Effectively Treat Psoriasis with UV Phototherapy Lamps

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Psoriasis is a troubling skin condition where people suffer from mild, moderate to severe symptoms which include patches if itchy, red skin and dry, hardened lesions raised on the skin.  Many people try conventional treatments which include medication and topical ointments that provide relief to some patients with mild to moderate symptoms but may not be as effective for the more severe cases.  

UV light phototherapy is proven to be highly effective at treating and controlling symptoms of psoriasis, providing some relief to people suffering with this troubling skin condition.  Phototherapy lamps deliver Ultraviolet (UV) radiation at the optimum wavelength determined for therapy in both UVA and UVB wavelengths.

UV lamp phototherapy should be prescribed only by a physician with the right type of light therapy lamp.  Not all UV lamps are created equal and only a UV light therapy lamp designed to treat psoriasis will be effective.  Other types of lamps especially tanning beds may actually worsen symptoms.

UV Light Therapy Lamp for Psoriasis

UV light therapy lamps which effectively treat psoriasis may include both broad band and narrow band UV wavelengths.  The UVB narrow band lamps deliver a smaller range of UV exposure with either type of lamp imitating the sun’s natural healing efforts.  Both UVA and UVB technology may be combined for effective treatment, depending on your condition and your doctor’s orders.

When UVA light therapy lamps are used, a medication called psoralen is also used to enhance the effectiveness of the UVA exposure, which is why this treatment is commonly referred to as PUVA.  This is proven to be effective at slowing down the growth of excessive skin cells to provide relief from the raised, scaly patches of skin. In any light therapy treatment, consistency is key to receiving the desired results.  Some patients see relief in as little as a few weeks, while some others may take months to notice improvement.

UV therapy is also successful by killing bacteria in the skin which helps to clear skin for many patients.  Phototherapy is proven to be effective at treating acne for this reason, and many other skin conditions including vitiligo and eczema.  Light therapy is also proven treatment for different types of depression, not only seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

The LightSources Group is comprised of the leading high-tech lamp designers available today offering innovative lighting solutions with high performance UV lamp products.  We provide customized solutions with ongoing customer support.  Contact us today to speak with an engineer about our full line of phototherapy lamps and UV germicidal solutions. 

UV Lamps Provide Instant Polymer Curing

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Ultraviolet (UV) lamps are proven highly effective at instantly curing a wide variety of polymers in a multitude of industrial applications.  Polymers which respond to UV curing lamps include various inks, lacquers, varnishes, epoxies, polyurethane, silicone and coatings.  These coatings are applied to various parts and products such as in printing applications and manufacturing processes which include printing on parts or sealing an outer coating on various parts and products.  

The UV lamp is a catalyst for a photochemical reaction which occurs instantly within seconds of exposure.  The UV radiation causes the polymer to instantly seal and bond with products, creating a strengthened and more durable product.  UV curing provides many advantages over other methods of curing polymers such as air drying or the use of chemicals. Using chemicals creates a potential hazard and added expenses with purchasing, storing and disposing of the chemical in addition to potential health risks to employees.

Air drying is another simple method of applying outer coatings although does not seal in the polymer as with the use of UV technology.  Air drying creates an uneven surface due to evaporation and leaves the outer coating vulnerable without the added strength and durability provided with UV curing.  UV curing lamps deliver fast and consistent methods of bonding and during outer coatings for strength and durability without contamination or evaporation.

Reliable UV Curing Lamps

For the most reliable and effective UV curing lamps, consult the leading UV specialists at LightSources.  The LightSources Group is recognized as a leading supplier and authority on UV technology, with a deep understanding of UV technology within the entire lighting spectrum, including UVA, UVB and UVC technology.  We design, engineer and manufacture UVC germicidal lamps used worldwide in critical sterilization processes, and UV curing lamps used by OEMs large and small in a wide range of applications.  

LightSources and our valued partner companies are the leading global high-tech lamp designers, providing the most advanced warehouse and lighting solutions available today. We have decades of expertise and in-depth knowledge of the technology behind UV radiation to provide the optimum lamp style for your process. Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable engineer about the UV curing solution that meets your specifications.

Custom Designed Lampholders and Components


The LightSources Group includes LightSources in the United States and China, LightTech in Europe and valuable partner companies including LCD Lighting, Voltarc and Cerlux.  LightTech boasts a large, modern glass factory where custom designed products are developed and manufactured, Cerlux offers custom ceramic bases, LCDL offers any type of lighted sign available including indoor or outdoor illuminations while Voltarc is a leading supplier of custom designed lampholders engineered with proprietary technology for long lasting, high performance.

Voltarc provides custom lampholders for any lighting application engineered for high performance and maximum energy efficiency.  Voltarc offers cutting edge lampholder technology for long lasting cost saving efficiencies. With a wide selection of lamp sockets and matching bases, Voltarc is a valuable addition to the LightSources Group providing lamp and lighting solutions for any application to OEMs large and small worldwide.

Voltarc offers TriLight Max™, a specialty designed fluorescent lamp series providing high quality tri-band phosphors which are proven to yield maximum lumen output with exceptional color rendering.  The TriLightMax series provides simple retrofitting of Kulka Recessed Double Contact Lampholders with double contacts and recessed end caps. Voltarc provides lamp bases designed for reliability and safety and in many retrofitting processes.

