UVC Germicidal Lamps for Any Sterilization Application

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The LightSources Group offers a wide selection of UVC germicidal lamps utilized in sterilization and purification systems around the world.  UVC radiation technology is proven to be highly effective at eliminating bacteria and viruses in water, air and on surfaces with only seconds of exposure.  UV germicidal lamps are utilized in a wide range of applications including purification of water in municipalities drinking water treatment systems, sewage treatment systems, water reclamation, food processing, air and odor sterilization and HVAC air treatment systems.

LightSources Offers Vast Product Line of UVC Germicidal Lamps 

Low Pressure Mercury Lamps

Low pressure mercury lamps provide a wide range of application uses in a variety of lamp types including standard or high-output germicidal quartz lamps, compact and GU quartz lamps, standard and high-output germicidal soft glass and compact soft glass lamps.  Standard low-pressure mercury lamps provide high efficiency with up to 40% of electrical energy converted into UVC radiation optimized at 254 nanometer (nm) for maximum sterilization.  UV light at 254nm is proven to destroy the cells of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms with only seconds of exposure.

Our softlgass products convert energy at 30% and reach optimum wavelength of 180nm to produce ozone with is proven effective at eradicating odors from volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  All types of germicidal lamps by LightSources provide up to 13,000 hours of long lasting life.

Low Pressure Amalgam Lamps

Low pressure amalgam lamps offer up to three times with UVC output over other standard lamps and operate with consistent output even in applications with temperature ranges from 4° to 40°C.  Custom designed lamps are available to operate in high temp applications.

Medium Pressure Ultraviolet Lamps (MPUV)

Medium Pressure UV lamps are utilized in many applications including air and water sterilization and disinfection.  LightSources offers a broad line up of MPUV lamps from 100 watts per inch (WPI) to 700 WPI with various phosphor blends and additives to reach your specifications.

UVC Germicidal Lamp Ballasts, Sleeves and Components

LightSources provides quartz sleeves designed for long lasting performance with protection against breakage, fluctuations in temperature and breakage.  All quartz sleeves and ballasts are manufactured with high quality materials strict quality control procedures.  Custom designed ballasts are available to match your color or logo, enhancing your own brand awareness.

LightSources and LightTech offer OEM oriented solutions with high performing UVC germicidal lamps and accessories for virtually any application.  Our germicidal lamps are developed with proprietary technology designed to outlast and outperform the competition.  Contact us today to learn more about our UVC germicidal solutions for any water, air or surface sterilization system.


Superior Tanning Lamps Improve Customer Satisfaction

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Tanning salons require top quality, high-performance tanning lamps to provide customer satisfaction with repeat visits.  The LightSources Group provides the high quality required to improve satisfaction and increase clientele for tanning businesses.  We offer innovative lamps developed with proprietary technology, proven to outlast and outperform the competition.

For over three decades, the LightSources in the United States and LightTech in Europe, have been recognized as leaders in the lamp manufacturing industry, bringing innovative and high-performance lamp products to market.  Our vast resources allow us to provide quick turnaround with either standard or custom designed products and accommodate just-in-time delivery to OEMs large and small worldwide.

The LightSources Group understands the technology that goes into every lamp, developing and offering a variety of lamp styles to suit various customer demands and skin tones.  Our tanning lamp technology includes:

  • A-Power™ – high pressure lamps provide a long lasting, darker tan.
  • MultiTone™ – Essentially three lamps in one, the MultiTone technology provides various skin pigmentation to different parts of the body for all over, even tanning without burning.
  • Peak2 Technology® – Like two lamps in one, the Peak2 Technology provides a dark tan with a bronzing utilizing a proprietary blend of phosphors to allow UVB and UVA output in one lamp.
  • SolGlass® – an innovative development in glass technology, SolGlass is the result of combined research and development specifically designed to filter out the right UV rays for optimum tanning results.

The LightSources Group utilizes these and other advanced lamp technologies to provide the most effective tanning lamps available today.  Our tanning lamps have helped salons to retain their customer base and increase clientele.  Add your own logo and colors for enhanced brand awareness to really showcase your unique offerings.

