UVC lamps for sterilization systems include low pressure Amalgam lamps designed with proprietary technology to deliver 30% – 35% improved efficiency over comparable lamps.  Our medium pressure UV lamps deliver powerful germicidal effectiveness with an even smaller footprint.

LightSources in the United States and LightTech in Europe are recognized as the leading high-tech lamp designers offering cutting-edge, innovative solutions. Our skilled engineers provide custom and prototype products designed to your specifications for any UV lamp application. Contact us to speak with an engineer about our UVC germicidal lamps for water sterilization including ballast water treatment systems.



Do UVC Lamps Really Work to Kill Bacteria?

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UVC lamps are proven to be highly effective at killing bacteria and harmful contaminants in many water, surface and air sterilization systems. Ultraviolet (UV) light is in the electromagnetic spectrum which is invisible to the human eye. UV light is divided into UVA, UVB and UVC wavelengths, measured in nanometers (nm).  UVC radiation emitted at the wavelength of 254 nm is proven to instantly eradicate viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold spores, mildew and harmful microorganisms naked to the human eye.

UVC radiation penetrates the DNA of these living cells and renders them unable to replicate which instantly makes them harmless.  UVC lamps which are specially designed to emit UV radiation precisely at 254 nm effectively eliminate these harmful threats in water, air and on surfaces instantly upon exposure.  UVC ozone lamps emit wavelengths at 185 nm to produce ozone which is a proven oxidizer, sanitizer and deodorizer to eliminate foul odors from the air.

How Do UVC Lamps Work?

UVC germicidal lamps are commonly low-pressure Mercury lamps designed to emit the optimum UV radiation and wavelength for the germicidal application. The low-pressure lamps produce a Mercury arc and are engineered to radiate exactly 254 nm of UVC radiation.  UVC germicidal lamps contain a blend of Argon and Neon gases designed for the application.

UVC lamps operate with a discharge device comparable to fluorescent lamps, with the lamp body commonly constructed of:

  • VH Glass – pure fused quartz that transmits both 185nm and 254nm
  • L Glass – this is soft glass and designed to emit wavelengths at 254nm
  • L Glass – quartz and Titanium which blocks out 185nm

UVC germicidal lamps are designed without the phosphor coating on the inside of the glass lamp to allow for the maximum amount of UV radiation to pass through the lamp. UVC lamps are designed with lamp ballasts which determine the amount of voltage required based on the rare gases used the lamp ballasts are a critical component of UVC lamp construction which deliver the optimum voltage.

The LightSources Group is recognized worldwide for delivering high-tech lamp solutions with cutting-edge, UV technology. We are committed to delivering high quality, high performance, long-lasting and cost-efficient OEM oriented solutions. Contact us to learn more about ou

r wide selection of lamp products and with any questions on UVC germicidal lamps.

High Performance Lamps for UVC Air Purification Systems


UVC germicidal lamps are used in air purification systems and many residential, industrial and commercial environments. It is important for commercial property owners to provide sterile and clean air to the public and employees. Commercial properties such as schools, nursing homes and hospitals can offer healthy air to schoolchildren and hospital residents to prevent widespread infection of airborne illnesses.

UVC air purification systems are becoming more popular in residences as people are becoming aware of the many advantages provided by sterilized air. UVC ozone lamps effectively eliminate odors and volatile organic compounds from the air.  UV germicidal lamps are used in HVAC systems to provide clean and sterile air in hassle-free, maintenance free air treatment systems.

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is in the electromagnetic spectrum of light which is invisible to the human eye.  UV light is emitted in wavelengths measured in nanometers (nm), with UV light in the wavelength of 254 nm proven to be highly effective at killing viruses and bacteria.  UV radiation in this wavelength is also proven to eliminate harmful microorganisms, airborne pathogens, mold, mildew and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

LightSources Offers UVC Air Purification Lamps

LightSources in the United States and LightTech in Europe offer cutting-edge, high performance UVC germicidal lamps used in sterilization and purification systems worldwide.  We offer UVC germicidal lamps used in air purification, water and surface sterilization applications with long lasting, proven effectiveness.

The LightSources Group offers a vast product line of UVC germicidal lamps for any application.  We design, engineer and manufacture low-pressure and medium pressure Mercury discharge germicidal lamps. We use high-quality quartz and soda lime glass with specialized phosphor blends to allow the optimum flow of UVC radiation.  

Our vast resources include a modern glass factory in Europe and several valued partner companies including LCD Lighting, Voltarc and Cerlux the share in our commitment to quality and continual improvement.

