UVC Germicidal Lamps for Ballast Water Treatment Systems

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UVC germicidal lamps are proven to be highly effective at sterilizing water, air and surfaces. The recent Ballast Water Treatment Convention, BWTC, requires all shipping companies to maintain an effective ballast water treatment system on board their vessel. When ships pick up ballast water in one port and release it in a foreign port, marine organisms are known to wreak havoc when invading foreign waters.

Marine organisms such as jellyfish and mussels are known to multiply to uncontrollable levels, ruining shipping industries and threatening human safety.  Many of these marine organisms are controlled in their natural environment but become dangerous when upsetting the natural ecosystem. Contaminated ballast water is recognized as one of the top five threats to the sustainability of our world’s oceans.

Ultraviolet (UV) technology is proven to sterilize water and eliminate harmful marine organisms such as jellyfish, mussels, viruses, bacteria and microorganisms naked to the human eye.  UVC radiation emitted at 254 nanometer (nm) is proven effective at altering the DNA of these living organisms and rendering them harmless. Using the right type of UVC germicidal lamps in your ballast water treatment system is critical to provide the right sterilization and performance.

LightSources Offers High-Performance UVC Germicidal Lamps

The LightSources Group consists of LightSources in the United States and China, LightTech in Europe and our valued partners LCD Lighting, Cerlux and Voltarc.  Our vast global resources combined with a skilled design and engineering team experienced in UVC radiation allows us to offer the most effective germicidal lamp solutions.  

We offer a wide selection of UVC germicidal products and offer custom designed solutions to meet your specifications. We provide UVC germicidal lamps in low-pressure Amalgam design developed with proprietary technology for longer lasting effectiveness.  Our medium pressure UV (MPUV) lamps deliver powerful UVC germicidal sterilization with a small footprint.

LightSources and our valued partner companies are recognized for producing superior lamps and lighting solutions, providing high-tech UV lamps and innovative products.  Contact us today to learn more about our high performance, low cost UV lamps for ballast water treatment systems.

UV Phototherapy Lamps for Effective Psoriasis Treatment

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Phototherapy, commonly referred to as light therapy, refers to the use of light to produce medically beneficial treatment to a number of health conditions.  Ultraviolet (UV) light is proven to help patients with many ailments affecting the skin such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, jaundice and vitiligo as well as mood disorders such as depression and seasonal affective disorder. It is important to use the right type of UV phototherapy lamp for your condition as the wrong type of lamp could either not work at all or make symptoms worse.

Be sure to follow physician’s instructions and obtain UV phototherapy lamps from a reputable phototherapy lamp supplier with knowledge of UV radiation.

UV Phototherapy Proven to Improve Many Skin Conditions

UV phototherapy lamps are endorsed by the National Psoriasis Foundation to effectively treat psoriasis under a physician’s care. It is important to use the right type of lamp designed with the proper wavelength emission. Tanning beds do not deliver the same wavelength of UV light and could cause further damage to skin.

UV light in the UVB range is proven to improve symptoms of psoriasis by slowing down new skin cell production and allowing skin cells to heal. Patients can use special UV phototherapy lamps at home which deliver the right emission of UVB rays as prescribed by their physician. Narrow band UVB and UVA light therapy lamps may be used in combination with medication to provide relief to patients who may experience improvement in a few weeks to a few months.  

LightSources Custom Designed and Engineers Phototherapy Lamps

LightSources is recognized as a leading global supplier of lamps and lighting solutions with highly skilled design engineers possessing in-depth knowledge of UV radiation. We design, engineer and manufacture specialty UV phototherapy and UVC germicidal lamps to meet your specifications. Our vast global resources combined with a skilled design and engineering team allow us to deliver innovative, first to market UV lamp solutions which deliver long-lasting performance with energy efficiency.

The LightSources group provides OEM oriented solutions with prototypes and patented lamp products designed to improve your market share and brand awareness.

The LightSources group is a recognized leader in UV and fluorescent lamp solutions, offering patented products designed with cutting edge technology. We design, engineer and manufacture UV phototherapy lamps for effective medical treatment. Contact us to speak with an engineer and learn more about our vast product line and custom designed solutions.