LightSources and LightTech represent the leading lamp manufacturers available today with innovative tanning lamp products and technology designed for maximum customer satisfaction.  Contact us today to learn more about our tanning lamp products and lamp solutions.

Gain Market Share with Proprietary Lighting Solutions

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Developing proprietary products with your own logo enhances your brand awareness and helps companies to gain market share.  Custom designed lamp bases and sockets promoting your logo is a great way to give business the competitive edge they are looking for. Proprietary lighting solutions increase market share for a number of businesses including tanning salons, fluorescent lamp suppliers, makers of UV germicidal solutions and many other businesses utilizing fluorescent and UV lamp solutions.

Proprietary Lamp Sockets and Bases from Cerlux

Cerlux is a valued partner company of The LightSources Group, offering high quality ceramic lamp bases and sockets customized to your unique process.  Cerlux offers specialty lamp components in virtually any color imaginable matched to your specific logo, available for specialty fluorescent lamps, UV germicidal lamps, tanning lamps and many other types of lighting solutions.  Cerlux shares the same quality mindset as the rest of the ISO9001 registered LightSources Group, with exceptional commitment to total customer satisfaction.

Cerlux manufactures technical lamp components with low-pressure injection molding, employing skilled design engineers with vast in-depth knowledge of lamps and lighting technology.  Cerlux utilizes CAD software for quality tooling made to meet customer specifications with precision requirements.

LightSources Provides Custom Lighting Solutions

LightSources supports OEMs large and small with custom developed lamp products designed to grow your market share.  We assist companies with Patent approval and development of proprietary products.  We offer lamp products in virtually any size from our fluorescent T5, T6, T8, T10 and T12 to custom designed lamps in any shape, length or size.

Personalizing these products with your logo and proprietary information helps companies to deliver high-quality, long-lasting lamps and lighting solutions under their brand name for improved market share.  Companies in industries such as medical instrument manufacturing and aircraft illumination benefit from our line of high quality fluorescent lamps.

LightSources is committed to exceptional customer service, providing quick turnaround on prototypes and vast resources for timely delivery of production requirements.  Our resources include a modern, state-of-the-art glassworks factory in Europe with several strategic partners to provide on-time delivery of quality product.

The LightSources Group include valued partner companies Cerlux, Voltarc, LCD Lighting and LightTech in Europe and make up the leading high-tech lamp designers in the market today.  We provide lamps and lighting solutions for virtually any application with custom designed lamp products available.  Contact us today to learn how you can increase your market share with proprietary lamp products.


UV Technology Provides Effective Ballast Water Treatment

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New requirements under the Ballast Water Treatment Convention took place last September of 2017 with all ships required to have effective treatment systems on board.  When ships are transporting freight through international waters, they must use ballast water to balance their vessel by picking up water in one port when low on freight and discharging in another port when picking up freight.  This use of ballast water has been identified as one of the greatest threats to the world’s oceans.

When ships pick up sea water they also pick up all the ocean life with it which includes microorganisms, viruses and bacteria.  The problem occurs when this water is released into a new, foreign environment which may not be prepared to control the new invading species.  Cases of invading mussels have practically shut down dams and ports when multiplying and attaching themselves to structures, invading jellyfish have all but destroyed fishing industries making ghost towns out of once thriving fishing ports. 

Due to these very real threats which jeopardize the sustainability of the planet’s oceans, the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) which is a subsidiary of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) began enforcing new standards for ships’ treatment of ballast water which must meet U.S. Coast Guard approval.

UV Germicidal Lamps Provide Effective Ballast Water Treatment

Ultraviolet (UV) light technology is proven to be highly effective at sterilizing water, air and surfaces.  With just seconds of exposure to UV radiation at the optimum wavelength of 254 nanometer (nm), viruses and bacteria are instantly eliminated.  UV germicidal lamps provide effective ballast water treatment methods which are completely safe for human exposure.  UV ballast water treatment provides effective results with U.S. Coast Guard approved methods, are safer than chemical treatment methods as there is no release of chemicals back into the water as with chemical treatment systems.

LightSources Offers UV Lamps for Ballast Water Treatment

LightSources offers UVC germicidal lamps which safely and effective treat ballast water in ships, meeting U.S. Coast Guard approval.  UV treatment of ballast water is safe, effective, and cost-efficient with low maintenance.  Long-lasting UV germicidal lamps from LightSources add value to any germicidal application with high performance and long life.

