UV Technology Delivers Powerful Water Sterilization

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Ultraviolet (UV) technology delivers powerful water sterilization and purification to a multitude of applications worldwide.  UV radiation effective eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi, harmful contaminants and microorganisms from water to provide safe water in many industries and processes which include water reclamation, waste water treatment plants, aquaculture and marine hatcheries, shipping industry and ballast water treatment systems, drinking water and municipalities water services.

UV Water Purification Aids Water Reclamation

Water reclamation and waste water treatment plants realize the benefits of UV technology in water purification systems.  Municipalities in cities, towns and rural areas are utilizing the benefits of instant water sterilization with UV germicidal lamps used in effective water treatment systems.

UV water treatment provides safe drinking water in water treatment systems to prevent illness from harmful water contaminants.

Aquaculture and Marine Hatcheries

UV technology is proven to be highly effective at the disinfection of water in fish farms and hatcheries, promoting the health of marine life and the sustainability of our natural water supplies.  Aquariums and water preserves benefit from the effectiveness of UV radiation in eliminating harmful contaminants for healthy marine life.

Ballast Water Treatment Systems

The shipping industry is required to provide effective ballast water treatment systems on board their vessel beginning September of 2017.  UV lamps provide an effective and cost-efficient method of ballast water treatment, proven to eliminate harmful ocean marine life, viruses and bacteria to prevent the spread of disease throughout foreign waters. Maintaining effective ballast water treatment methods is recognized as one of the most important steps to take to preserve our planet’s oceans.

UV technology provides effective water sterilization which is approved by the U.S. Coast Guard for meeting the requirements of the Ballast Water Treatment Convention (BWTC).

LightSources Offers UVC Germicidal Lamps for Water Sterilization

LightSources and our valued European partner, LightTech, provide leading UVC lighting solutions to water purification systems utilized around the globe.

The LightSources Group consists of the world’s leading high-tech lamp designers and engineers available.  We are dedicated to continual improvement through research and development to deliver cutting edge, innovative lamp products that outperform the competition.  Contact us today to learn more about our UV germicidal lamp solutions for water purification solutions. 


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