Sterilize the Air with UV Air Purification Systems

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Sterilizing the air is easier than ever with ultraviolet (UV) technology which is proven to be highly effective and very cost-efficient.  HVAC UV air in-duct purification systems are popular in many commercial and residential buildings to provide clean and healthy air to visitors and residents.  Clean and sterile air is critically important in many commercial buildings to prevent the spread of disease and promote a healthy environment.

Clean air is critically important to people with compromised immune systems such as patients in hospitals and nursing homes.  People who suffer with respiratory diseases like asthma or pneumonia rely on air purification systems to provide air free from bacteria and disease.  UVC germicidal lamps deliver instant and effective sterilization properties, instantly killing airborne bacteria and viruses to provide air free from disease to promote overall health and wellness.

In-Duct UVC Air Sterilization and Purification Systems

Ultraviolet radiation has long been recognized for its germicidal effectiveness, used widely in many sterilization and purification systems.  UVC wavelengths specifically are quite effective with UVC germicidal lamps utilized in water, air and surface sterilization systems. Ultraviolet light is broken down by color which is measured in wavelengths, referred to as nanometers (nm).  UVC light measured at 254 nm is most effective at killing viruses and bacteria.

Whether utilizing ozone generating or ozone free germicidal lamps, be sure to work with an experienced lamp manufacturer with an understanding of UVC germicidal technology.

LightSources Offers UVC Germicidal Lamp Solutions

The LightSources Group is a leading global supplier of high-tech lamps and lighting solutions, offering a of fluorescent and UV lamp solutions to wide range of industries.  We offer experienced engineers with an understanding of ultraviolet radiation technology, a dedication to research and development and a commitment to continual improvement.  LightSources is considered the leading expert on all lamp technologies, offering custom designed solutions from the leading high-tech lamp designers in the industry.

The LightSources Group represents the leading high-tech lamp designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry.  Our products are found worldwide in a multitude of applications including UV germicidal lamps used in purification systems.  Please contact us to learn more about our large selection of standard and custom UVC germicidal lamps.


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