Improve Health and Well Being with In Duct Air Purification


In duct air purification system are gaining in popularity, utilized in commercial and residential applications around the world.  UV air purification is utilized in many AC and HVAC systems to sanitize and purify the air we breathe, improving the health of residents and people visiting public buildings. These systems keep the air clean and free from bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew and dust which provides cleaner and healthier air, promoting improved health and well-being.

Maintaining clean air is critical in places where people have a compromised immune system or where sick people reside or gather such as doctors’ offices, hospitals and nursing homes.  UV in duct air purifiers are also beneficial to keep healthy people from contracting airborne illnesses and are valuable in places such as daycares and schools to keep our children healthy.

UV lighting technology is recognized as a highly effective method of purifying air, water and surfaces with instant elimination of harmful contaminants.

LightSources Offers UV Air Purification Systems

LightSources and our valued European partner, LightTech, are the leading global suppliers of UV lamp solutions available today.  We offer highly effective UV air purification systems designed with the most effective wavelength for UV germicidal applications in the range of 254 nanometer.

We provide ozone generating and ozone free solutions, with UVC light bulbs designed and engineered for long lasting high performance. Our skilled engineers provide extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of UV germicidal technology offering customized solutions for your unique specifications.  HVAC in-duct air purification systems may use UV lamps with a small amount of ozone, although this is not desirable in AC units as ozone will accelerate erosion of copper lines from aluminum fins found in cooling units.

The LightSources Group offers a wide selection of UVC germicidal lamps used in water, surface and air purification systems designed for maximum performance with low maintenance.  Our lamps are developed from proprietary technology resulting from a commitment to research and development.  We offer patented products which provide long life for maximum cost effectiveness.

The LightSources Group consists of the world’s leading high-tech lamp designers available.  We offer customized lighting solutions and ongoing customer service and support.  Contact us today to speak with an engineer and learn more about our UV germicidal solutions.



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