The LightSources Group consists of the leading high-tech lamp designers and engineers available today offering cutting-edge, innovative UV lamp products. We provide high performance and cost-efficient germicidal lamps with OEM oriented solutions.  Contact us today to learn more about our UVC germicidal lamps proven in and water and air purification systems.


Innovative Tanning Lamps Provide Unsurpassed Performance


High-performance tanning lamps make all the difference for successful tanning salons.  Tanning customers are happier with tanning beds that deliver a deeper, darker tan that lasts longer.  The LightSources Group has been a valuable supplier to successful tanning salons worldwide with innovative tanning lamps developed with proprietary technology.

LightSources in the United States, and LightTech in Europe are known for delivering innovative lamp solutions and cutting edge UV technology.  We were among the first to deliver tanning lamps with varying strengths ranging from 2.6 UVB to 9.5 UVB to satisfy different skin tones.  LightSources offers tanning salon professionals opportunity to increase brand awareness and improve market share with customized lamps featuring their logo and custom color ceramic bases.

Our tanning lamps are found in salons worldwide and include lamps featuring patented tanning lamp technology such as:

Peak2 Technology® – this proprietary, cutting-edge tanning lamp technology delivers an even and natural tan all over. Specially designed to balance UVA and UVB emissions into one phosphor blend, Peak2Technolgy provides maximum tanning effects with dual spectral peaks.

A-Power™ – this low pressure, innovative tanning lamp technology provides a darker tanning effects usually achieved with a high-pressure lamp. A-Power™ brings UVA and UVB rays together with just the right combination to deliver a deeper, darker tan.

SolGlass® –  this cutting-edge tanning lamp technology delivers a unique phosphor blend which combines shortwave UVB with narrow band UVA emissions for maximum pigmentation.

Multitone™ – these innovative tanning lamps are known to deliver an even and natural tan without the harshness of some high-pressure facial units.

LightSources Offers Custom Tanning Lamp Solutions

The LightSources Group is known for providing high performance, first to market UV lamp solutions. We design, engineer and manufacture high-tech lamps which support OEMs worldwide. We offer the widest selection of UV lamps, UVC germicidal lamps and fluorescent lighting solutions available.

LightSources in the United States and LightTech in Europe support OEMs worldwide with cutting-edge, innovative lamp solutions. We offer a wide selection of standard lamps with custom designed lamps and components available. Contact us to learn more about our proprietary tanning lamp technology and how to improve your market share with the best tanning lamps available.

Does UV Light Help Eczema?

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Eczema is an irritating skin condition which causes dry, itchy patches of skin as the most common symptom in all types of eczema. Some people have moderate to severe cases with swelling and rough scaly patches of skin which can be made worse by scratching. Topical treatments provide relief to some people suffering with eczema although it may not fully ward off all of the irritating symptoms.

UV light is proven to be an effective treatment that helps many people suffering with eczema. Light therapy, also known as phototherapy, should be administered by a physician with the proper type of phototherapy lamp.  The narrow band UVB wavelengths is the most common type of UV light used to treat eczema, which replicates UVB rays in natural sunlight.

People that notice relief from eczema in the summertime are more likely to notice benefit from phototherapy. UVA light is also used with a medication called psoralen in a treatment called PUVA, which was also be administered under a doctor’s care. Phototherapy has been proven to provide relief of many symptoms for eczema such as:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Reducing itchy skin
  • Improving bacteria fighting systems
  • Increasing vitamin D

Phototherapy is proven to help about 70% of the people suffering with eczema and is used on localized locations such as the feet and hands or all over the body.  It is important to be consistent with UV light treatment, as most people do not realize an improvement for one to two months. Many people find however that the benefits of phototherapy put their eczema in a quiet state of remittance which lasts long after UV phototherapy ends.

UV Phototherapy Lamps for Eczema

The LightSources Group is a leading manufacturer of UV lamps and lighting solutions including phototherapy lamps designed to treat many medical conditions.  Our engineers possess in-depth knowledge of UV radiation and technology, developing highly effective phototherapy and UVC germicidal lamps. We support OEMs large and small with phototherapy lamps to treat eczema, psoriasis, acne, vitiligo, and mood disorders such as depression and seasonal affective depression (SAD).

LightSources offers a wide selection of UV germicidal lamps proven worldwide and air and water sterilization applications. We offer patented products developed from the most high-tech lamp designers available, proven to outperform comparable lamps. Contact us to learn more about our UV lamp and lighting solutions including phototherapy lamps.