Kulka Lampholders and Wiring Devices

Voltarc offers a wide selection of high performance lampholders designed in many styles within the Kulka product line.  Kulka is recognized for high quality combined with long lasting, high-performance. Voltarc offers the Kulka product line which includes the following:

    • Recessed Double Contacts (RDC) lampholders
    • Miniature bi-pin lampholders  
    • Slim line lampholders   
    • Medium bi-pin lampholders
    • Miscellaneous accessories and wiring devices

Voltarc provides high quality products following a strict quality policy focused on continual improvement through research and development.  Voltarc offers a multitude of lamp components and products with custom designed lamp solutions available from skilled engineers. The LightSources Group provides high quality lamps, lampholders and components used in virtually any lighting application including powerful UVC germicidal solutions used in surface, water and air sterilization systems worldwide.

The LightSources Group offers high performance lighting solutions for virtually any lighting application in any industry, including customized fluorescent and UVC germicidal lamps. We employ skilled design engineers with in-depth knowledge of UV radiation and lamp design. Contact us today to speak with an engineer to learn more about our high performance lamps and lamp components.

How Does UV Light Kill Bacteria?

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Ultraviolet (UV) light kills bacteria in many air, surface and water sterilization applications with proven effectiveness.  UVC radiation instantly kills bacteria, viruses and harmful contaminants within seconds of exposure with emitted at the powerful wavelength of 254 nanometer (nm).  UV light is measured in wavelengths referred to as nanometers, with 254 nm the most powerful UVC radiation to eradicate harmful contaminants. UVC radiation instantly penetrates the cells of these microorganisms, damaging the nuclei of harmful cells to render them unable to replicate and spread disease.

UV light emitted in the range of UVC wavelengths at 254 nm instantly kills bacteria, viruses, and harmful contaminants on surfaces, in water and in the air.   UV radiation effectively eradicates volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including mold spores, mildew, fungi and many other microscopic invaders even those naked to the human eye.  UVC germicidal lamps provide clean and safe air and water in many applications, including residential homes, businesses and industrial applications.

UV radiation is safe and effective, providing clean, purified and sterilized air in many commercial environments such as schools, doctor offices, hospitals, nursing homes and medical facilities.  This is especially important for people with compromised immune systems who may be at risk of contracting disease and illness through airborne contaminants and harmful germs.

LightSources Offers UVC Germicidal Lamps to Kill Bacteria

The LightSources Group is a leading authority on UVC germicidal radiation, offering proprietary technology and patented lamp products which outperform comparable lamps.  We design, engineer and manufacture high performance UV germicidal lamps used in surface, water and air purification and sterilization systems worldwide.  We offer a wide selection of standard low pressure UV lamps, medium pressure mercury discharge lamps and custom designed lamps made to your specifications.   Our engineers develop custom UV germicidal solutions to fit any application with the most effective UV technology for your application.

The LightSources Group is recognized as a leading global authority and provider of high-tech UV lamps and quality lamp products developed from experienced and skilled engineers.  We partner with OEMs large and small to design, engineer and manufacture proprietary, custom designed lamps which enhance your process. Contact us today to learn more about our wide selection of UV lights to kill bacteria and viruses for use in any UVC germicidal application.

Water Sanitation Systems Rely on UV Technology

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Ultraviolet (UV) technology provides powerful water sanitation and sterilization to a multitude of applications around the world.  UVC radiation is highly effective at eliminating viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold spores and harmful microorganisms to provide sanitized water to many industrial applications.  UVC germicidal technology is used to provide safe water to municipalities drinking water systems, water reclamation, ballast water treatment, fish hatcheries, aquaculture and many other water sterilization applications.

Municipalities Utilize UV Water Purification

Municipalities worldwide utilize the powerful germicidal action of UV technology in water purification and reclamation applications.  Towns, cities and rural areas realize the benefits of instant water purification with UVC germicidal lamps, providing safe and clean drinking water for health and wellness of residents.  UV technology provides safe drinking water by eliminating the spread of harmful contaminants including viruses and bacteria, preventing illness.

UV Ballast Water Treatment Systems

Effective ballast water treatment systems are required on all vessels traveling in international waters effective September of 2017.  UV technology is part of an effective water treatment system approved by the U.S. Coast Guard as meeting all requirements of the new Ballast Water Treatment Convention (BWTC).  UVC germicidal lamps are proven to instantly eradicate harmful marine organisms including bacteria, viruses, and live microorganisms which are naked to the human eye. UV technology provides effective water sanitization meeting all BWTC requirements and helping to maintain the sustainability of our planet’s oceans.

Fish Hatcheries and Aquaculture

UV technology promotes healthy marine life at fish hatcheries and in many aquaculture applications, promoting healthy fish and marine life and improving the sustainability of natural water supplies.  Water preserves and aquariums benefit from UV technology which eliminates harmful microorganisms and contaminants including bacteria and viruses providing safe and clean water for marine life.

UVC Germicidal Lamps for Water Purification

The LightSources Group is a leading supplier of UVC germicidal lamps used in air, surface and water sterilization and purification applications.  UVC water purification lamps promote clean, safe and healthy drinking water and water for fish and marine life around worldwide.  LightSources offers UV germicidal solutions for a multitude of applications with patented products which provide long lasting, highly effective and proven UV germicidal solutions.

The LightSources Group consists of the world’s leading high-tech lamp designers and engineers available.  We are dedicated to continual improvement through research and development to deliver cutting edge, innovative lamp products that outperform the competition.  Contact us today to learn more about our UV germicidal lamp solutions for water purification solutions.