Develop Your Own UV Lamp Patented Prototypes


The LightSources Group assists OEMs worldwide with developing their own UV lamp prototypes and patented products. The LightSources Group consists of LightSources in the United States and China, LightTech in Europe with a modern, state-of-the-art glass factory, and our affiliated partners LCDL, Cerlux and Voltarc. LCD lighting (LCDL), is a valued partner specializing in miniature fluorescent lamps and lighting solutions. Cerlux KFT Technical Ceramics provides high-quality custom designed components and ceramic bases and Voltarc is known worldwide as a leading global supplier of lighted signs customized for any application.

The LightSources Group offers comprehensive lamp and lighting solutions, partnering with you to design UV and fluorescent lighting solutions which meet your specific requirements. We develop, engineer and manufacture custom lamps with specialty phosphor blends to specific wavelength emissions in the most effective nanometer for your application. Our engineers are the best in the business with in-depth knowledge of UVC radiation, designing germicidal lamp bodies with custom gas and phosphor blends.

The LightSources Group Offers UV and Fluorescent Lamp Solutions

The LightSources Group offers UV and fluorescent lamp solutions to a wide range of industries and applications. We deliver first to market, patented products developed with proprietary technology as we strive to provide high-performance, energy efficient lamp and lighting solutions. Our UV and fluorescent lamps are found worldwide in a myriad of applications.

We design UVC germicidal lamps used worldwide in water, air and surface sterilization processes.  We offer several styles including patented soft pellet Amalgam technology, and specialty designed UVC lamps for use in ballast water treatment systems for effective water sterilization. We provide tanning salons with a wide selection of patented tanning lamps, developed with proprietary technology to provide longer-lasting even tanning for customer satisfaction.

The LightSources group assists OEMs large and small with prototype solutions to meet your unique specifications. We assist you with design and development of patented products which increase your market share and enhance your brand awareness.  No matter your lamp or lighting application, LightSources is your one-stop for design engineering and custom development.

The LightSources Group designs, engineers and manufacturers high-quality, high-performance lamps customized to your specifications. We provide OEM oriented solutions from the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers available in the lamp industry. Contact us to learn how to develop your own patented lamp products to improve your market share and brand awareness.

UVC Germicidal Lamp Ballasts Make the Difference


Selecting the right type of lamp ballasts for UVC germicidal lamps is extremely important in determining lamp performance.  Germicidal lamps are active elements in electrical circuits as opposed to passive elements such as inductors, capacitors and resistors. Germicidal lamps, in contrast are active elements because they generate harmonic and transient voltage and current.

Germicidal lamps exhibit a unique characteristic with the voltage decreasing when the current increases. This is referred to as negative AC resistance which makes gas discharge devices inherently unstable. The current would increase without limit once turned on without circuit elements maintaining and restoring operation. These circuit elements are typically called ballasts, which are critical components on UVC germicidal lamps.

LightSources and LightTech Offer High Quality and Custom Ballasts

LightSources in the United States and LightTech in Europe are recognized global leaders in the lamp and lighting industry.  The LightSources Group offers a true systems approach with electronic ballasts that match your lamps, customized to your specifications.  Our experienced UVC germicidal engineers are the best in the business, providing clients with high quality, high efficiency, maximum germicidal effectiveness.

We offer a wide selection of UVC lamp products and styles in high efficiency, lightweight, high-power variations.  We understand the technology behind each UVC germicidal application, offering effective solutions for water, air and surface sterilization systems.  Our engineers will custom design UVC germicidal lamps to meet your specifications, with specialty phosphor blend technology and skilled design experience.

All products are manufactured following strict quality policies compliant to ISO quality regulations. We are committed to your success with exceptional customer service and ongoing support.

LightSources and LightTech represent the leading global suppliers of high-tech, high performance UVC germicidal solutions. We offer a wide range of UV lamps and components with custom designed solutions to meet your specifications. Contact us to learn how to achieve maximum germicidal effectiveness with energy efficient UVC lamp solutions.