LightSources is recognized as a leading high-tech lamp manufacturer with in-depth expertise in UV technology.  Contact us today to learn more about our high performing, long lasting and cost-efficient UV germicidal lamps. 

UV Air Purification for Industrial Processes

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Businesses around the globe are searching for the most effective and affordable method to purify the air during their commercial and industrial processes.  Many industrial applications create contaminants, pollutants, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odor during their processes.  These pollutants pose a real health threat to employees and visitors in the workplace as well polluting the air when emitting these contaminants into the atmosphere.

Industrial processes such as plastics and rubber manufacturing generate volatile compounds that contaminate the air.  Sewage treatment plants require powerful sterilization and purification methods to sterilize water and purify the air to remove contaminants and odor.  Industrial processes emitting exhaust from solvents and a wide variety of applications all benefit from sterilizing and purifying water and air.  UV radiation is proven to be safe, highly effective and affordable.

UVC Germicidal Air Purification Safe and Effective 

UVC germicidal lamps are proven to be safe and effective at sterilizing and purifying the air we breathe in a multitude of industrial processes.  UVC radiation instantly eliminates bacteria and viruses in air, water and on surface with just seconds of exposure.  UV light is broken into colors, and measured in wavelengths by nanometers (nm), with 254nm of the UVC band proven to quickly eradicate harmful microorganisms.

UVC light at 254nm instantly destroys the DNA of these harmful cells, rendering them harmless and unable to replicate.  UVC radiation at 185 nm is required to produce ozone which is proven to remove VOCs from the air and quickly eliminate all odors.  While UV radiation is a powerful sanitizer, it is completely safe for human exposure, and a much better alternative than using chemicals for sterilization as there is no need to purchase, store or dispose of hazardous chemicals.

LightSources Provides Affordable Industrial UV Air Purifier Lamps 

LightSources and our valued partner LightTech offer air purification solutions for commercial and industrial processes with UV air purification technology.  We design, engineer and develop high-performance, effective and affordable UV sterilization solutions supporting OEMs worldwide.  Our UVC germicidal lamps provide industrial processes with safe, effective and affordable UV air purification systems. 

LightSources and LightTech are leading high-tech lamp designers with vast resources and in-depth expertise on UV technology.  We support OEMs worldwide with effective and affordable UV lamps and lighting solutions.  Contact us today to learn more about our cost-efficient UV air purification solutions.

UV Light Therapy Provides Relief to Acne Sufferers

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Acne is the most common skin condition that affects people in the United States, recognized by the U.S. National Institute for Health Dermatology as affecting over 85% of all adolescents.  Millions of Americans experience acne during adolescence and into adulthood, with severe cases leaving scarring. UV light therapy has proven to improve symptoms and provide relief to many people suffering from acne vulgaris.

Conventional acne treatments include retinoids and antibiotics which may have side-effects and have various results with patients.  Side effects include antibiotic resistance or harsh skin reactions from drying topical treatment creams. New developments in UV light therapy are proven to provide significant relief to many patients with no harmful side effects.

LightSources Provides Effective UV Acne Lamps

The LightSources Group provides UV acne light therapy lamps developed with the latest in technological advancements, including a combined blue and red-light therapy which has been proven to be highly effective as a successful acne treatment.  This blue and red light therapy does not produce irritating side effects as other acne treatments.

Blue light at 415 nanometer (nm) produces an antibacterial effect, which helps in killing bacteria to prevent future outbreaks.  Red light emitted at 600 to 700 nm is proven very effective at soothing inflammation while promoting healing and repair through cell regeneration.

LightSources and our valued European partner, LightTech, are recognized as the leading high-tech lamp designers in the world, providing UV lamp therapy solutions for a wide range of phototherapy applications.  Light therapy is proven to aid psoriasis, eczema, acne, vitiligo and many mood disorders and depression including Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

LightSources provides high-quality lamps which deliver maximum performance for UV light therapy solutions.  We offer customized solutions to meet unique specifications, with in-depth knowledge and expertise of UV light radiation. Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of UV phototherapy lamp solutions.