Industrial Processes Benefit from UV Air Purification


Many industrial processes such as manufacturing plastics, rubber or any industrial process which releases toxic or chemical byproducts requires an air purification system.  Companies are required to provide clean air for employees to breathe and are regulated on how much pollutants and contaminants they are allowed to disburse into the air. UV air purification provides a solution to the industrial businesses, with many benefits in addition to clean air.

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation has been used for sterilization of water, surfaces and air for many years, and is becoming more popular in residential settings as well.  UV light is proven to be safe and effective at removing harmful contaminants including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air to improve air quality for overall health and well-being.

UV Air Sterilization is Effective and Cost Efficient

UV air sterilization is proven highly effective is very cost efficient with little to no maintenance required.  UVC germicidal lamps instantly eliminate viruses and bacteria from the air within seconds of exposure.  UV light is measured in wavelengths, referred to as nanometers (nm), with UVC band of 254nm the most effective to eliminate harmful microorganisms.  UV radiation emitted at 185nm is necessary to produce ozone which is used in ozone air purification systems to also remove all odor from the air.

Use of UVC germicidal lamps in air purification systems is a safe and effective method of cleaning the air without the use of chemical byproducts.  With no need to purchase, store or dispose of chemicals, UV radiation requires less maintenance, is much safer to use and is better for the environment.  

LightSources Offers High Performance UVC Air Purification Lamps

LightSources and our European partner, LightTech, are recognized global leaders in the design, engineering and production of high performance fluorescent and UV lamps used in a multitude of applications.  We employ highly skilled engineers with in-depth knowledge of UV radiation and experience in developing first to market, proprietary products with cutting edge technology. Not all UVC lamps are made the same, with LightSources you can be sure that your desired wavelength is met with the most effectiveness in a long lasting, high performance lamp.

LightSources and our valued partners represent the leading high-tech lamp designers and manufacturers worldwide.  We provide lamps and lighting solutions for a multitude of industries including a wide selection of standard or custom designed UVC germicidal lamps.  Contact us today to learn more about our UV sterilization lamps and UV air purification systems.


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