UV Solutions for Ballast Water Treatment Requirements

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The Ballast Water Treatment Convention (BWTC) is a worldwide agreement enforced by the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC).  The MEPC is a subsidiary of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and is enforcing new standards globally for the way that ships treat and manage their ballast water.  Effective on September 8, 2017, new regulations went into effect that require all ships traveling in international waters to provide adequate treatment systems for their ballast water.

Ships use water in the ballast of their ships for balance when traveling through the seas. They will pick up water in one port after leaving cargo, and release in another port when picking up cargo.  This transfer of ocean water from one area to another is wreaking havoc on marine life and the ecosystem in which foreign organisms are deposited into a port thousands of miles from their origination.  These invading marine organisms can thrive without their natural predators.  Invading jellyfish have shut down once thriving fishing ports, mussels have attached to structures and dams threating the health and safety of people on the shore.

Improper use and disposal of ballast water has been identified as one of the greatest threats to the sustainability of our planet’s oceans.

UV Treatment of Ballast Water Proven Safe and Effective

Ultraviolet (UV) technology is proven highly effective at sterilizing and purifying water, air and surfaces in a multitude of applications.  UV technology quickly eradicates threatening microorganisms and invasive species in water within seconds of exposure.  UV exposure eliminates these pollutants without the use of chemicals which provides the benefits of low maintenance as opposed to purchasing, storing and disposing of potentially harmful chemicals.

LightSources Provides Long Lasting UV Ballast Water Treatment Systems

LightSources is a leading supplier of UV water and air purification systems, offering patented products developed with proprietary technology resulting from extensive research and development.  Our Low-Pressure Amalgam Lamps provide effective water sterilization and require a small footprint.  Our Medium Pressure UV (MPUV) lamps are equally effective also with a small footprint.

The LightSources Group is recognized as a leading global supplier of UV germicidal lamps for air, water and surface sterilization solutions.  We are the leading high-tech lamp developer offering first to market, innovative lighting solutions.  Contact us today to learn more about our highly effective and cost-efficient UV germicidal lamps.


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