UVC Technology Used for Water Treatment

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Ultraviolet light is emitted naturally by the sun, and is a form of electromagnetic energy. UV Light is split into four specific areas of the spectrum: UVA emits energy within the long range of wavelengths at 315 to 400 nanometers (nm), UVB rays are within the 280nm to 315nm range, UVC emits shorter and more powerful wavelengths yet with a 200nm to 280nm range, while Vacuum UV is the shortest wavelength of UV light within the 100nm to 200nm range, just a tad bit higher than wavelengths required for an x-ray.

UVC lighting has been proven to have the most effect on germ killing and elimination of microbial organisms, particularly at the 254nm wavelength. When bacteria or viruses are exposed to UVC lighting, the ability for the organism to reproduce is halted by destroying the DNA it needs to develop.   If an organism cannot reproduce, it becomes harmless since it cannot reproduce and quickly diminishes.

UVC technology is used in several industrial applications for disinfecting water, such as waste water treatment plants, agriculture, and the medical industry, to name just a few.   UVC lighting provides a safe and cost effective solution, and is easy to maintain. In the past, chemical treatment with chlorine was the preferred choice for water treatment, which can leave harmful residual chemicals in the water.   Treatment of water with UVC lighting will provide powerful purification results, with no hassle of maintaining chemicals and no risk of leftover harmful contaminants.

LightSources and LightTech have extensive knowledge with providing the most powerful germ killing lighting solutions for OEM’s worldwide, and will know exactly what type of lamps you need for your application. If you are looking for a simple, effective and inexpensive germicidal process, contact the experts at LightSources. We have developed proprietary technology for our Low Pressure Pellet Amalgam lamps, and our Medium Pressure UVC lamps, both of which emit the proper wavelength for superior elimination of microorganisms.

We can assist you with our standard products or custom design a solution just for you. Let us guide you with our experience and assist you with our resources to develop your own cost effective UVC germicidal solutions.

LightSources and our affiliated companies represent the leading high-tech designers and manufacturers in the lamp industry today. Our products are used world-wide in a multitude of applications and industries such as our UV germicidal lamps that offer patent-protected, OEM-oriented solutions. Please contact us to learn more about our large selection of specialty custom and standard lamps.


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