UV Air Purifiers Deliver Clean and Sterile Air

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Ultraviolet (UV) air purifiers are proven to deliver clean and sterile air, helping people to breathe easier in many commercial and residential settings. Owners of commercial property owe it to the public, patrons and employees to provide clean air free from unsafe contaminants.  UV air purification effectively eliminates microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), providing clean and sterile air for improved health.

UV air purification systems are extremely beneficial to people with compromised immune systems to prevent the spread of airborne germs.  Sterilized air is beneficial in residential homes and commercial settings, particularly hospitals, nursing homes, medical complexes and physicians’ offices. UV air purification delivered through HVAC systems provides effective sterilization with no hassle and zero maintenance.

UVC Germicidal Lamps Kill Bacteria

UVC germicidal lamps used in HVAC systems deliver a high quality of germicidal effectiveness proven to kill airborne bacteria and viruses, promoting health and wellness. UVC radiation emitted at 254 nanometer (nm) is the most effective wavelength to eliminate harmful microorganisms even naked to the human eye. UVC radiation is completely safe with no harmful side effects while killing harmful bacteria within seconds of exposure.

UV air purification systems may include ozone emitting UV lamps which effectively eliminate foul odors from the air.  Ozone purification systems may contribute to the erosion of components in HVAC and cooling systems, speaking with a UV air purification specialist will ensure that you select the right UV germicidal system for your application.

LightSources is a UV Air Purification Specialist

LightSources offers UVC germicidal lamps for effective sterilization of air, water and surfaces, you can find our lamps in a multitude of applications worldwide.  LightSources is recognized as a leading supplier of UV lamps and lighting solutions, delivering first to market, patented UVC lamps and components. We provide UVC germicidal lamps and components which deliver longer-lasting, powerful effectiveness in energy efficient products.

LightSources and our affiliated companies represent the leading, high-tech lamp designers and manufacturers in the industry.  Our products are used world-wide in a myriad of applications and industries, including our UVC germicidal lamps used in air purification systems.  Contact us to learn more about our wide selection of standard and specialty, custom designed lamp solutions.

How Does a UVC Germicidal Lamps Work?


A UVC germicidal lamp is simply a device which converts electricity into ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Microorganisms are sensitive to ultraviolet radiation emitted at 260 nanometers (nm), which instantly alters the DNA of harmful bacteria and viruses rendering them unable to replicate and harmless. Low-pressure Mercury rare gas UVC lamps convert up to 40% of electrical power into UVC radiation at 254 nm.  

This conversion of electricity is up to 40%, with the quality of the UVC lamp components and construction determining the effectiveness of this conversion of electricity.  Low-pressure, mercury rare gas UVC germicidal lamps are very similar to fluorescent lamps. They are similar in construction and operation although UVC germicidal lamps do not have a phosphor coating on the inner lamp wall. This is to allow the most effective wavelength of UVC radiation to flow through the lamp.

UVC Germicidal Lamp Body

The UVC germicidal lamp body may be constructed with pure fused quartz, quartz with titanium, or a soft glass design. Pure fused quartz lamp bodies will transmit both 185 nm and 254 nm of UV radiation with VH glass.  A lamp body designed with quartz and titanium blocks out most of the 185 nm radiation in a L glass design. Another L glass design is soft glass also formulated to transmit an effective 254 nm of UVC radiation.

There are electrodes at each end of the lamp which connect the gas discharge device to the external current source. Each electrode serves alternately as either cathode or anode when the lamp is operated on alternating current (AC) as is the typical case. The germicidal lamp body may be filled with a mix of rare gasses including Argon and Neon,  or with pure Argon gas depending on the application. A small amount of mercury is required to produce UV radiation.

To learn more about the most effective UVC germicidal lamps, contact the leading global supplier of UV lamps and lighting solutions, the LightSources Group. We provide a wide selection of UVC germicidal lamp products proven in applications worldwide. Contact us to learn more and for custom designed UV lamp solutions to fit your needs.