UVC Germicidal Lamp Ballasts Make the Difference


Selecting the right type of lamp ballasts for UVC germicidal lamps is extremely important in determining lamp performance.  Germicidal lamps are active elements in electrical circuits as opposed to passive elements such as inductors, capacitors and resistors. Germicidal lamps, in contrast are active elements because they generate harmonic and transient voltage and current.

Germicidal lamps exhibit a unique characteristic with the voltage decreasing when the current increases. This is referred to as negative AC resistance which makes gas discharge devices inherently unstable. The current would increase without limit once turned on without circuit elements maintaining and restoring operation. These circuit elements are typically called ballasts, which are critical components on UVC germicidal lamps.

LightSources and LightTech Offer High Quality and Custom Ballasts

LightSources in the United States and LightTech in Europe are recognized global leaders in the lamp and lighting industry.  The LightSources Group offers a true systems approach with electronic ballasts that match your lamps, customized to your specifications.  Our experienced UVC germicidal engineers are the best in the business, providing clients with high quality, high efficiency, maximum germicidal effectiveness.

We offer a wide selection of UVC lamp products and styles in high efficiency, lightweight, high-power variations.  We understand the technology behind each UVC germicidal application, offering effective solutions for water, air and surface sterilization systems.  Our engineers will custom design UVC germicidal lamps to meet your specifications, with specialty phosphor blend technology and skilled design experience.

All products are manufactured following strict quality policies compliant to ISO quality regulations. We are committed to your success with exceptional customer service and ongoing support.

LightSources and LightTech represent the leading global suppliers of high-tech, high performance UVC germicidal solutions. We offer a wide range of UV lamps and components with custom designed solutions to meet your specifications. Contact us to learn how to achieve maximum germicidal effectiveness with energy efficient UVC lamp solutions.

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